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  1. shnar said: Actually I do believe the FAQ clears up what you can do in town, which is *nothing* other than restock at a store. No resting. The turn you go to town you don't get a normal turn, you simple go to town and restock somewhere. On subsequent turns, you either A) restock at another store (and therefore forfeit any "normal" turn) or B) return to the dungeon, which requires the hero to spend a Movement Point to use the glyph. At that point, the hero takes a "normal" turn and *must* move back into the dungeon (so either Readys, Runs, Advances, or spends Fatigue to move, or some other special ability). -shnar This quoted FAQ answer is not applicable to the advanced campaign. In Vanilla Descent, you can rest in town.
  2. Even if we don't end up sending them the answers, it's a really good idea to try and answer the questions beforehand; the simple act of attempting to answer a question should help see if it's worth asking.
  3. Corbon said: As an aside, this is the sort of question that I think should not be sent in (no offense to those who did, or those who asked it). A little basic maths tells us that there is only one possible option that works within the game system, so why do we need to expend that precious, precious resource, FFG staff time, on telling us something we already know? so many plusses.I did only a cursory check on most of the questions: looked them up in the rulebooks and descent in the dark, that sort of thing. I didn't really get a chance to edit it all because it's a ginormous time sink; Antistone, Corbon, Parathion, Remy and others on the gathered list thread were a huge help, but this is the kind of thing we should be checking before the questions get on the list, right?
  4. The various knockback questions got out of hand. They were poorly worded when I finished compiling them and were so spread out that the various similar questions all seem to have gotten various different rulings at different times. I basically blame myself and the lack of time. The DR question and the Corrupted terrain question where clear before the change, but the main Knockback timing and "Before the effects of armor" timing questions were unclear. Now the latter two timing questions are clear and the DR and Corrupted terrain questions are contradictory. Personally, I assumed they were going to stick with "after wounds" and remove the refences to "damage", but they went the other direction instead. Earlier I said Big Remy had won: he thought they were going to go back to the general concensus instead of removing the damage refences. We tried to push through everything that was unclear, hence this change.
  5. From The Immortal: Sea of Blood starting location: The Sea of Blood rules clearly state that the start-of-campaign location for the Hero party is the city of Gafford. However, the flavor text on many of the plot cards imply that the starting city for the Heroes is supposed to be the city of Garnott. Which is the correct starting city?
  6. Given that there's a card that works against the landlocked tactic, this doesn't break the game, but it still feels a little unbalanced. Going to have to play it to find out though.
  7. If we want to be super technical about it, the FAQ writer worked on SoB, not RtL. Because they don't post their intentions when they answer questions, it becomes hard to believe their answers are legitimate, especially when they're an unexpected about-face from the rules.
  8. I've seen prioritized lists before, split into game breaking, highly unbalanced, vaguely unbalancing, merely ambiguous, and grammar errors/typos. I think it's a good idea to categorize the questions, so stuff like truthseer kel doesn't fall through the cracks, but I think try to stay as objective as I can on what they should be by simply letting the forum-goers decide. Ideas? So as to not double post: BigYogi said: shnar said: BigYogi said: Q: Regarding the Falcon's Claw Copper Item, if a hero interrupts a monster's activation and hits the monster with a Web token, is the monster then unable to continue spending movement points? A: No. This is tricky use of English. A negative response to a negative question can be ambiguous. Why couldn't the author have said, "No, the monster is unable to spend movement points." Or "No, the monster can complete its move and is then webbed." Either case is a valid interpretation of the answer, and it wouldn't be hard to CLARIFY just a little bit more this response... -shnar thanks, you're right. negative answer to a negative question....i should read more carefully... and you're also right, the FAQ could be written a little more clearly It's ok, though, it got fixed.
  9. So I feel I should say: Remy and I actually submitted the questions with as much review and editing as we had time for....which usually ended up meaning losing 3-6 hours of sleep per submission. I'm just happy this is a hobby and not a second job or something. Here's my commentary on what got through and what didn't for a requested FAQ fix. I feel like we've set up a good line of communication for FAQ updates, and I'm pleased we were able to push through as many of Antistone's meticulous questions as we could. This is, I think, a step up from the last FAQ update, and really makes me happy that I started updating the list again a few months back. Guys, go ahead and pick this FAQ apart: we'll compile and submit as many edit and question requests as it takes...although I'm really proud of what we accomplished. Large monsters vs terrain is.....I don't know. Apparently, the new idea is from Kevin himself. It doesn't explicitly deny the occupying of movement-terrain, but nothing says you can (sorry munchkin-lords). It does let monsters ignore scything blades and dart field, which I feel was the intent of the original change, but it also doesn't describe when a monster has to make that decision or what happens if you switch the decision mid-turn (under these rules, a large monster can choose to be in a pit or fall into a pit?). One step forward, one step back. The undefined area is probably game-breaking in specific corner cases (large load-bearing monster using a pit to kill himself and trigger a terrible trap or something) but is so rare that we can still play through. typos.....which are actually my fault. This is another good reason why I should not have the FAQ update job (don't live in MN, am a programmer, various other reasons...). However, knockback and deep water fixed. Yes, that question is my fault. Yes, I know, it's written terribly. I'll alert the proper authorities. mid-air grapple fixed. Knockback is confirmed to be before wounds....so the divine retribution question is both wrong and unnecessary. But Big Remy wins, so there is that. Knight.......can't seem to word the question right, it seems. Not a big deal, this doesn't break anything, just avoids resolving the question. large monster movement; apparently that question is just hard to ask right. Le sigh. Word of Vaal: hahahahaha.....man, they added both notes instead of just one. well, there's no escape now, you can't use Word of Vaal through doors. Web is changed to now take effect immediately. Looks like the double negative thing was actually "no, they can't", and is now fixed. Good catch Big Yogi and Shnar. Fear Fixed: Fear stacks, always. forgot to mention the spirit spear. Gotta do that. Daze now clarified to take effect once, after power potion. Fatigue can be used after the roll, so can be used to overcome daze, RAW. Welcome mat clarified definitively forever. Dark relic first part answered. New Knockback means that the corrupted terrain question is wrong and unnecessary as well. Leech is now the same source as the attack: the yes answer makes sense. each token is a separate damage source. CORBIN IS IMMUNE TO BURN. He's basically almost immune to most indirect (non-trap, non-attack) sources of damage. a couple questions got moved to RtL or from RtL, as they should have been. I made an honest attempt to re-clarify crushing block. Did not work (ignored), but there's always next time. Hey, 1-die rerolls are ruled to be as strong as aim and dodge now in terms of cancelling stuff out. Trenloe and Lyssa get boosts! I think the FFG guys play with a different version of Blocked than we do, but this answers the question. Lieutenants and parties attacking each other disappeared...huh. Did not expect that. SoB Lieutenants standins fixed and clearly worded. Tried to get clarification for Whirpool answer vs Whinnowing Straights and Ship upgrades, but those got ignored. Oh, and Remy whipped up a whole thing about truthseer kel, but it got ignored. Next time, next time.
