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  1. Turric4n said: faq page 11: Q: Which map items count as obstacles for the Crushing Block trap card? A: Crushing Block may never be played in a space adjacent to any token (or built-in map element) that blocks movement. The reason for this is to prevent the Overlord from sealing a hallway completely and preventing the heroes from ever progressing. This is a list of all relevant obstacles, current through the Road to Legend: Boulder, Crushing Wall, Rubble, Water. (Villagers are figures, not map elements. That ruling is older than the one I quoted, thus being overridden by the newer ruling. Additionally, it goes against the rules in the original books for no apparent reason, so it's invalidated by older rules as well.
  2. Trees are obstacles for the purposes of Crushing Block. You can't crushing block someone into a tree and you can't play crushing block next to a tree, severely restricting crushing block in that level. EDIT: FAQ, page 12: Q: Do the props "Sarcophagus", "Table", "Bed", "Fountain", "Throne", "Bone Heap", "Giant Mushrooms", "Tree" and "Ice" count as obstacles (for the effects of Acrobat and others)? A: Yes.
  3. I've seen one hero get to the boss of the first mission and lose by a hair. I've seen 4 heroes get hung out to dry in one of the Well of Darkness missions. Each mission has its own balance, I'd say, but the average appropriate hero count is 4, especially after the addition of treachery.
  4. Technically, I was just devil's advocating, but thank you, Corbon, for providing additional knowledge. I noted that Ispher was attacking the premise that equipping couldn't come before effects, but that isn't really the point of contention. It's the discarding that matters, just as you say. I like the idea of the end of the "start of turn" sequence also being the end of the equip and suffer effects phase. This would all be easier if they had just kept the step nomenclature. Effects trigger during step 1, discard anytime/immediately after equipping in step 2, etc. I must agree with Corbon on this one, effects go off just as equipping happens ergo discarding happens after effects because it cannot happen until equipping (and by proxy any effect) resolves. In the past, I've personally ruled that the crystal can be discarded any time after a hero equips it in step 2, including during the OL's turn, so it operates as kind of an emergency superpotion. I like the way that works (and I'm usually the OL).
  5. Ispher said: Equipping is not an effect, it is an action. It follows that since all "start of turn" effects must resolve before proceeding with the rest of the turn (before any actions are taken, obviously), Burn and Bleed tokens (and Rest, etc.) resolve before one has a chance to equip. - ....... A) Equipping at the "start" of a hero's turn (i.e. step 2 of the turn sequence) is not an action. Those come later. B) How are you supposed to equip something at the start of the turn if you can't equip anything at the start of the turn? The card is either referring to or explicitly defining the step 2 "free" equip as being part of the "start" of a hero's turn. Therefore, it follows that step 2 "free" equip is part of the class of all "start of turn" effects. Alternately, the card is in error and has been since its printing, and is therefore completely unusable in its current state, since there would be no way to equip it a the start of the turn in order to trigger the desired effect. I really can't decide between the two.
  6. Frog said: iam said: Here's an idea for you FFG... why don't you release this kind of product as an e-book. Would cost you next to nothing, would be easy to maintain and wouldn't give you a bad reputation. I would pay some dollars right now for an eBook that would be maintained with fixes. Being a descent fan has its limit, and I know I'm a hard core one, since I bought the d@mn game and all its expansions...... twice !!! I disagree with this idea. Call me a materialist, but I prefer the physical goods...even if they are flawed and need a FAQ printed out. I don't pay money for virtual goods. They could do both.....release an ebook, and then do a print run to re-fleece the customers and put the shears to new ones.
  7. Big Remy said: iam said: I can't beleive some of you guys are happy about a +10 pages errata and will "now order the quest compendium".... is it your way of telling FFG to continue releasing botched products? Not me sir, I'm not stepping anywhere near the Quest Compendium. A 12 page errata for the base game and all expansions...fine. A 10 page errata for a book that has what like 10-12 quests in it I think...no thank you. Especially when the majority of the maps are printed off center and at an angle. +1 Additionally, if the errata file reprints half of the map content in the entire book, it's time to A) Fire someone B) Recall your broken product C) Have one of those horrible, embarrassing meeting where you discuss how to fix the current sh*tty status while keenly avoiding pointing blame. But yeah, no thank you. We're here to buy board games, not rpg books.
