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  1. I have not fully been following this guys, so please excuse me if I throw something in that has already been dealt with. Have you guys considered the similarity of your discussion to the Knockback/DR issues? Knockback: After inflicting at least 1 damage (before applying the effects of armor) to a figure with a Knockback attack, the attacker may immediately move each affected target figure up to three spaces away from its current location. The figures must be moved to spaces that do not contain other figures or obstacles that block movement. The figure does not actually move through the first two spaces - it is knocked completely over them. As such, this "knockback movement" is not blocked by any intervening figures or obstacles (though a figure cannot be moved through a closed door or wall). A majority of players, for a very long time, took that to means that it happened instantly after damage was applied and therefore DR would trigger after the hero was moved. Come the FAQ, it turns out that DR triggers prior to the movement (labeled as happening immediately). That implies that the attack has completely resolved, damage applied and wounds removed, PRIOR to the "immediate" knockback happening. At least for Knockback, we had the timing as "after inflicting damage". So if Riposte's trigger is "play AFTER a monster has attacked you", to me that certainly implies that the attack has to resolve COMPLETELY and FULLY first (much like Knockback) at which point the extra range from Soar is back in place. Then the "immediately" kicks in, with the same timing as the Knockback movement.
  2. I regrettably will not have time to actively participate in the FAQ update this time around. I just started a new job with a long commute leaving me short on spare time for working on the FAQ Q&A. I will say that I think with the crew currently working on it will probably do a more complete job than I could.
  3. The card doubles the "speed", it does not grant extra movement points or anything like fatigue. Your OL is wrong.
  4. Lordshinjo said: Thank you for everything. As we think differently, I have written to FFG in order that they clarify it. Don't hold your breath for a response.
  5. It varies. I've played games where the ranged hero has gotten a good combo of skills and equipment such that he would be able to one shot monsters fairly easy. Also, the ranged heroes tend to be the best "runners" in the game. Heroes who open the doors, run in, open the chest to get loot and get out before getting crushed by the monsters.
  6. Strictly speaking: No, because Command references figures, and Furr the Spirit Wolf is a familiar. Reality: I don't think its going to break the game if you argue he counts as a friendly figure and give it to him.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, "follows the normal spawning rules" for Summoning glyphs in RtL refers to Line of Sight. You don't need to pay any threat since there is no card involved, and the Reinforcement marker won't flip because its rules refer to playing a Spawn card. It is also independent of you being able to spawn monsters using cards, because again no card is being played so it can't count towards the limit.
  8. 100% Agree on this, and not because I feel any personal measure of pain when someone asks a question that could be answered by the FAQ that I have now, for better or worse, edited twice. Cause if people don't, I'll have to start posting this instead of putting an answer: And really...no one wants that.
  9. honKYkat73 said: My bro and I just finished a game of Descent and had several odd things happen. I am sure to some of you these things have taken place before. I was playing th OL and my bro had 4 heroes. The game was going greatly in his favor, I don't remember the quest name but it was the one with the 3 ice dragons for the Tomb of ice, well my brother had the shadow step familiar (don't remember what its called). Neither of us had used it before but saw its potential. It was down to the last big fight with the to main dragons and I was excited to get a chance to do my bro in I swallowed his hero with the familiar> I was all excited because if this hero died then on the next turn I would go through the deck and win. But on his turn he popped out the hero and put the familiar in its belly. I was stunned I jumped for the rules and found nothing to say it couldn't happen! We both laughed about it. Well, he pulled his heroes into town except for that one hero. he healed himself up ran in and put 2 webs on the dragon and would back up. The poor thing ended up with a total of 8 web tokens. then my brother got cocky ran his heroes in from town did some damage and put 3 more webs on it. When it came to my turn I rolled for surges and BOOM! I rolled 11 surges!!!! We both freaked out! He started yelling BS!!! the Ice Dragon ran up into range swallowed his big bad yeti looking guy and won the game! I am still in awe about the 11 surge roll. But I felt a little justice because that **** familiar trick which was awesome. So does anyone else have some craziness happen to them i the game? Well first, you should have won the game much earlier. You can't use Shadow Soul to switch out of the stomach tile. From the FAQ (which if you haven't, you should read). Q: Can a hero use the swap ability of his Shadow Soul familiar while he is in the Stomach tile? Subsequently, if the Shadow Soul ends up in the stomach tile, may another hero be swallowed? A: No. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen insane dice rolls, both good and bad.
  10. Specialist0815 said: Hello together, Yesterday I had the pleasure to draw Dungeon 42 - The secret garden for my heroes and it seems a bit unfair to me. The dungeon card states: "If a hero enters a tree space he suffers 2 damage without armor and his turn imidiatly ends" (not sure about the exact wording). My interpretation as OL was that my monsters may move through the trees in a normal way. With a master shade as a dungeon leader this leads to a situation were I am nearly always will be able to escape the heroes and harm then with spawns or traps. In the end they fled after I have killed 2 chars... Now the question is: Is there any rule I missed in my interpretation or will the heroes have nearly now chance to hunt my leader down? To the best of knowledge, you played it correct. Secret Garden is hard, but not unbeatable.
  11. And then do everything you can to knock heroes into the pits so they insta-die!
  12. Actually, if you move quickly that level is relatively easy due to the rule about monsters in the section dying when the door opens.
  13. Yup, that is correct. They get the CT and Gold for each leader on the level.
  14. Phyrrus said: Remy the Brawler - Based on highly-mobile, leap attacking, streetfighting monk. This is one of the ones I really want to get to work, but the ability is throwing me off. Leap could be extrodinarily potent, but I may have over compensated a little with his other stats. FINALLY, I get the recognition I deserve!
  15. zealot12 said: I'm playing Road to Legend, combined with the Altar of Despair stuff (the only non-campaign expansion I own). As for why I think lieutenants are overpowered, the overlord may position his lieutenant close to one of the exit pieces and make the attacks from there and when he's low on health, simply flee after probably managing to kill two or more heroes. It seems like the party are at quite a disadvantage in these situations. They gain little(some gold) if the lieutenant flees and gain no conquest. Thanks for all the help. They gain little? 1) They gain money. 2) The cause the Lt to be moved back to the OL's Keep. Which in the case of some Avatar's can be quite a distance from Tamalir and could take several game weeks for the Lt to get back to Tamalir. 3) If there are any siege tokens on the city and you cause the only Lt to flee then ALL tokens are removed from that city at the start of next game week. That his huge, especially if the OL is going for the Tamalir win condition. Your Lt just wasted a bunch of game weeks. Forcing a Lt to flee or managing to kill him are huge blows to the OL.
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