  10. new new faq posted, updated today. Discuss, again.
  11. The FAQ answers refer to dealing damage as if it were equivalent to dealing wounds; that's a vagueness they need to fix for the "effects of armor" and knockback example to make sense. As it stands, they merely reiterated the original confusing language. Obviously, the two terms are ambiguous enough for Antistone to have a field day equating "dealing damage" with "resolving an attack" and an unsourced reference to something else that might deal damage...like, uh....actually, I don't know of anything that deals "damage" besides an attack (the Trapmaster thing is worded bizarrely, as if damage and wounds are equivalent, so it's not the same), but if anyone could find that reference, it would help this discussion. Anyway, yeah, that'll need to be clarified. Shnar, if you take the falcon's claw question at face value, the answer is "the monster is able to spend movement points". However, that's not clear and it's a construction that's easy to misinterpret, so you're right, I should stay away from making "negative questions" in the future. Parathion, Word of Vaal was lumped in with a series of abilities which may go through doors, which was poor planning but I hadn't gotten around to splitting them yet (I think Antistone recommended I do it). Attacks still don't go through doors, but the abilities do (the answer actually says "abilities go through doors" and does not mention attacks); the question was more about how it works ("like the breath example"). That FAQ might need a note that says "Attacks still don't go through doors" or possibly "(except the Word of Vaal)" after the door declaration.
  12. Why use irregardless when regardless will do?
  13. Corbon said: Etna''s Vassal said: Another one: In the final battle with the Master of the Hunt, all he has to do is run past the heroes, turn sideways (blocking the corridor off), and wait for the Wild Hunt to off all the heroes. Should the heroes be able to move through him in the same way the Master of the Hunt can move through the heroes? Or can the Wild Hunt be killed off in the same way other Hellhounds can be? This is supposed to be a compiled list of questions thread. There is no point posting any old question here. Questions should be asked in the general forum first and if there is no resolution then they should get added here. Otherwise questions that genuinely need answers can get lost in a landslide of questions that already have clear answers in the rules and are frankly annoying to a game designer. This might actually be a good question that should be sent here (unlike the knockback question which has a clear enough answer already), but it really should be asked in the general forum first. Apologies if it has and I missed it. It has, you did. There wasn't any resolution: as written the Master of the Hunt basically wins unless he's got very low health. There's no chance for any kind of chase.
  14. Fizz said: Here's what I have learned as the OL: "The Overlord can win whenever he wants, if the players are willing to play." Case in point, My players were doing the SoB rumor "The Creature" and had just entered level 3. If the Creature wakes up before the player enter Area 2 (which he did), the OL can move the Creature forward to a point between Area 1 and Area 2 where it is completely impossible for the players to get into area 2. And by "completely impossible" I mean there is exactly 0% of success. (The Creature has an Undying Rule based on how many switches in area 2 are tossed, and if the player dont toss any switches, the undying roll is "auto" instead of a surge.) Now, the OL could run by the rules, block it off, and say "tough **** kids, looks like you are going to have to run away and abandon the dungeon and the rumor", all the while amassing conquest until the players realize it really is impossible and then get pissed at "bad game design". -OR- The OL chooses not to. Is this bad design? Maybe. Is this what the designers really intended? Who knows. Is this fun? That's up to the 5 people shaking the dice that night. I guess my point is that in the beginning of a campaign, the cards are stacked so much in the OL's favor, that anyone can crush and destroy the heroes at their earliest opportunity, but you risk disheartening your players if you do. Everyone here knows the ultimate ******-OL move in RtL of the relentless Siege of Tamalir, but honestly ask yourself, does that make the game fun? A truly evil OL helps the players make good decisions, and crushes them in a measured, focused way so that the game is still fun for everyone, while at the same time maintaining the challenge level that the game demands. As with the invulnerable beastman from the Fountain in RtL, you're not allowed to block off the player's progress with anything, whether it be a block or an unkillable monster. It's this obscure unwritten rule that Kevin's mentioned more than once as justification for several rulings (including the one about the beastman from the most recent FAQ). That such a rule even exists, well, take it as you will.
  15. Antistone said: If you're going to keep posting revised lists, can you do something to indicate which parts have changed? Also, if you're going to reword questions that have already been reviewed once and that no one has posted complaints about, can you explain the reasons for the changes? there's just no way to do that with this software. I mean, I can't even highlight things and color them anymore, let alone paste pre-formatted rich text (or even html goddammit). I'll try to post notes about re-reworded questions in the future; I did this in a big push to just get it done before I go away for (yet) another weekend, hence the crappy documentation. Corrections to be added soon. Maybe after a nap.
  16. Slapul said: Unless it is specified how to open the red lock door, you need to kill the boss, do nor speculate. They are some erata for some maps you should check it out. Check your privilege. That is all.