  8. @darkkami You weren't betrayed by a friend, you were betrayed by a marketing plan.
  9. CanadianPittbull said: Well I was just curious because it doesn't sound like there is much actual playing happening on these boards and more conjecture more than anything. This isn't me centering any one person out just an observation I have been following since the original boards. That sounds like conjecture! Seriously though, I've caught myself doing this more often than not: in playing, there's usually little time for pontificating at length on any particular rule, and what we discuss here tend to be the odd corner cases. Also, in my group, we almost always just make the decisions we assume are correct, only to later read some forum armchair overlord's treatise about how wrong those decisions happened to be. There was once where we ran up against a particular rule ambiguity: the crystal of tival. My buddy didn't use it because he assumed he couldn't use it except at the beginning of his turn, while I assumed that, as long as you put it on at the start of your turn, you could use it at any time. I was the OL, so I waited until he had opted to not use it and get his hero killed before pointing out that he totally could have used it earlier. Even then, it didn't come up until the game was over. Almost all the rules problems I have are discovered while reviewing and prepping my play sessions, and not during any actual acts of gaming.
  10. XmenDynasty said: They sold well to me. I bought 'em all. Unfortunately, that seems to be due to a basic character flaw in my nature and not necessarily because they're GREAT overall. Having read most of the posts on this forum, I feel it's safe to say I'm not alone. +1 in shame
  11. Darastin said: Whoa, completely forgot about the anchor. Regardless, this only helps if you actually win the encounter. If the enemy ship manages to get out of range or if a single monster from a no-ship encounter remains (I have the strange feeling that this will always be the case...), the heroes will have to catch the remaining baddies somehow. Without moving the ship and risking Death By Current, that requires a swimming hero, a flying hero or Runemaster Thorn. Not having one of those... well... have fun with the red die Oh, and using the captain's wheel also isn't guaranteed to work; slightly increasing the probability of Death By Current. And yes, I find a minimum chance of ca. 1/3rd for a TPK regardless of player actions and results quite ridiculous. The mere existence of this location (it's not an encounter, so no color-coded dificulty) more or less forces the players to always upgrade their ship to maximum size and buy the Elven Sails before travelling along a sea trail. Which actually isn't such a bad idea anyway. But somehow I wouldn't be surprised if there is another location or encounter that has such an auto-kill chance only for the largest ship... Just my two €-cents; Darastin the captain's wheel... all you need is a single power enhancement on a black power die. If you're rolling 5 black power dice (and with fatigue on a non-melee hero, you can always roll up to 5 black), it's pretty unlikely that you'll fail. I think the whole issue is fixed by moving the left rock 1 space to the left. Then it's only 1/3 chance of tpk if the party fails all countermeasures.
  12. Actually... Lowering the anchor has a 1/3 chance of success ("catching") in deep water and 2/3 chance of success in shallow water. Plus, each "ship station" may only be "manned" once per turn according to the rulebook. So the smart move is 1: captain's wheel, 2: anchor. That drops the tpk chance to about 2/9 (assuming the vortex is deep water). Antistone, I believe Darastin meant that the heroes had at least a 1/3 chance of dying regardless of their actions. He was highlighting the minimum chance as being ridiculous.
  13. Almost all of FFG's figure bases are warped: it's a side-effect of the kind of plastic they use. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to warp them flat: warm the base up using hot/boiling water, then flatten the base out using a flat surface and set it using cold water. The plastic has a lot of plasticity at high temperatures.
  14. hahaha, I was pretty sure it was explicit like that. Good to know I didn't forget something this time.
  15. Corbon said: Antistone said: Dude, leave it... +1
  16. Doesn't the upgrade specify something like "while in the Spider Queen's Keep"? I always figured that, since the actual level where she is found is known as the Keep, the card is in effect from the beginning of that final dungeon level.
