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  1. Maybe I got it wrong, but are not the Exorcist the ones that the malleus founded by daemonhost all the noviciates, and the Exorcist them, rendering them inmune to daemonic possesion? There´s even a reputed "sucessor" or something in the ones that couldn´t get exorticed and run away. ("The death od antagonis")
  2. We have a Iron Hands librarian, a Blood angels Assault, a Dark Angels apothecary, a ultramarine Tech and a Space Wolf tactical. They are going in finding the BL in Oblivion´s edge, and they are in the narrow tunnel surrounded by small access hatches they could not use, but the stealers (for Us will ever be Ben Stilers) attack them through them. The Ben Stilers begin to rip them in pieces, above all, the tac, armed only with a basic weapon... and a Knife. That astartes knife killed about 20 Stillers, one after the other. When they came back, after the hive ship and all to Erioch, he asked Greyweaver to put a distortion field around it, and, after some Mead, and the proper saga, He obliged. The tally is still building.
  3. Las time I played tabletop, it was called Rogue Trader.
  4. The Emperor Protects I don´t wan to to spoil anything, for anyone.
  5. In diferent points of the plot, almost always something related to the wolves, some of the veterans of the wolves recall that the operation on Prospero was not the first time they had erase another legion. My view is that, even more than the Thousand Son´s, or the own wolves, the lost primarchs were genetic duds, flawed in some way that their very existence were a hindrance for The Emperor plans. Russ was in part wolf, the Angels craved for blood, and the Thousand Son´s... The quirk is, what flaw can be so dire? It cannot be (as I see it) Chaos, cos the primarch, sharing some measure of the emperor, were inmune, until they willingly gave to it. So, what could it be?
  6. Someone, please, take a map of the Calixis sector. Notice the icon list in the top rigth corner. One of the icons is Grave planet or something (I don´t have the book at the moment), and the fluff is plaged with that references. In that planets, the rich one get family mausoleums, and the poor take the crematoria, but, by no means, any corpse are reprocesed into food, To eat human flesh, is to invoke Chaos in the worst. (In the introductory adventure Edge of Darkness,
  7. Me too.... Is more or less what the guardsman asked, astonished to the ASSASIN.... (Two autoguns.... pistol handgrip.... oh my god... what have i done....)
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