  17. Can I swear on this thing? Yes? No? ..... F% you forum software. Answered Questions and Questions with Answers: Journeys in the Dark 1. Does the Ring of Quickness allow a hero with a web token to move one space? - No, it only grants an mp, which you still cannot spend. 2. Precision Skill: Can a hero use this skill to ignore all the squares of a two or three-square Rubble obstacle? - Yes (FAQ under "Miscellaneous"). 3. Rapid Fire, Quick Casting: Does a hero need to make the extra attack granted by these skills immediately when they are activated, or can the hero pay 2 fatigue when the triggering condition is met in order to make an additional attack at a later time during the turn? If the attack can be delayed, how does that work if they are triggered during the overlord's turn with a Guard order, skill, or feat? - It must be immediately used (Gathered List of Answered Questions). Well of Darkness 1. Is it possible to spend sorcery on range to hit a model (or a space containing a model) that is immune to sorcery (Ironskin)? - Yes (FAQ under "Rule Changes and Clarifications", "Sorcery versus Ironskin"). 2. At what point during the set-up process does the overlord customize his deck with treachery? Does he get to know the heroes being used, the skills drawn, the initial items the heroes purchase? - Yes, since this happens during step 6B, a new setup step after 5B, essentially happening after setup, just before the game begins (Well of Darkness rules, Page 4). Altar of Despair 1. + Well of Darkness: May a Hero with the Taunt skill force a creature with the Morph abilty to Ranged or Magic as its attack type? Basically, if a monster with the Morph ability is in range of a hero with the Taunt skill but not adjacent to said hero, can the Morph monster make a Melee attack even if said hero uses the Taunt skill on it? - Morph goes off first, so Taunt can't force die choice (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). 2. When a hero switches spaces with the Shadow Soul familiar, can the Overlord play a Trap - Space card on said hero? - Yes (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). 3. Leadership Skill card text: Does the "In addition, ..." part allow a hero to place an order on another hero when doing a normal Ready action without spending fatigue? - No, Leadership costs 1 fatigue if you want to use any part of it (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). 4. Leap: A) When an interrupt attack (for example, thanks to a Guard order) is done during a Leap attack, at what point in the Leap does that interrupt attack happen; can the Hero player choose the point during the Leap or does it happen before or after the Leap itself? If the hero can choose the point during the leap and the interrupt attack has Knockback, how do Leap and Knockback interact, and does the Leap continue after the attack then? - Guard happens before or after the Leap attack (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). B) Is it possible to Leap without doing a Leap attack? The AoD rules state that doing an attack roll is not mandatory with a Leap; if a figure does not roll attack dice, does it count as not attacking, an can said figure then make a normal attack? - Yes (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). C) If a Blood Ape makes a Leap without making a Leap attack, do his remaining movement points still get used? - Yes (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). 5. How does a Leap attack interact with Shadowcloak and Ghost? - Leap attacks are considered adjacent melee (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). Road to Legend 1. + Well of Darkness: Sorcerer King Overlord Upgrade - Snipers: Can skeletons be forced to use this ability (ignore one obstacle/figure blocking line of sight) to target a Hero using the Taunt skill that they couldn't otherwise target? - Yes (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 2. + Altar of Despair: Shadowcloak: a better wording may be required. How does it interact with Spiritwalker? - If there is a hero A adjacent to the Shadowcloaked monster, a hero B with Spiritwalker may attack the aforementioned monster from hero A's space. 3. + Altar of Despair: The way Dark Relic interacts with RtL is completely unclear. - Dark Relics are given out as replacements to treasures gained via treasure chest draws as normal. 4. Does a Recuperate/Train action taken to heal to full health and fatigue cleanse a hero of all poison tokens? - Yes, when recovering to full health, all poison tokens are discarded. 5. When an item is bought in Riverwatch, does the market immediatelly refill? Or is the phrase "The market always fills up completely" only related to treasure caches? - Rivenwatch only fills up when drawing the treasures for that week: after that; no extra treasures are drawn when the heroes purchase treasure that week. 6. Do the heroes receive 1 CT when a sarcophagus or Bone Heap is searched, a "treat it like a chest" result is rolled, and no blank for treasures in that chest is rolled ? - Yes, they are treated exactly like Chests for the purposes of obtaining rewards. 7. The city of Dawnsmoor is home to the Orc Market, which says that items can be purchased for 50 coins less. Since some shop items only cost 50 coins, does this mean they are free? - No, discount affects treasures only (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 8. The "Silent as the Grave" encounter card has a Deep Elf Leader known as Silence. Her ability is "2 Threat: Move one extra space during her activation"; is this a misprint, since all monsters in encounters already have that ability? - Misprint, should be 1 threat (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 9. Ancient Library (Dungeon 10): Does the leader reappear in his original spot or respawn as per normal spawn rules? If the answer is "normal spawn rules, what happens if the heroes have LoS to the entire level, something which is very easy to do? - Original spot, displacing figures (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 10. A Mother's Lament (Rumor 8): Can the cub leave through a glyph, fulfilling the victory condition? - No, cannot use movement actions (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 11. Does the Great Wyrm Avatar receive 1 CT if a "treat it like a chest" result is rolled on a sarcophagus or boneheap? - Yes (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 12. Can the party land on or move through a dungeon location that has been explored using a week's move action? The rules seem to imply that heroes cannot enter a location once it has been explored. - Yes, map movement is unrestricted (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 13. If the Heroes have the Staff of the Wild and draw the Lost encounter when rolling for the second encounter on their path, do they return to the original location they started from, or to the interim location they just passed through? - Interim location (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 14. Can "The Guide" reduce the number of dice rolled to check for an encounter to zero? - Yes (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 15. In the final battle with the Sorcerer, the heroes can (and will) simply sit in the hallway and snipe at the mirrors, easily destroying them all without ever having to enter the room. This neuters what was otherwise a fun final battle concept. Alternately, if they get locked in the room, 8 mirrors seems a bit much when the Avatar can do a Battle action and attack twice. By way of suggestion, what about forcing the heroes into the room, but only having four mirrors? - Avatars can do Guard orders now (FAQ under "Road to Legend"). 16. If the Leader of a level dies without any hero landing the killing blow, does the party still receive the reward (Conquest, Gold, Red Runekey)? What about Lieutenants: if a Lieutenant dies without any hero landing the killing blow, does the party still receive the reward for "killing" the Lieutenant? - Yes (FAQ under "Altar of Despair"). Tomb of Ice 1. + Altar of Despair: Does the activation of a Dark Glyph (especially the green Sundered glyphs, which negate most glyph benefits) trigger the drawing of a Feat card? - Yes (FAQ under "Tomb of Ice"). 