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  1. Petru5

    Space Hulk

    Hmmm, if that's truly the case, then there will finally be a GW game I'll buy!
  2. Petru5

    3D Objects

    www.thewarstore.com. Not free, but very cheap sci-fi pieces: www.ebblesminiatures.com. Perfect! I'll see if I can find my links to free stuff tonight (on a different computer).
  3. This is the difference between some minis games and most board games. Due to Doom's simple LOS rules, you are expected to step the Marine one to the right, thus giving you LOS on Zombie 1. If you can then walk your fire down the line from Z1 to Z4, that would be a story of glory!
  4. Thanks, all. I'll definitely take these recommendations with me when I'm shopping for RB!
  5. Petru5

    Space Hulk maps

    My whole idea was not to use Space Hulk rules, rather use the maps and scenarios and incorporate Doom rules and dice into a squad-level tactical game. More scenarios = more fun! I'm thinking that Gears of War is going to be something like this idea.
  6. I'm gonna have to try dipping instead of regular style washes. Now I just need to know the mix ratios of ink and floor wax.
  7. It's a representation of FFG's central office. Seriously, it's from Descent.
  8. Petru5

    I would love to see...

    Me...three. I'd pre-order what has been discussed. I'd also like to know more about this ID expansion that FFG is holding off on giving the go ahead!
  9. They just reprinted it this summer, so contact your FLGS to order it.
  10. Petru5

    Space Hulk maps

    Tried it...it was too fiddly. I even had friends that use DOSBox to give it a go on my machine, but to no avail. Not a big loss, though. I still own in on Playstation and it even comes with the Deathwing campaign!
  11. I truly enjoy WoW's WWI game and generally like aerial games. How does WoW: DoWWII stack up to its WWI counterpart? Similarities? Differences? Thanks in advance!
  12. I own Famous Aces, but am wondering which expansion/boxed set to buy next. Pros & cons for any of them? I'm not looking into the minis yet, as I like the compactness of the game using cards. Thanks in advance!
  13. I've been eyeballing this game for a while now, but frankly have been intimidated by all the expansions (I'm down with my OCD). If I were to buy the base game, which expansions would you consider Absolutely necessary Great additions, but not necessarily pertinent Money-grubbing fluff Thanks in advance!
  14. Specifically, here are some BGG review links. Some are positive, some not. If you're like me, you'll take something from each side of the coin. There are more on the BGG site... www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/115572 www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/75650 www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/135944 www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/294099
  15. Petru5

    Space Hulk maps

    I recently opened up the CD of my old PC copy of Space Hulk (which doesn't work on Windows XP) and found the maps in pdf form. That got me thinking...could I use the maps in Doom? For that matter, could I use the Hulk scenarios as well? I was able to put together the first map using the Doom + expansion tiles, so I know it's possible. I don't see an option for inserting files, so if you'd like me to send these to you, let me know.
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