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  1. Well, I waited until now to update to 2.0. And after making lists on the app for about a week, now the points have changed, which is fine, except for this app thing not updating. (which hopefully does some time this next week). Come on FFg, don't make my hatred for games using apps any worse. Especially after searching for Targeting Computer upgrade cards for over an hour. Which after looking through the list of cards that come with the base game/Empire/Rebel/ upgrade kits, I realized I don't own. So far, this is a very difficult game to get to the table.
  2. Love this expansion a lot! Great work. I plan on adding a denizen card to the Elvin city space, offering players a chance to buy items from the City expansion. (& What if it was a random card from all of those decks/shuffled up)
  3. Hey guys, I was thinking of making a different deck of Talisman cards, (with powers) to replace all talisman's found in the game. unfortunately I can't find a good picture of the back of a talisman card. its not on Talisman Island either.
  4. A simpler option would be to create a dragon region covering the center. Replace the portal of power with a stairwell leading into the dragon land. Make it like the Dwarven ruins above. With the portal of power being the last space in the dragon region. Leading you to the center board/Scanned and set off from the main board.
  5. Funny, I've just finished measurements for A dragon Region. I'd love to work together on a project like this. After trying many ways to use the Dragon cards, nothing works. So, I took out all cards that mention Dragon Scales, and shuffle all 3 decks together. Any card that mentions a dragon king, is referred to the top/color card that is next on the deck. And to the board: A 9x8 inch section between the city and dungeon. 612 543 678 9 Follow the path 1-9 with the upper 6 being a secret Elvin city. 8 is a dwarven ruins. Rules:day draw 2 cards Night: draw 1 dragon card. Discard all cards here at end of turn. Space # 9 begins the Dragon land. Move left 6 spaces down 1 - right 11 - up 1 - left 4 Xxxxxx9ENDx XxxxxxxxxxxX
  6. I created a 5 and six player map, it is really simple, you just need more tiles. And the world has to wrap around. <0X00X00X0> <000000000> <000000000> <0X00X00X0> WIth this setup each area is the same as the original game. <> = wraparound area. Only wrapping around from left and right, not top and bottom. JoeM OH, yeah, to get 5 players I created a Tile that is all water, and would replace one of the outer starting areas with it. (edit) If you really want to play with six players have the others chip in, and get a second copy of the game. Then when and if an expansion comes out, just sell it on Boardgamegeek.com or trade it, or give it for a christmass present, or play a few games, and give the player who wins the most, the other copy.
  7. I'd love to see a box expansion of all the runebound. Descent. DungeonQuest. Runewars. Characters painted.
  8. I would like to see the High powered weapons get Trashed, and have them give us smaller weapons and some type of character upgrades, This would/could also keep the boss monsters from being 1 shot killed.
  9. I know the answer to this is You can Execute yourself... but I feel its wrong. (then again) In our group the cylons have won at least the last 10 or 12 games. poor humans. So I was president (Ellen Tigh), and a human, victory was easy at hand. distance 6. if we could figure out the Cylons. So.... On my turn, I decide, the only way to win is to execute myself. Prooving I'm human. I throw in my hand, rig the airlock and puff. I'm dead. Now I'm Zerek and become the new president. Now the cylons are hurting, watching the other human players XO me. So, Zerek goes out the airlock. Now, I'm Gias Frakin President Baltar. As long as I maintained the presidency the humans would win. AND DID. Still it felt cheep to have to kill myself to break this streak. But if thats what it takes.
  10. I was thinking about have a back to back 2 game marathon. First game only the basic rules. (& no extra characters) Get to Kobol, or die trying. Second game. Using pegasus expansion... And all normal rules, except that: Any characters that were revealed cylons in the first game are not avalilble in this second game. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks. Thematicly it works, because even if the humans lose round 1, pegasus shows up and gives them a boost. The only non-thematical thing would be if Galactica was destroyed. Which I have not seen happen yet. (very, very close)
  11. I was Dee, yesterday, and it really bothered me, that I wasn't allowed to look at the ships on New Caprica(our consensus agreement). I guess, I just want an official answer. So I probably have to email FFG. After 2 playes of Pegasus. I love the game more.
  12. Looks like were going to give this a shot next week. I'll post an update, as to how it went. I managed to create a psd file so that when you print the cards out, you can flip over the page, and get the words printed on the other side. to have 2 sided cards. I also created an event card to give the monsters double speed. Basicly place 7 wound tokens, the monsters can spend 2 per round to double 2 monsters speed. + it grants 1 monster the ability to double speed and active immediately. And two Magic fountains. One that offers Red/Green # of hearts which can be drank, for 1 life/movement point spent drinking. The other can give a player an extra permanent Fatigue or Wound or Speed. Now I'm working on creating +1 fatigue tokens, +1 and +2 Life tokens, and +1 speed tokens (green boots) Thanks Veinman for all your work
  13. Hitting the nail on the head! After reading this post. In my oppinion the scaling issue is simply the weapons are too powerfull. Even in Vannila Descent. which is what we played. we abandoned our RTL campaign last year. I think the gold Items should be removed. or even all 3 treasure decks re-thought out. In vannila, once you've got gold, you aim shoot, and typically if you hit, it dies. I know this isnt what the post was all about. But It made me realize how much I hate when there is a gold chest to open. as both OL and player. After oppening a gold treasure, the game is over. & I counted up all the pieces on the backs of all my boxes. I have all expansions. I think its like 1995 pieces. not including RTL tuck-boxes. which I think would put it up to 2000 pieces. So setting up for a new OL on Saturday night took almost an hour and a 1/2 After playing for five hours, and not even half done, we called it. This game is fun, but drags on. sure we could have used the spawn marker, but I don't think it would have mattered.
  14. I would like to see, the RTL dungeon cards used in a single scenario type game. 1. Draw 3 dungeon cards. possibly connect them with stairs. 2. Have the characters draw x amount of characters. When one dies, remove him, and pick one from a character pool. 3. 1st level copper, 2nd silver, 3rd gold. 4. Have the monsters stats increase. Use level 5 monsters in copper. Silver monsters in silver, and gold in gold. If a player (character) dies, he loses weapons, but drops a coin pile token, =400gold. When bringing a new character, he starts with a treasure on the level the characters are on. Stat dice increases carry over per player. On completion of first and second level, Players gain either a +2fatigue, or +4 Life (RTL tokens)
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