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  1. I made the same mistake. I thought it was actually 2-4 players! But it works fine with 2 if you both control a seperate gnome, I look foward to playing with 8 players.
  2. The magacian has ruined me more than once before!
  3. Ah, O.K I looked around to see if this idea had been posted before must have missed that one!
  4. Hi everyone, I've been thinking for a while that it would be cool if FFG did a monthly or even bi-monthly magazine. You could go in depth with the latest games, have more scenerios for say some of the roleplaying games, have sneak peaks at upcoming games and also have something like a battle report (for those that read white dwarf) where players play out the game and we see what they do along the way strategies etc. Does anyone else think this would be a cool idea or am I alone?
  5. What are the other 6 careers in this set other than the rat catcher, wardancer, ironbreaker and sword master?
  6. Yeah, I'll never forget when I had a nice pack of district cards (6 in total) and the magician traded it with me for nothing.
  7. However if they were to do just two more races one order one destruction skaven as wel as lizardmen would make perfect sense beacuse of their rivalry
  8. I agree with both of you If one race has to be done it is Lizardmen - they are just awesome!
  9. I like the look of it will probably buy it. The reaper expansion looks good too.
  10. I like the look of it will probably buy it. The reaper expansion looks good too.
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