2. + Altar of Despair: Can a hero use the swap ability of his Shadow Soul familiar while he is in the Stomach tile? Subsequently, if the Shadow Soul ends up in the stomach tile, may another hero be swallowed? - No (FAQ under "Tomb of Ice"). 3. + Road to Legend: How do Feat cards interact with the advanced campaign? - Start as normal at start of campaign, draw per glyph as normal, persist during/after quests. Cannot draw Feats that don't match skill set. Discarded at the start of the Final Battle (FAQ under "Tomb of Ice" and "Road to Legend: Feats"). 4. + Road to Legend: Do the props "Sarcophagus", "Table", "Bed", "Fountain", "Throne", "Bone Heap", "Giant Mushrooms", "Tree" and "Ice" count as obstacles (for the effects of Acrobat and others)? - Yes (FAQ under "Tomb of Ice"). 5. If there are multiple creatures with Swallow, can multiple heroes be placed on the Stomach Tile, one for each monster? - Each creature uses its own stomach tile (FAQ under "Tomb of Ice"). 6. Since the OL discards all OL cards for the Final Battle, do heroes also discard all Feat cards? - Yes (FAQ under "Tomb of Ice"). 7. Flaming Fury: If played on an area attack, do all affected monsters receive burn tokens, or does this feat target only one monster? - Successful attack against one monster is the trigger, one monster is the target ("Flaming Fury" feat card). Balance Issues Addressed Journeys in the Dark 1. Is Rapid Fire intended to be useable multiple times per attack half action? This results in synergy with a copper item, Gauntlets of Power, that restores 1 fatigue per 2 surges spent, which often results in monster number being the only limit to the number of Rapid Fire attacks. - Gauntlets now exhaust (FAQ under "Rule Changes and Clarifications"). 2. Is it possible to have a hero gain a Rest order through the use of Leadership with another hero, and then have him take his turn and immediately gain the benefit of that Rest order already, without possibility for the Overlord player to interfere? - Yes (FAQ under "Rule Changes and Clarifications"). Well of Darkness 1. Altar of Despair 1. Shadow Soul can be used to block an Ogre from attacking if it is placed two spaces ahead from a hero in a corridor as he has insufficient speed to reach a hero, attack, and withdraw from the space held by Shadow Soul. Is this intentional? - Yes (FAQ under "Hero Player's Turn"). Road to Legend 1. + Well of Darkness: The Twins Rumor needs a safeguard against the OL killing Siris before the Heroes have any chance to reach the kids, like, with a Rolling Boulder, which would make the level unfinishable. What happens anyway if one Siris is run over by a Boulder while the other is not? Can a Boulder place in response to a Hero's move kill one of the twins? - Rolling Stone card removed from the advanced campaign (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Changes to Cards"). 2. + Well of Darkness: Arcane Energies: Blast should not be mandatory, otherwise a grappled Sorcerer King cannot attack the hero holding him without hurting himself. Also, it's possible for a hero to obtain Ironskin and other defenses against Blast, resulting in a major disadvantage for the Sorcerer King. - Bear Tattoo removed, Blast optional, Heroes never immune to Avatar attacks (FAQ under "Road to Legend"). 3. +Well of Darkness: The Crushing Blow event treachery card costs very few treachery points and cannot miss, making it far too easy for the heroes to constantly lose equipment in Road to Legend. Is this intentional? - Yes: only one CB allowed in deck in the advanced campaign (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Changes to Cards"). 4. + Altar of Despair: The Poltergeist event treachery card can be used to a) autokill the whole party in levels like Bridge of Death; b) act as a Charge card on all monsters by moving them towards the players and the players towards the monsters; c) as it can be used before spawning to spoil even the best of spawn prevention. It should possibly allow a resistance roll for Heroes to be moved, or cost threat per object moved, or target a limited number of objects. - Poltergeist card removed from the advanced campaign (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Changes to Cards"). 5. Telekinesis vs. The Beastman Lord/Titan/Great Wyrm: A high fatigue hero can use telekinesis to keep these avatars at bay for several turns, resulting in an anticlimatic fight. Specifically, Telekinesis is incredibly powerful against Named and Large monsters, because most heroes can have more fatigue than monsters do speed. Telekinesis can be abused to keep the powerful Large and Named monsters out of the fight, including those with the Unstoppable ability. Proposed rule changes have included Unstoppable and Named monster immunity to telekinesis and Telekinesis costing 1 fatigue for each space a monster's base covers (1, 2, 4, or 6 spaces) to move any monster 1 space. - Telekinesis removed from Advanced Campaign (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Changes to Cards"). 6. Eternal Night and the Titan: Plains of the Ruby Gate are adjacent to his Keep, thus nothing can stop him from casting the sunstone into the deep once he gets it into play. Is this intentional? - Intentional (FAQ under "Road to Legend: Miscellany"). 7. The Prison (RtL Dungeon 9): spawning in closed cells and/or placing the starting monsters there should be prohibited, because it allows the overlord to kill the prisoners before the heroes can react. - Treat cells as Unrevealed for spawning (FAQ under "Road to Legend"). 8. The Fountain of Life (RtL Dungeon 14): dropping a Crushing Block next to Chall within 3 spaces of the Fountain can make the level impassable. - Invulnerable monsters can be moved through if they block paths (FAQ under "Road to Legend"). 9. Ancient Grove (RtL outdoor location): any large monster is unable to navigate this level, breaking some encounters. - Only normal sized creatures treat trees as impassable (FAQ under "Road to Legend"). Tomb of Ice 1. + Road to Legend: The Titan avatar and the Beastman Lord Avatar could possibly be grappled by Zyla with Bear Tattoo, rendering their attacks useless. Is this intentional? - Bear Tattoo removed, Heroes never immune to Avatar attacks (FAQ under "Road to Legend"). Rules Clarified 1. Leadership is a very frequently requested clarification on the Descent forums. It's not clear that you cannot choose the same half-action twice as part of using Leadership. - Clarified in the FAQ under "Rules Changes and Clarifications".
  18. Screw this useless forum software. Whatever. Anyway, I updated it and stored it somewhere where it's no longer a huge pain to update. I separated the answered questions as well: I'll post them later. It's gonna look like crap here on the forums, and I'll look into that, but for now, this is pretty good for me. Release notes: RtL 13: Current FAQ answer + RtL rules for Orc Market imply that Market Items are not Town Deck items but instead the Treasure Item cards that get drawn when you visit a market. I'm asking for the "wth are market items" clarification in FAQ 7. ToI 11: Evade is obvious as written: the attack becomes a miss, end of story. Flaming Fury always refers to a monster, just like Crushing Blow, and only a single monster: no part of the wording implies that you can target multiple monsters. It is only blocked that isn't strickly obvious as written. Answered: WoD 2: Step 5B demands that the game begin. Step 6B basically says that, just before the game begins, you do treachery. Therefore, the answer is actually (obtusely) spelled out in the rulebooks. Clarifications: 4: Added "are discarded potions/town items gone for good?" as jitd 15. Unlike Invisibility potions, Invulnerability and Power potions are explicitly discarded, hence the special case for invisibility potions (they're "removed from the hero sheet", but the game doesn't say what that means, exactly). 