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  1. Slade

    Dengar sidearc

    I looked at various posts of the last year(s) and not sure I got a conclusive answer. When Dengar has its turret to the side and the attacker is partly in the front arc and partly in the side arc I understood Dengar can use his ability on this attacker? And if Dengar has the Punishing One title equiped it can also role 1 additonal attack die when using his ability against this attacker? But what if Dengar has his arc to the back (or any other direction for that matter) and has proton torpedoes equiped? I understood it can still use his ability in above situation by firing a torpedo as a bonus attack to this attacker. Thx.
  2. Slade

    TIE Reaper

    Thx. This was very insightfull also the movement samples. I'm currently experimenting with Vermeil and the int 4 strikers and see what I can 'bold on' for the other points. Init 4 in order to stay in formation but tbh that is a realy challenge particularly if you stick on other ships, nice puzzle. Looking at this Vizier is probably also fitting for what I'm interested in flying. Do I understand it correctly that if you have the tactical officer on the ship you can still opt to use the red coordinate?
  3. Hi. Collision Detector says - 'While you boost or barrel roll, you can move through and overlap obstacles. ..... After you move through or overlap an obstacle, you may spend 1 charge to ignore its effects until the end of the round.' When do I have to decide to use the charge? Can I move onto/over an obstacle and roll a die to see the result before deciding to use a charge? If I use the boost action and I'm not sure can I move my ship and when it ends up on an obstacle, roll and then decide to use a charge? Thx.
  4. Dalan's ability reads - 'At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 shielded ship in your bullseye arc and spend 1 charge. If you do, that ship loses 1 shield and you recover 1 shield.' Has it been clarified that the ability can be used even if Dalan has full shields? Or does the ability not work if Dalan is fully shielded? Thx.
  5. Slade


    I'm not aware of any FFG ruling on this. Same goes for this one about 'spending' shields - https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/284505-escape-pod-and-damage-to-landos-falcon/ I would love flying Lando Scum Falcon with some FFG rules clarification behind it. For now its flying him in casual play and agree beforehand with friend on how we go about it.
  6. Slade

    Ved Foslo and Kturns/Tallon Rolls

    Whoooh. That's not how I interpreted it after some thought so thx. for bringing this up.
  7. Slade

    Xwing Lando falcon title

    Ohhh. So if all shield on the falcon are lost and I undock the escape craft the craft will still have its 2 shields unless I spend them with Intertial Dampener (RAW). That's now how we played it but that fine. At least if Qi'ra is the crew on the falcon I can still attack if I'm stuck on an obstacle that I've locked (at least that's what I understood from another discussion). Very complicate beast that scum falcon.
  8. Slade

    Bonus attack cluster missiles

    And if you are a lucky guy and still have a token you can still modify the 2nd attack with focus or calculate or other (ship) ability I assume?
  9. Sorry read the comment multiple times but I lost track. Back to the original question from Saeris. Based on RAW and example in FFG article Saeris is correct? ... untill FFG clarifies otherwise that is. Thx.
  10. Slade

    TIE x1 ATC

    Q: Can a TIE Advanced x1 that rolled 1 additional die from Advanced Targeting Computer spend the lock later in the attack? If it does, can it change 1 <hit> into a <critical hit>? A: While performing an attack, a TIE Advanced x1 can spend its lock to reroll attack dice after rolling 1 additional die. It can also change 1 <hit> result to a <critical hit> result and then spend the lock to reroll attack dice. However, note that it cannot change 1 <hit> result to a <critical hit> result after spending the lock, as it no longer has the defender locked. This was clarified in the official rules on the forum. I was wonderig, if I spend the lock to reroll can I reroll all 3 dice? Or only 2 dice since the lock is now spend and I don’t get the additional 1 die anymore? In case of allowed to reroll only 2 dice the ‘original’ third die would still count for its effect ... I hope.
  11. Slade

    No Decimator

    Is the Decimator not available in the FFG squad builder? Seems to be the only ship missing in the Imperial list if I go into the app. I've logged in/out serveral times and my screen shows ver 1.0.3 of the app.
  12. Slade

    Dengar gunner

    I'm not sure I'm understanding the text on this card correcty. On the card it says - After you defend, if the attacker is in your firing arc, you may spend 1 charge. If you do, roll 1 attack die unless the attacker chooses to remove 1 green token. On a hit or crit result, the attacker suffers 1 hit damage - 'After you defend' ... is this when attacker has rolled dice, modified by defending or attacking player, and after defense dice are rolled, modified by attacking or defending player? And before the 'Neutralize results' step?
  13. Slade

    Ciena Ree crew

    Thx for the help since this is getting (over)complicated for me. On the original questions answer to 1 & 3 is yes and to 2 & 4 no ... if I’m reading that right.
  14. Slade

    Ciena Ree crew

    I'm planning my first 2.0 game this weekend and digging through the rules wondered about this crew with some questions. In the cases below the ship that has Ciena as it crew has the coordinate action on its action bar. 1. If the coordinated ship has a (red) linked action following the barrel roll or boost action symbol can it do the linked action once 'coordinated' and still use Ciena's ability to rotate 90 degrees before gaining Ciena's stress token? 2. What if the barrel roll or boost action is the linked action on the coordinated ship, i.e. it uses the focus action first for instance, can Ciena's ability still be used? 3. What if the barrel roll or boost action is red on the coordinated ship, and the ship will be stressed, can Ciena's ability still be used resulting in two stress tokens on the coordinated ship? 4. If the coordinated ship fails the barrel roll or boost action can it still use Ciena's ability to rotate 90 degrees? Thx.
  15. Slade

    Jenson ST-321

    Thx. On the combo with Jendon I was planning to use either Jendons ability on all ships in a round or the ST 321 ability in another round when coordinate would make more sense or fit beter in my plans.