  17. James McMurray said: Thanks! Do you know the address of the told site (or a different way to find an archive of it)? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffgforums/forums/show/15.page That's the descent section of the previous forums. The ones before those....... www.fantasyflightgames.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=25 I think. Good luck with that, though, the wayback machine apparently wasn't even allowed to read the yabb boards after 2005. Makabriel was the guy maintaining this thread on both of those boards.
  18. Better rephrase that question, because the answer is "Yeah: immune to effect tokens. Duh." Honestly, a hero's immunity to specific aspects of an avatar's attack has never really been in question: it's when the hero can ignore the attack outright that problems start happening. You've got two ways of handling the FAQ ruling: either A) Ignore any abilities that would cause a hero to be immune to an avatar (i.e. Sea of Blood Style) or B) Ignore any hero's immunities that negate attacks. (Specifically immunities, specifically attack-negating immunities: Ghost, AoE damage = 0, etc.) B favors the heroes, while A has precedent in SoB. Until it's specifically addressed in a faq, you get to choose.
  19. 1) Dan Clark was one of the guys who answered the questions we sent in via the official question asking thingy on the previous iteration of the FFG page. I guess we granted him authority on the fact that he was the one answering the questions: if we start contesting that authority, well, it gets a little complex. 2) Original sources = people's emails/old message board threads that are in the internet archive I guess (Maybe? Wayback machine?). I still have my contribution to this list in my email.
  20. Villagers are immune to traps, but I would argue that the attack from Dark Charm shouldn't have the Trap keyword, since the trap is "being forced to attack", while the attack is pretty much a regular attack with regular attack rules.
  21. spazard1 said: Thundercles said: Found a strange bug, don't quite know how to reproduce All heroes' conquest value dropped by 1 after I initialized the campaign information to 32CT heroes vs 45CT overlord and divine favor set to no, minimum conquest value set to 1. This was a newly entered campaign that had already started. Campaign name: Me & Steve I didn't test divine favor, but it only activates at increments of 25CT, right? Also: Sir Alric Farrow is spelled "Sir Aldric" in the campaign tracker. Also: When heroes flee a dungeon, there should be an automatic world map update that puts them back at Tamalir. Again, thanks so much. Fixed the conquest bug. Fixed Sir Alric's name. Added a "Heroes New Location" text field on the "end dungeon" page. This allows for more flexibility than simply teleporting the heroes if they flee. players can decide where the heroes go, especially with house rules. Nice. Well done.
  22. Quick questions: Who edited the quest compendium? Also, who was the producer on the project? The editor is supposed to catch mistakes and the project's producer is supposed to handle quality control and make sure it's up to snuff. They're the people to pester about the quality of the quest compendium. Supposedly, Will Hindmarch was signed on as editor when the original announcement was made, but I don't have the book in front of me so I don't know for sure. Good luck with that, by the way. Your moralist speeches aren't going to endear you to the men and women who are trying to do their jobs without random people purporting to know how it should be done.
  23. Dude, the compendium is full of quests from guest designers; I can't remember if KW has an actual quest in there or not. In any case, Thadd is answering because that is her job.
  24. That fix is a good compromise, although I think that the main problem (and why he got nerfed) is that RtL lets Nanok hunt down and obtain all of the skills and items that max out his armor. It's not that he can get 7 armor on his own in copper, it's that he can almost always have 10+ armor by Gold level, and your fix doesn't really address that.
  25. Found a strange bug, don't quite know how to reproduce All heroes' conquest value dropped by 1 after I initialized the campaign information to 32CT heroes vs 45CT overlord and divine favor set to no, minimum conquest value set to 1. This was a newly entered campaign that had already started. Campaign name: Me & Steve I didn't test divine favor, but it only activates at increments of 25CT, right? Also: Sir Alric Farrow is spelled "Sir Aldric" in the campaign tracker. Also: When heroes flee a dungeon, there should be an automatic world map update that puts them back at Tamalir.
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