9: This question is a clarification of the item rules. I don't think I've ever seen anyone consider this possible or even likely until now. Questions: Journeys in the Dark 1. Can abilities with a radius that don't require Line of Sight (Command, Word of Vaal, Spiritwalker, Kirga's hero ability from Altar of Despair, etc.) go through walls and/or doors? When checking the distance for these abilities, must the target space or figure be reachable by moving a number spaces less than or equal to the radius, or do these abilities work like the Breath example (fly to anywhere within a template, in this case a square of edge length 2xradius + 1 centered on the figure)? 2. Can a monkey perform "movement actions" which cost no MP, e.g. pick up tokens or drop items? 3. If a figure jumps over an obstacle that is adjacent to an enemy figure with Grapple, can the jumping figure be grappled "in mid-air"? If so, what happens? If not, can figures jump over empty squares as if they contained obstacles in order to avoid being grappled? 4. Can a figure enter a square where it cannot normally end its movement if there is a chance (but not a certainty) that it will be unable to leave? For example, can a monster move onto an active glyph that is adjacent to a hero with Grapple, hoping to kill the hero and continue its movement? 5. Do effects like burn and web affect figures at the start of their activation or the start of their controller's turn (for example, the start of the Overlord's turn for his monsters)? Can the overlord choose to not activate a monster and thus have it not suffer from lingering effects or must all effects be resolved before the Overlord activates monsters? 6. How is range calculated when attacking through a staircase? 7. Does the radius of a Blast attack, or other area attacks (such as the Word of Vaal, Sweep) extend through a staircase? 8. Do the effects of abilities such as Aura, Spiritwalker, Command, and Kirga's hero ability (from Altar of Despair) extend through staircases? 9. Can line-of-sight be traced through a staircase for any purpose other than attacks? If the other end of a staircase has not been revealed, is it revealed when a hero moves adjacent to the staircase (from which he could attack the other end), when a hero moves onto the staircase, or not until the hero actually uses the staircase to move into the unrevealed area? 10. Does the Word of Vaal affect the hero wielding it when making a Dark Charm attack? 11. Read strictly, the rules for moving non-square figures on page 15 contradict the diagram on page 17, possibly due to non-standard use of the word "half". Can you clarify exactly how non-square figures are permitted to move? 12. When the Undying ability is triggered by a monster being killed, which player rolls the power die to see if the monster dies permanently, the Overlord or the Hero who made the killing blow? 13. Can guard interrupts be taken before the Overlord draws cards/collects threat, before the playing of Spawn/Event/Power cards, before the first activation of a monster, and/or before any of the Overlord's "start of turn" actions? 14. If a hero with the Divine Retribution Skill is killed by an attack with the Knockback ability, does Divine Retribution take effect before or after the figure is moved by Knockback? 15. If a potion or a Town Deck item is discarded, do they go back to the pool of available items or are they out of the game like Treasure Items? If an item is sold back to the shop, is it discarded or added/shuffled back into its appropriate deck? 16. If there are no monsters in a newly-revealed area, does the Hordes of the Things power take effect? 17. Can the Overlord place the second monster granted by Hordes of the Things adjacent only to the first monster, which is in turn adjacent to a revealed monster? Is the Overlord allowed to place the granted monsters outside of the newly-revealed area if one of the newly-revealed monsters is adjacent to a previously-revealed area? 18. If a hero with the Precision skill is standing in a Pit, can he choose to ignore the Pit and thus the Line of Sight effects from being in a Pit when attacking? 19. Timing of "before applying the effects of armor": At what step of the attack sequence does this occur? This becomes an important interaction during Guard orders and in the case of Knockback and Divine Retribution. For example: If an activated monster is hit with a Guard attack that gives a Web or Stun token, does it activation end due to the effects of Web or Stun? If a hero with Divine Retribution is hit with an attack with the Knockback effect that deals enough damage to remove his/her last wounds token after armor, is the figure moved three spaces before Divine Retribution is triggered? 20. Knockback and entering spaces: When a hero is moved into a space at the end of a Knockback attack, does the figure have to pay any cost or penalties for that space? Examples: Does a knocked back into a lava space does the figure immediately take damage for entering the space? Corrupted terrain, does the Overlord gain 2 threat for the wounds the hero suffers after damage is applied and armor subtracted to deal wounds? In Sea of Blood, does a figure knocked into Deep Water have to immediately pay the fatigue penalty for entering? 21. Does Fear from multiple sources stack? For example, if you make an attack that effects more than one figure, each with Fear 1, do you need to spend 1 surge or 2 surges (one for each figure with Fear) to resolve the attack? Well of Darkness 1. If the Overlord plays a trap that does some amount of wounds of Poison damage, do the extra wounds from the Trapmaster power also count as Poison damage? 2. Does Trapmaster add wounds to attacks resulting from traps like Dark Charm and Mimic, which activate creatures instead of dealing wounds? Does Trapmaster add wounds to trap cards like Scything Blades, which don't have a number of wounds printed on the card but still deal wounds? Can the Skill card "Cautious" prevent wounds from Dark Charm, Mimic, or other trap cards that don't directly deal wounds? 3. When attacking with the Spirit Spear, do all three affected spaces need to be adjacent to each other (forming an "L" shape), or could they form a line or crescent? Which space is used for determining the required range? 4. On the Earth Pact skill card, when it says "if you do not move during your turn," does that refer only to normal movement (when you spend movement points to enter an adjacent space), or to all effects that alter your position (such as Shadow Soul, Knockback, using a glyph of transport, etc.)? 5. The Trueshot relic says it "only misses if you roll a miss result, regardless of range." Does this grant the relic the ability to ignore Fear, and any other effects (other than an X on a rolled die) that could cause an attack to miss? 6. What happens if a hero uses a power potion or fatigue to boost an attack while he has one or more Daze tokens on him? 7. Spell of Binding (also Spell of Burning, Spell of Frost from AoD and Spell of Thunder from ToI): Do these cards ignore figures when determining line-of-sight, like a Blast attack? 8. Welcome Mat: Does the "front" of the door refer to the side from which the hero opens it, or from where it was originally opened? If there are more than two spaces on that side of the door, does the 2-space token's long side have to be flush with the door, or can it be placed one space off to ether side? Altar of Despair 1. + Well of Darkness: When the Leech ability causes a hero to suffer additional wounds (due to being out of fatigue), is this considered the same source as the attack or a different source (for purposes of Corbin, Skull Shield, etc.)? 2. + Well of Darkness: If a hero has multiple damage-causing effect tokens (such as Burn or Bleed), is the damage considered to be one source or multiple (for purposes of Corbin, Skull Shield, etc.)? For example, if a hero takes damage from 3 burn tokens and 2 bleed tokens, is that one source, two sources (grouping like tokens), or five? 3. + Well of Darkness: If a hero enters a space that is adjacent to multiple enemy figures that each possess the Aura ability, is the damage considered to come from one source or multiple (for purposes of Corbin, Skull Shield, etc.)