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  1. And that's the big question. When does combat start? It seems that when you land on a space with another character, you have a choice of interact with the space or the character? If you choose the character, then you're in combat. Is being killed considered 'defeated'? I seem to think so. The digital version starts combat immediately and then all spells are cast during the combat. Is that correct though?
  2. In a recent game we had this situation. Wizard with 2 lives lands on another player, also with 2 lives. The Wizard declares psychic combat and casts Soul Shatter to do 2 lives of damage. The other character has Fiery Retribution and casts it to do 2 lives of damage back. The Wizard players firmly believes that Soul Shatter is outside of combat and therefore the other player was not 'defeated' and cannot cast Fiery Retribution. The second player believes that an attack must be declared and Soul Shatter is cast as part of the Cast Spells step and even though it ends there, it was still an attack and they can cast Fiery Retribution. Who's correct? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello FFG, I've long since put all my tiles together from all the different sources. Can you please publish a list of what exactly is in the tile pack since that is now the basis of the tourney rules? Thank you,
  4. There are some cards that state 'Discard all Fate'. Does that mean you actually put all your Fate tokens back into the pile, or just flip them over so you don't have any Fate at the moment? If it is to actually discard the tokens, is a "Gain X Fate" the only way to get them back, or can you replenish them like normal? Thanks!
  5. I had a player argue this last night. He had lost 1 life due to combat when he pulled Pool of Life. His argument is that since it states Gain 1 life, he now gets a new maximum life of 5. I told him that he simply gets to heal the life he had lost. He states Gaining and Healing are separate things. Is he right and I've been playing wrong for 20 years?
  6. Will the special edition JagdLuther still be available at SDCC? Is there a known price? http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2010/06/07/36751 Thank you!
  7. 12 Health 4 Stamina 2 Armor 4 Speed 3 Melee dice Enemy figures damaged by one of Nara's attacks suffer 1 extra damage for each space they occupy beyond the first. 2 Melee Skills 1 Subterfuge Skill
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