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  1. I would've bought this just for the extra scenarios and units to the already existing races. The fact we get two new ones are just a huge bonus. But I wonder what the Orc's will be like, as it seems the dwarves might have a strength with gold (like elves with influence) but I fear the orcs will be basic or too similar to the Uthuk.
  2. I'm still waiting for a few characters... I want to see a Ninja of some sort, just because I'm pretty sure FFG will create a neat ability for it. And ninja's are cool. I'd like to see a barbarian, just because that's a sterotypical fantasy character I'd like to see a "true" death knight-like character. They got close with the dreadknight, but I feel like somethings off. Unlike the dreadknight I want him to be strength based and be simaler to the knight, but not TO simalar. simaler as in he can add 1 to his score when he prays at the graveyard, but different where he doesn't have starting equipment (maybe a sheild or something) and has a very different ability, maybe involving other evil characters or his followers. I think we should get more enemy characters, like the Ogre cheiftan and minotaur. Wraiths, a skeleton...I think a golem would be awesome to. he has built in armor, but has lower life or something?
  3. Hmm, I like this thread, it's interesting to see what cards fellow talismongers hate and or despise. Well here are mine Deathstalker: I dread drawing this thing, and everytime I se it I always wish I have the orb of prophecy or a simalar effect just to avoid it. Not only does it make me nervous to attack anything, I've lost a few characters to it. The witch: Always roll a one...always.... Basilisk: another card I fear...cause my friends have the annoying habit of rolling doubles with him Rod of ruin: My most hated card in the game. I spent time and effort to get those 2 level. I had to kill a demon for one...a Demon! and you just take it all away from me! some friend you are! (also known as our coversations when somebody uses that nefarious little object) And here's a new one I've learned to hate recently, the Dracolitch. Craft 10 and he drains your life...and considering I have a habit of playing strength characters means he'll usually get a life or two before somebody tries to take him out, which can last a while. These are the cards I hate in talisman. I don't get rid of them though, because being dealt misfortunes such as these always ,makes a great laugh and story during the game, and that's one of the reasons I play talisman, to laugh at my friends and I's horrible misfortunes in talisman.
  4. DungeonQuest- Not a typical dungeon crawler at all, it's got a zany feel to it (Like Talisman, if you've ever played it). ALOT of what happens in DQ is based on luck. where you go, what you ind, what you fight is all randomized. Although there is some control, it's not a lot. This doesn't take away from the experience, but adds to it, cause no 2 dungeons will ever be the same. Play this game if you like having crazy things happen (being killed by a swinging blade turn 2, being jumped by a demon), and having a game based on fun more than anything else. Dont play it if you hate lack of control, unfair events (there's so many ways to die out of nowhere, taking you out of the game), and lack of a storyline/ sense of adventure. Descent- First off, let me say there is a second edition coming, so if you DO plan on getting this, I would wait for the second one. Descent is a "True" dungeon crawler. The dungeon's preset, you can get an idea of where you have to go. Combat is fun, where you'll be getting greater weapons (like a rage blade, or a firestorm rune) and being able to tackle bigger challanges (like ogres and dragons) is always fun. Also, there's a story that is told as you go on and play, which if your into that is appealing. Play Descent if you want a game where you journey through dungeons, and play with other friends (or yourself) to take on an overlord (guy who spawns monsters and such) and take on fantastic beasts. Don't play if you find that you hate taking up large amounts of time. Setting up, playing and packing it up all take LOT's of time. also again, there is a second edition coming out. Runebound- I'm going to try and be unbiased, cause RB is my favorite. Runebound is an adventure game, but unlike descent, it''s travelling the world instead. Your Adventure will take you through various towns, up in the mountains and through dark forests. combat is fun in runebound, as you can hire allies and level up in various stats to better combat monsters. Story in runebound is important, you'll commonly have various events happening around you, effecting the world. Maybe The townsfolk are trying to help you fight off this eveil and give you free itmes? Maybey dragons arrive to Tamilar, and burn it to the ground! Story is important in runebound, as is adventure, and with the expansions you can swap adventures and even the maps, where you'll travel through the desert of Al-kalhim, the Froesn wastes of Isheim, or the jungles of zanaga? Play runebound if you want to be able to tell a grand story, and fight strange beasts all over the world, and enjoy travelling. Don't play runebound if you don't like some downtime between turns, and at certain times is can be challanging, for good or bad (certain "Boss" Mnsters can be annoying as they kill you 2 or 3 times.) Hope that helped.