? What if the space also contains damaging terrain, such as lava, is it considered a separate source of damage? 4. + Well of Darkness: If a figure is moved onto damaging terrain (such as Lava) via Knockback, are the terrain and the attack treated as a single source of damage or as two sources? Examples: a)Can Corbin apply his damage reduction to each separately, or only once to the combination? b)If the hero suffers 1 wound from the attack and 1 wound from the terrain, can the Skull Shield be used to cancel both all at once, or only one of the two wounds? 5. If a hero is moved onto a Corrupted space via Knockback, does the Overlord gain the benefit from the hero losing wounds? 6. If a hero has the Bottle Imp equipped, and wants to re-equip it to move the familiar to his current space, does this require a single re-equip action, or two? 7. Can a hero equipped with The Black Ring use surges to overcome the Fear ability, or does she automatically miss any figure with Fear? 8. When the overlord plays the Weakness card to remove power dice from a hero's attack, can a hero still spend fatigue after his attack roll to add power dice? 9. Dark Relic: Is the overlord allowed to see the treasure card a hero draws before deciding whether to play this card? Can this card be played when a hero receives a treasure card via trade, or only when a new card is drawn from the deck? 10. Can Tahlia drink a potion or use a glyph on the Overlord's turn when she Guard interrupts if she already drank/used one on her turn? 11. Is another hero with Guard allowed to interrupt Tahlia's Guard interrupt movement (e.g. possibly using a more favorable attack position for Spiritwalker)? 12. Regarding the Falcon's Claw Copper Item, if a hero interrupts a monster's activation and hits the monster with a Web token, is the monster then unable to continue spending movement points? Can any figure spend movement points if it has a Web token on it at any time, regardless of when that token was obtained? Road to Legend 1. + Well of Darkness: Ironskin in RtL mentions multiple-space attacks: does this affect the Word of Vaal Rune, Sweep, Spirit Spear (Gold Treasure), etc.? 2. + Altar of Despair: The Snowy Woods Location says that no figure may move more spaces than its speed during its turn. How far can Tahlia move when she Guard interrupts: is it dependent on or independent from her movement during her actual turn? 3. + Altar of Despair: Down the Drain (RtL dungeon 33) says: "Entering a water space immediately ends a hero´s turn." How does this interact with Tahlia's Guard interrupt movement and attack? 4. Does the discount from the Orc Market affect sell values as well (i.e. sell value at Orc Market is 25 coins less than at any other market)? 5. In outdoor encounters, the OL gets one threat per hero per turn. If a hero dies in outdoor encounters and is removed from the board, does the OL get one less threat per turn? 6. Two by Two (RtL dungeon 20): As written, the level is impassable: since there is no compass, north points up, and thus the only way to unlock the yellow door is to stand on the encounter markers that are on the other side. Should the card refer to the East and West markers, not the North and South ones? 7. Throwing Stones (Rtl dungeon 38): Is Gorg, the leader, allowed to throw the stones diagonally and/or along an uninterrupted line of sight? Can he pick up a rubble token from a certain adjacent space and use a different of his adjacent (or even one of his occupied) spaces as a starting point for his throwing attack? 8. Pit Fiend (RtL dungeon 23): a) Is the OL allowed to move pits resulting from Trap cards in the same way as the initial pits? b) Does Trapmaster affect the damage of the initial pits in any manner? c) What happens if a hero deliberately enters one of the initial pits; Are they treated as standard pits or as described on the dungeon card? d) If a hero was caught in one of the initial pits but didn't take damage due to a rolled surge, what happens if he doesn't leave the pit in his next turn? 9. Dark Charm says the attack may target Heroes: can the Overlord use Dark Charm to force a Hero to attack a Villager figure if no Hero is in the affected spaces? 10. In RtL Lieutenant battles, does the Overlord's normal hand-size limit (8 in most cases) apply when selecting cards with Treachery? If so, may he take more cards than his hand limit so long as he discards down to the limit immediately? Or is he strictly limited to selecting only his hand-limit worth of cards? 11. If one hero has the Lodestone Dark Relic, does that affect how much money the party gets as a reward for winning encounters, collecting gold piles, or getting money results when rolling power dice for Treasure Chests? 12. Do obstacles or terrain that block line of sight also block line of sight into and out of their own space? Example: using a Guard token to Attack a monster with Fly as it moves over a Rubble space. Conversely, would a hero with Acrobat be able to move into a Rubble space, stop there to make an attack, and then continue moving? How does this behavior interact with obstacles that only block line of sight and not movement, such as Trees? 13. The Rumor reward "Prince of Thieves" grants a 20% discount to "Market Items"; how does it interact with Dawnsmoor's "Orc Market"? Which discount goes first? Tomb of Ice 1. + Road to Legend: If a spawn card is canceled by the Feat card "Preventing Evil", is the Spawn Marker still flipped to its blank side? 2. + Well of Darkness: If a creature with Stealth is in a space added to an attack after all of the dice for that attack have been rolled (for example, when using surges to add Blast or when switching targets using Tetherys' ability), do you then roll the Stealth die? Can you add and roll the Stealth die after step 3 (Count Range and Roll Attack) of the attack sequence? 3. When a swallowed hero attacks the monster that swallowed him, can that monster benefit from Stealth (e.g. from the Sneak Up On The Prey treachery card) or other defensive abilities, such as Fear, Ghost, Ironskin, etc.? 4. Currently, some heroes can survive on the stomach tile indefinitely, because items and abilities exist that can cancel wounds that ignore armor (e.g. Corbin, Skull Shield). Is this intentional, or should the damage from swallow bypass all other effects? 5. Swallowed heroes are limited to one attack per turn; does this only apply to attacks received from the hero's action, or does it also restrict the use of extra attacks from other sources, such as the Hurry feat card? 6. Can Swallowed heroes declare actions (and thus declare a Ready action to attack and place an order), even if they wouldn't be able to gain skill benefits from doing so? As the rules are written, heroes seem to be restricted from using abilities/skills that trigger off of Declared Actions, but not from making a single attack and then placing an order token (in other words, using a full Ready action). 7. Are there any general rules for resolving what happens if the overlord wants to play a card and a hero wants to play a feat card both in response to the same triggering event? Which card is resolved first? 8. Feat Card "Preventing Evil": If the OL has played a Spawn/Power/Event/Trap card and the card was successully cancelled via said Feat card, is the OL allowed to play another Spawn/Power/Event/Trap card in the same turn or off of the same trigger? 9. Killing Blow: How does this work when the attack involves a reroll, such as an aim or dodge? 10. Protect Thyself: Does this card work like the Command skill, or does a hero have to be within 3 spaces when the card is first played to receive the benefit? 11. Blocked: Does the attack miss all of its targets, or only the hero who played the card (the card says the "attack against you becomes a miss")? 12. How do the weapons that allow one die to be rerolled (Ripper, Bow of the Hawk) work when an attack is aimed or dodged? 