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  1. shame!!! just because stahleck is after WORLDS!!! hope for something better next days
  2. does Gylbert Farwynd affects fleets? my opinion is yes. you have to pay them 7 g. but i would like a more secure answer cause my meta has 2 opinions! some players say that you pay them 4 cause there is not a reducer on the table to reduce the cost and the fleets have a "lower " wording not a "reduce" thx in advance dimitris
  3. merry christmass to all from greece
  4. patra greece here. cant wait for this game to come out. i read the rules and got hooked .
  5. i just got informed and signed up ma i in or am i too late:(
  6. this mail is out of work so you can contact us in this address dimitrisfilippatos@yahoo.com. we are waiting for you.
  7. hi i am dimitris , mitseni - gregs brother and i am very glad to hear that you are coming to our city. we are waitng for you. just keep us informed of when you ll be here regards dimitris
  8. Brienne of Tarth: While Brienne of Tarth is participating in a challenge, opponents cannot trigger effects Arya Stark ( passive ability ) : If Arya Stark is killed, put her into Shadows instead of your dead pile FAQ page 8: " Passive abilities are not affected by cards that prevent or cancel triggered effects or abilities." i defend with arya stark against brienne of tarth in a military challenge and i loose and choose to kill arya for claim . Does Arya goes to shadows or brienne works and Arya goes to dead pile? thx in advance micheni
  9. is the abbility of "mutual enemies" , "mutual blackmail" , or "mutual cause" plot cards playable in joust format where there is only one opponent thx in advance micheni
  10. thx very much guys . i ll be there with my stark deck at 18 of march. i send you an email ratatoskr !!
  11. hi to all i am from greece and i am moving to nurnberg the next month and i would apreciate a little help on finding a AGOT community there . thx in advance dimitris
  12. hi i am from greece and really interested coming to a big tournament like this . next year we organize attending european championship . the place the side events and the number of participants are 3 main reasons to make us think about going to polland for our beloved game. hope to be there!!! dimitris
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