  5. Descent was (in my eyes) already a fantastic game, but it did have a few glaring issues that I hope are fixed and sorted out for the second edition. 1) Time. This game takes awhile to set up, as making the map, sorting the counters and cards and the heroes takes a bit. Playing the game takes time, as you have o introduce new monsters in rooms and set those up as you go, and packing it up is just as tedious. I want the second edition to be more streamlined and have it so we don't spend an hour setting up and packing it away, and make the gameplay take a little bit shorter. 2) Balance. In almost none of the games I've played, the overlord has gotten a solid victory. It's always by the skin of his teeth and a huge struggle. where the heroes can stroll through dungeons like it's no big deal. It's like the overlord isn't even there to win, but to make sure the hero players have a good time, and thats not fun for the overlord. I beleive the overlords automated now, but I still hope the balance is there. Don't make it where the overlord is too strong (like DOOM, but it fits for that game), I just want the heroes to actually have to plan out and struggle to win. Those are my two issues with the game, and if they are fixed I will be very pleased.
  6. JCHendee said: I could imagine some ways (???) to expand upon the 2E base without scuttling it. Just release a 3rd edition rulebook instead. Have it fix any issue's FFG see's with the game and just make sure it can work with any of the expansions. Much cheaper, and it wouldn't cause fans to be angry, because we get to keep our expansions and FFg still gets money. It's a win-win.
  7. Steve-O said: Personally, I think it's better not to tempt fate. RB 2e is solid as is. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of reinventing it, and FFG doesn't strike me as the kind of company to pump out new editions of existing games just for the sake of "making people re-buy it." (Though I'm sure there are probably some in the Descent forums who would disagree with that assessment.) I've never seen FFG make a new edition of an old game that would qualify as a "money grab," it's always something significantly different and usually significantly better. I beleive this is true, FFG doesn't remake a game just because, and they definetly don't do it for the money, cause if anything if they made a 3rd edition of runebound, and released a new big box expansion as good as say, Sands of Al-Kahlim for second edition, what do you think would make alot more money? I feel like a lot of people would buy a new 2nd edition expansion over a total revamp that makes many large collections useless. Heck, I have all 5 big box expansions, 4 adventure variants and 2 market expansions. Even with discounts, that comes up to 230 dollars. Thats alot of money, and thats money I wouldn't spend again because of new rules, ecspeccially cause the runebound rules work (for me, at least).
  8. I can't tell you about a Game of Thrones, But I can tell you my personal opinion of warrior knights. Warrior knights is a great game with a few friends (I find it better with 2 or 3 other people) and it's not a game where you press your luck, you actually have to think about your choices. Want to keep conquering cities and kill other nobles? well if they're worked to much, they'll ask for their payment. Keep gainig political influence and effecting the laws in other ways? There will be a meeting to decide on the laws of the Kingdom. Or do you want to walk out of the meetings, being immune to the laws but having no political power? Perhaps you should pay for a voyage on a trip to china, and hope you receive your money quadrupiled? Or does having the power of the church interest you? Warrior knights is a great game because of choices like these, your always thinking, but you'll never get "Anylisys Paralysis", or in other words think to much to slow the game. Also the game is as fast or as slow as you want it to be, as you can always lighten the win conditions. and of course, attacking or making "deals" with your fellow nobles is fun as well, and betraying them even funner, for it's all about you in the end isn't it? Random events will happen and hurt you, or sometimes you'll have your troops killed, but I've never had a warrior knights game where somebody was crippled in anyway to continue. Your always a participant in the game, and always having fun Sorry for the long post, but I hoped it helped.