13. Can the Beastman Fetish be used to reroll a die that was originally rolled by another player during your turn, such as another hero using the Tunic to reduce collateral damage? Sea of Blood 1. The "Whirlpool" piece and the "Cave Entrance" piece both use the same single, unique tile of cardboard but show up together on a few maps (Cerridor Sea, Winnowing Straights). Is FFG going to provide a proxy pdf tile for this? 2. For advanced campaigns, in the FAQ, Rolling Stone and Poltergeist were removed, while Crushing Blow was restricted. This gets no mention in the rulebook for Sea of Blood, while many other changes from the FAQ made it into the same rulebook. Are these treachery cards still removed from the SoB advanced campaign? Do all FAQ rulings that refer to the "advanced campaign" apply to Sea of Blood as well as Road to Legend? 3. In Island levels, spawning works similar to inside dungeons, monsters can spawn anywhere out of line of sight of the heroes. Since masts block line of sight, it is quite possible for monsters to spawn on the Revenge unless one hero stays behind on the ship, essentially out of action. Is this intentional? Monsters spawned on the Revenge can easily man its stations and crash it or sail it off the map to result in the party being forced to flee, and the easy solution leaves the heroes a man down when facing the perils onshore. 4. In Island levels, what happens if the hero ship sinks? If monsters steer the ship off the map, do the heroes flee as well, just like if they'd have steered it off themselves? 5. If a monster is hit by an attack with the Leech ability, does it automatically take double damage since it doesn't have fatigue to lose or does it ignore the fatigue loss similar to how monsters ignore deep water fatigue costs? 6. Skills that exhaust when used (example, Piercing Shot): Are these refreshed between game weeks? Do these skills refresh when a hero dies? 7. The Ghost Ship's cannons, are they manned by the Ghost Ship or do they man themselves independantly? This is important because if the Ghost Ship mans them, it seems that they can aim every shot. Can they? 8. The lieutenant The Void has no starting location listed on his card. Where does he start? If he starts in the Overlord's keep (specifically for the Count, who has a land based Keep location) he is unable to move off the Keep because he can't move on overland trails. 9. Descriptions of Swim and fatigue penalty: There are two different fatigue penalties for Swim in the Sea of Blood rulebook. pg30 says one fatigue for every two points of armor, while pg38 (in the description of Deep Water) says one fatigue for every point of armor. Which is correct? 10. Two of the lieutenants in Sea of Blood call for more monster figures than are supplied with the game. * Soriss has 2 Nagas and 2 Master Nagas. The base game only comes with one Master Naga * Darkwind has 4 Razorwings and 3 Master Razorwings. The base game only comes with two Master Razorwings 11. Are hero abilities and skills applied to attacks made with cannons? For example, does Mad Carthos add +2 damage to the outcome of an attack made with a Magic based cannon? Would the skill Eagle Eye grant +1 range and Pierce 2 when a hero with this skill uses a Ranged based cannon? Does the promotional character Tobin Farslayer add the range to the damage the cannon deals (easily dealing huge amounts of damage)? 12. Conversely, do monster abilities work with cannons? Do Beastmen add +2 damage to cannon attacks, Sorcerers add their Sorcery ability, and Skeletons grant their cannon attacks their bonus Range and Pierce? Would a cannon attack made by a Master Deep Elf give any heroes affected by the attack Frost tokens? 13. Cities of Dallak and Orris: If the heroes return to these cities via fleeing from a dungeon through glyphs or the portal at the end of the dungeon, does this count as "entering" for the purposes of those cities abilities? 14. Ship Upgrades and the Shipyard: For ship upgrades such as Elven Sails that have a experience cost, is this experience cost paid by the entire party (similar to the Tamalir upgrades in Road to Legend) or does only the hero who purchased the upgrade pay the experience cost? If it is only paid by one hero, can multiple ship upgrades be purchased in one game week, one per hero training in the shipyard? 15. The city of Dallak is an overland city. Is it possible for the Overlord to move one of his lieutenants onto Dallak using the Transport Gem to siege the city? If so, can the heroes still encounter the Lieutenant given that there are no overland encounters in the Game? 16. Can shallow Water and deep Water penalties be ignored by figures with Fly or heroes with Acrobat? 17. In the final battle with the Master of the Hunt, all he has to do declare a Run action, use 7 movement points to go past the heroes, turn sideways (blocking the corridor off), and wait for the Wild Hunt to off all the heroes: there is no way for the heroes to avoid this fate. Should the Master of the Hunt and his Wild Hunt be edited to start farther away from the heroes, or are the heroes supposed to be able to move through the Master or destroy the Wild Hunt somehow? 18. When moving ships during Encounters, do they move simultaneously (one space at a time) or do they take turns moving? FAQ-Specific Clarifications: 1. Sorcery vs. Ironskin: It is stated that the "damage immunity from Ironskin" is extended to all figures; is the general immunity to damage from "attacks affecting more than one space" granted by Ironskin really supposed to extend to all figures affected by an area attack (essentially a departure from how every other immunity in the Ironskin ability functions), or is this entry supposed to refer solely to the immunity to damage caused by Sorcery? Additionally, is the extension of any of Ironskin's immunities a deliberate rule change? 2. The same entry also appears to have a mistake in the second sentence: "It may add range to the attack, but not Sorcery" Is Sorcery here supposed to be "damage"? 3. The current FAQ entry on "Large Monsters and Terrain" (p.2) is confusing for a variety of reasons: a) Exactly what terrain does this rule apply to? If it applies to pits, how does that work? Does it apply to other hazardous effects, like Aura or Grapple? b) It claims to be intended to make large monsters suffer negative effects less often, but in some of the examples it has the opposite effect (for example, mud and lava previously only affected large monsters if every square they occupied was filled with that obstacle). Which part is correct? c) What does "front half" mean for 2x2 figures moving diagonally, non-square figures that are side-stepping, and 2x3 figures moving orthogonally on their long axis? d) How does this interact with the answer on page 7 indicating that figures suffer effects for terrain they start on if they don't move? Essentially, if, at the end of the figure's movement, the "rear" half of a figure occupies dangerous terrain that the "front half" was occupying at the start of the turn, does the figure incurr any ill effects? 4. Now that Avatars can place Guard tokens (page 8-9), can a player use a Guard token to interrupt an opposing player's guard token? 5. The Soulbiter Relic grows in power during the Journeys in the Dark Quest 7; could you add the clarification that it changes from a Melee to a Ranged weapon after the first seal is broken? 6. For Road to Legend, Kevin Wilson noted that the Overlord is allowed to purchase one last upgrade when the campaign proceeds to the Final Battle. This is included in the Sea of Blood rulebook but no the Road to Legend FAQ section as of yet. 7. For Road to Legend, the Dawnsmoor "Orc Market" ability was only noted to not work on Town Deck items, only "Market Items". Are Market Items explicitly the Treasure Items that are drawn when visiting the market? Do Treasure Items in the Party's possession also count as "Market Items"? 