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  1. One thing to bear in mind is that the map above and the map in the actual scenario contradict one another in some really key areas, such as the extent of the Curses Marshes.
  2. crimsonsun said: It would also vary from college to college as some colleges are more popular, thus having more students and more need for those placed higher in positions (eg: - The Bright and Gold colleges ) Technically all Lords are of the same rank and power with the exception of the Primarch who of course runs the college. Only Magister Lords can compete to become the leader of the college, which is done via arcane duelling. There are occasional references to other positions with a collage, there is at least one mention of a dean that I recall, there is also at least one Arch-Wizard. Oh, and I am pretty sure the Light Collage has some quite wacky titles that have been thrown up in the past as well, like Master Chanter.
  3. Emirikol said: Is the enemy within novel the same plot as the scenarios? No. But it does take some ideas for the scenarios.
  4. zwobot said: Name your sources please! Documents pertaining to the Games Workshop versus Chapterhouse Studios court case.
  5. The RPG element was renewed last year, and I assume runs till 2016/2017.
  6. stormofswords said: I don't know about "killed off" but it does appears to be being "boxed (to use a battlestar galactica term.)". The release of 2e materials on Drivethru just makes that seem more likely. Who knows but FFG, but it looks like they are winding down the game until their license expires… They renewed the licence last year.
  7. BJake said: In warhammer generally no one has priests except humans. Everybody has gods, only humans get 'blessings' or 'miracles'. (There are some exceptions in the monster/villain races) I've never been entirely comfortable with this. If only human gods give out magic spells why would anyone bother worshiping anyone else? Ogres butchers have magic from their gods, Tomb Kings have magic from their gods, Chaos Dwarfs have magic from their god, Skaven have magic form their god, Orcs (and Goblins) have magic from their gods. And all of this is much, much better than anything human priests have (unless you are talking Chaos Sorcerers). Dwarfs do not have magic full stop, apart from Runes - some of which were taught to them by their gods. Elves think that everything is granted to them by their gods, so Swordmasters of Hoeth fight with such skill because of Hoeth - that dosen't materialise as spells, but intrinsic material prowess (which in many ways is better). Loec gives Wardances, Isha immortality to her everqueen, etc.
  8. Craftzero said: Newbie Warhammer GM here. I understand why Elves do not become Wizards - why would they, when they have access to a much more amazing magic than what the humans do! But why not Priests? I can't seem to find the fluff that points this out. They have their own Gods - and while admittedly, they have a different relationship with their Gods, I don't see why they can't still receive spells. Well for starters, they don't believe that gods grant spells. They basically view human Priests as deluded sorcerers that just happen to have hit upon a safe form of spellcasting by being utterly ignorent of the truth. Secondly, High Elf Magi are as much priests as wizards anyway, as there is a distinctly divine element to anything an Elf does.
  9. Emirikol said: one of the Tilean city states (Tobaro?) . Tobaro is pretty cool, and detailed in the WFRP Companion for 2nd edition. It has a lot of Skaven issues as a lot of the city in underground.
  10. Craftzero said: I'm somewhat new to the world of Warhammer, and I start my campaign on Sunday. The players have decided to go with something a little unusual for them - non-epic, and morally gray. After throwing a few ideas at them, they like the idea of *cough* "Breaking Bad-Hammer". A group of poor citizens who - out of need - embrace a life of crime, and learn the hard way it's not easy. I see it also with a heavy mixture of The Sopranos, in that they'll join (and take over?) a family of mobsters - ok, ok, thieves. Is there a city that matches this? Obviously I can adapt any city, but I'm hoping for as little change from standard WFRP as possible. I'm somewhat trying to avoid (for now) Altdorf. But I need a city that is almost as large, with a corrupt or lazy Watch (and can I also add that the Skaven are involved?). Any ideas or suggestions? Pretty much every Warhammer city matches that. Marienburg would be my current favourate, as there is a lot of supporting material on the web. But Nuln would also be a very good fit, or if you wish to get exotic Brionne (the city of theives) in Bretonnia or Eringrad in Kislev would be good, or any city in Tilea.
  11. in 1999. Phil Gallagher did say that Games Workshop would consider any bid to buy a WFRP licence that started at half-a-million (that is pounds stirling, not $). Of course there is also inflation to consider.
  12. gruntl said: What Daedalum meant was probably more that he's playing 3rd edition WFRP (these are the 3e forums after all), I think there is a reasonable chance he knew that.
  13. According to the first line in the latest Tomb King book, 'nothing living stirs in this place.' It then goes on to talk about Nomads and orcs on page 17… So flip a coin? ;o)
  14. Peacekeeper_b said: Excellent. Long live 2E. Now only if FFG would just appease me and finish/release Tome of Thieves. Unlikely - AFAIK the main author who proposed the book did not end up making a single submission of material due to illness/personal circumstances.
  15. Herr Arnulfe said: ffgfan said: PS. I'm very curiuos how Karl Franz died and what happened to Archaon? This is a balnk page in the Warhammer history, I hope this book will fill it. We still don't even know if Archaon exists for certain in WH canon, since he was never mentioned prior to the since-retconned Storm of Chaos campaign. Who knows, they might introduce an all-new Everchosen for this campaign. My personal preference would be if they treat this campaign like "the second wave" after the SoC. i.e. The Empire was weakened by the SoC, and now the Chaos powers are going all-out to achieve their individual visions for the End Times, no longer united under the Everchosen. In many ways, freezing the timeline immediately prior to a Chaos Incursion is the worst possible timeframe for an RPG setting. All the races and countries are united against Chaos, which removes the potential for internecine warfare, and non-Chaotic enemies like undead or greenskins are overshadowed by the looming threat from the north. In addition, Chaos is unified under the banner of the Everchosen so there's little room for Realms of Chaos intrigue. The 8th edition Wargame rulebook basically revolves around the build up to the Storm the Chaos, with Archaon being quite active. The timeline details his coronation as Everchosen in 2519, and has his profile in the back.
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