  9. Picked up some market expansions, seven scions and Sands and having a complete blast. I think Sand s really is the best Runebound variant. Traveling at day or night is a neat feature that actually effects gameplay, but isn't complicated at all. I also love the flavor of the game, with djinns, sand worms and the like all about. My only complaint is the ending is very...anticlimatic. "Hey look, I just got a sun rune!" "Well...you won!" I just find it being boring to end it with getting an item, it leaves something to be desired, But the rest of it is perfect, it even got me my new favorite character (Sahla). Scions is fantastic, I can do a game in an hour thanks to the clock, and the story is pretty neat, and the end game comes so soon I always feel challanged and almost required to have a scion help me out to win. Now, do I pick up Island of dread or Mists of Zanaga next?
  10. I hope not, I've recently gotten into Runebound and bought a lot of expansions, I'd be pretty mad and dissapointed if they suddenly made a 3rd edition. And I can only imagine how people would feel if they've bought the majority of the expansions, only to know they won't be used. Instead of a new edition completely, why not just have a completely new rulebook? that way we can keep what we have, but can still get a few fixes that we need (which even then, I don't see any large problems with runebound, I barely get downtime with my friends, and we do 4 player games.). If they do a 3rd edition, I'm sticking to 2nd, theres already enough in it to be happy if they stopped supporting it.
  11. Steve-O said: grim_reaper_zig said: Also, what big box expansion is better, Sands of al-kahlim or mists of Zanaga? I like the look of sands cause you travel around the outskirts of the board (cause of a giant canyon in the middle) and like the night and day concept, but am worried if it's longer than your typical runebound game. And I like mists because of the map and the whole idea of some forgotten civilzation in a jungle. I haven't played Zanaga yet, but Al-Kalim is tons of fun. FYI, the "canyon" in the middle of the map is perfectly passable. The terrain types of Al-Kalim are mapped to the terrain types of the base game, but all are passable with the right roll. I'm sorry, I should've been clearer about what I meant about the canyon. I know that it's perfectly passable, I just meant I like how I can't run through the middle of the map with ease because it's harder to cross easily. I learned that in frozen wastes, where I had to learn to take odd paths or just buy a lot of snowshoes. And great to hear that Sands is fun, but can you elaborate on why?
  12. Alright, I've played this game tons of times and am so hooked. It's even more addicting to talisman to me, just because of the freedom of exploration and actual story. I have the cattclysm, cult of the rune and love them, ecspecially cataclysm, I feel like im in some wasteland after a disaster, and am the only one who can help. Frozen wastes is probrally my favorite variant of runebound, I love snow themes, steam punk scifi, and the story is pretty cool. Thanks again everybody for your input of this game. Also, what big box expansion is better, Sands of al-kahlim or mists of Zanaga? I like the look of sands cause you travel around the outskirts of the board (cause of a giant canyon in the middle) and like the night and day concept, but am worried if it's longer than your typical runebound game. And I like mists because of the map and the whole idea of some forgotten civilzation in a jungle.
  13. I would love to see an expansion of this game, as they could add quite a bit to it. -New characters, mostly fro, the terrinoth universe so we can play our beloved characters from other games. -New tiles. I want to see tiles that throw me into a monster encounter right away, one with a spiked trap of some sorts, and maybey a room that can "Link" to a random part of the dungeon? - New cards in general. I'd love to see new monsters, traps, and items to find from corpses. What else could you guys think up?
  14. It's final. I have bought the game, and am awaiting my package (which is to come by friday). I think the biggest selling points to me were that it's in between talisman and descent, cause sometimes I want a less complicated game than descent, but on an overworld like talisman. And after reading a few session reports about this game, it definetly looks fun, and I love the events that actually narrate the story. I've been looking at expansions and the biggest ones i'm interested in are Frozen wastes (Ice themes are the best in my opinion), Cult of the rune, and the catyclysm looks like a great story could be made from it. Care to give insight to these expansions? any others I would like based on my choices? Oh, and thanks everyone for the indepth looks at runebound, you've probrally got another fellow runebound player.
  15. So it seem's like Runebound is great fun, just don't have to many friends playing it, correct? And after that article on how talisman is better than runebound I'm starting to get doubts again...
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