8. In the first question about Leap in the Altar of Despair Section (page 7), it says "yes on most counts" and then goes on to rule out both guard attacks and aura. Do attacks granted by the Alertness skill affect a figure mid-leap, or does the figure have to have "landed" adjacent to the hero with the skill for Alertness to trigger? Balance Issues: Journeys in the Dark 1. Well of Darkness 1. The Lone Golem card costs too much Treachery for how weak a Golem is compared to other Treachery spawn cards, such as Lone Troll and Lone Assassin. Altar of Despair 1. The Lone Troll card could stand to go up to 2 Treachery, or at least higher threat cost, because it is far too powerful at 1 Treachery, especially in comparison to other Spawn Treachery cards. 2. Currently, the Overlord can use Poltergeist to move heroes across 2 spaces of damaging terrain (taking damage for both) or possibly move them 1 space, play a Trap - Space card on them, then move them another space and play another Trap - Space card. Was this the intent? Road to Legend 1. In the ‘Down a Hole’ rumor, is there anything stopping the dungeon leader from simply moving into position to be crushed by the boulder so that other monsters in the dungeon are free to kill your objective? 2. Fatigue ugrades result in excessive use of Fatigue and Fatigue potions at higher RtL campaign levels becoming an issue, especially with heroes like Silhouette, who can replenish it every turn without risk. 3. Humanoid Monsters in RtL are almost all melee only with poor speed, making them weak choices. 4. The Golem in RtL is far too weak; does less damage than most other creatures in the game, and Blood Apes are similarly resilient to damage for a much lower cost to put them in play. 5. The heroes generate enormous amouts of surges in RtL making treasures like the Staff of Knowledge somewhat overpowered. 6. What happens if a figure is hit with a web token during its move, such as in the level "Stuck in the Middle" (RtL level 30)? Does its movement end? Also, the replayability of this level is an issue: perhaps the OL can draw up which spaces are webbed on a small map, and a path must exist, or he simply chooses whether white or black tiles are trapped? 7. The Crypt (RtL level 15): there should be a precaution against heroes placing guard tokens while waiting for the leaders to appear. 8. Lawlessness is useless as it stands, as it actually helps Heroes, especially when they have the Staff of the Wilds because most encounters heavily favor silver and gold level heroes. If it added let's say 0-2 Beastmen, Skeletons or Spiders to any non-lieutenant encounter, though... 9. Can Animate Weapons and Dance of the Monkey God be used in lieutenant encounters, which are outdoor and not "in the dungeon"? 10. Curse of the Ancients and Cursed Treasure are considered quite pointless and are rarely chosen, as 1 ct matters little throughout the course of the Advanced Campaign. 11. The Dark Shard Rumor: the shard prevents the boss demon Orz from going anywhere, thus heroes can stay behind the corner and snipe at the shard and/or demon without fear of retaliation. 12. The Valley of Souls: the special rule giving monsters the Undying trait is worthless for most, as only two of the critters here are not Undying by default. 13. Down the Drain (RtL dungeon 33): the water fails to accomplish anything, as a Hero has next to no chance of being swept into the drain because the movement from water is too low. Since the heroes know how far the water will move them, they know that they just have to enter the stream at more than 3 spaces from the pit. Thus, the water seems to only serve to prevent the passage of the Overlord's monsters. 14. Protective Magic should protect the avatar, which +1 Armor at gold level (versus Gold Level Hero damage) somewhat fails to achieve. It could possibly be also to defend against lingering effects, or the use of some Hero skills. 15. The Lodestone is the most powerful Dark Relic in Road to Legend, despite being the least expensive. In Road to Legend, since heroes will often have several pack items and a full complement of Other items, the Lodestone can do significant damage. Tomb of Ice 1. Sea of Blood 1. Promo Figures 1. Truthseer Kel: Does her ability to ignore obstacles when drawing line of sight apply only to attacks or does it apply to any time she is required to draw line of sight? This becomes an extremely unbalancing ability as there are several dungeon levels where she makes it impossible for the Overlord to spawn monsters. This is especially true in Sea of Blood, where Truthseer Kel makes it impossible for the Overlord to spawn on Island levels. Possible Rules Clarifications: 1. During step 5A of setup, when heroes are purchasing their initial equipment, can they sell items (for example, in a quest where they are allowed to purchase treasures at this time)? Can they trade items among themselves? 2. As written, the Knight skill card grants an extra attack when the owner declares a Battle action, whether they spend fatigue or not ("you may immediately spend 2 fatigue ... and may make 3 attacks...."). 3. In "Vanilla" Descent, potions from expansions are added to the town shop, but the setup steps in Journeys in the Dark only specify that Vitality and Healing potions are available. During setup, are all potions available for purchase, similar to the Advanced Campaign? 4. As a general rule, does "drinking" a potion discard it? In the specific case of the Invisibility potion, is the potion discarded once it is removed from the Hero sheet? 5. Ambush: Considering that cards that trigger "before a hero's turn" can be played any time before he declares his action, are the effects of this card considered to take place during the turn of the hero it preempts, or should the hero "rewind" anything he's done so far? 6. Drugged Darts: What counts as an "empty section of corridor" for purposes of this card? For example, can it be placed at a turn or intersection? Must it be placed on a 2 space wide tile? Can it overlap figures, Glyphs, Treasure Chests, ? 7. Fire Runes: Is the small end of the breath template supposed to overlap the chest, only touch one edge of it, or is it the overlord's choice? If it only touches an edge of the chest, is the hero opening the chest affected? 8. Alarm: Does "it is now your turn" mean that all heroes who haven't taken their turn yet lose their turn, or does it mean that you get an extra turn before the round continues? 9. When a weapon grants an non-surge ability that affects attacks, such as Bleed or Reach, does a hero with that weapon equipped still have that ability when attacking with a different weapon?
  19. The problem with this level is the starting location of the master and his wild hunt. Basically, since the heroes have to be adjacent to the door, the furthest hero is 6 spaces away from the Master, and he can easily move 8 spaces to overtake and trap them. The simple fix is to move the master, the ice, and the wild hunt 1 space to the north, making it impossible for the master to overtake the heroes on turn 1.
  20. It's a holdover from the Doom board game. The Red Die was sometimes used for ranged weapons (specifically, the BFG) and that meant it had to have some range on it.
  21. There is no order for ships, although the rules imply that you do Wind movement first and Current movement second. It shouldn't be simultaneous, since ramming requires one ship hitting another (which can depend on who goes first). Another question worth asking.
  22. Fizz said: Descent needs rules police! It already has rules vigilantes...
  23. For number 3, is "cancelled" considered a type? In other words, if I cancel my opponent's card and then the next card they play results in exhaustion (i.e. cancelled), does that count as both cards being the same "type"?
  24. Corbon said: Parathion said: It´s not the hero with Precision who has to trace LoS to the center of the Blast to determine affected figures, it is a figure in a potentially affected space. A clear "No" in my book. +1 And if the two of us agree, grab yer coats in hell boys, its gonna be a cold one. +1 Technically, the affected space traces LoS, but yeah, still "No".
  25. How about Precision vs Fog and Precision vs "Your Target is in a Tree"?
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