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  1. unitOne


    Well this game is like playing cards. Same combos as playing cards, two of a kind, two pairs, full house, flush etc. You have cards and figures. The pens are filled with two figures, and then you try to make the best combo out of the two figures and the three cards that you will play on the pen. The person with the best "hand" gets the figures and on the bottom of the figure is a number. After all the figures have been collected, you add all the numbers together from the bottom of the figures and total them, Black Sheep gives a negative value. Then there are bonus's you can get like having all BLK Sheep means you win. Like shooting the moon in hearts. It is a blast for kids, and i dont think that 8 is too young i thought my 3.5 yo son to play. I must admit i modified the rules a bit but he enjoys it and it still follows how you should play the game.
  2. The game should only take 30-45 minutes. Might take a bit longer with kids. I played with my 3.5 yo son. We played cards face up, so he loved it. Not as much as shooting mutants in Mutant Chronicles. But it is less bloody.
  3. Nice Report! I agree tat this should help those deciding to get it or not. You give a good description on different ways it can play out. All the games I have played of RN, you pretty much start out in disaster and end up scrambling to fix things for the rest of the game. Its a game that is action all the way!
  4. Personally, this game is awesome, cooperative game to stop a sinking submarine with a "steam-punkie" gnomish look, really cant get much better. The cooperative part is fun, its simple to play, and you should be able to get most gamers to try it once. Which in turn should make them want to play more. Yes to win it is a challenge, but its a good challenge. And if you are lucky enough to snag a "aqua lung" them you can just swim out and let the sub sink, then you can win solo. Or you could make you gamer friends mad and hit one over the head with a "crowbar" and knock em out! Final thought is its extremely fun and hard core gamers and casual gamers alike will enjoy this game! Lots of laughs.
  5. That last sentence is supposed to read that you will always win, by using a scuba mask, and escaping the submarine.
  6. seeing as the game is meant to play 3-8 players, I think that the only way for two to play logically, without too many mods to the rules is to control two gnomes each totaling four players. True you can play solitaire but it takes the "Crowbarring" another gnome out of the game, cant really screw the rest of the players if its just you, Then again I guess you'll always will.
  7. Its pretty awesome. These forums are much easier to navigate through. At least thats what I think. Looking forward to playing some Talisman.
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