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  1. A new campaign setting would be sweet, but I never can find players to join me with the other 2 released so far With the expansions full of new monsters and characters, it is easier to get players to join. The desert setting sounds good to me - one set deep underground with rivers of lava and whatnot, something akin to hell, would be awesome too.
  2. Hey everyone, I realize that 'Sea of Blood' has not long been out, but I was wondering if the rumor mill has made mention of any new expansions (preferably with new characters and monsters) in the works, or of there being a second quest compendium any time soon? Thanks all, Toby
  3. I know I already gave praise to the new look, but it just dawned on me that if your working environment at the office is prejudiced against you looking at non-work-related websites (basically, I am the only gamer/action figure collector in an office of 113 employees, so I get punished for looking at "stupid stuff" while everyone else gets to play around on FaceBook all day), then the new site makes it look a lot more subtle than the old one - even with a shrunk web browser window, people could still tell I was on the Descent forums, but now they will think I am on some other, possibly much more "normal", website. So all in all, the new look makes browsing the forums at the office much more easier. Hats off to the FFG, piss off to my colleagues!!
  4. Personally, I am all about the new look, and the achievement system is pretty neat-o if I may say. Curious to see how it will work. Anyways, I'm off to order me a copy of Tomb of Ice now, woohoo!!! Cheers, Toby
  5. I am so officially excited, milk shot out my nose!!! Loving the new site, too!!! Cheers, Toby
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