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  1. http://www.commitone.com/ Commitone is a format I'm trying to spread. It is a legacy, highlander format that is community driven and affected by it's players. Check out the website for the full rundown, I'm hopefully going to be updating it shortly with more info than is already up there.
  2. I opened one. It does infact exist, and its freaking awesome in commitone format fire decks...
  3. On paper Giradot's looks amazing, as does you must defeat shen long, but in reality they hold weight. These were cards typically used for combo builds and it is really hard to pull off any sort of combo with 1 copy of any given piece. Since its legacy their are enough redundant pieces floating around for aggro and control to not need any one specifc card, especally not at the cost of a 6 diff foundation and a committal. A player could build a fire promo adon deck right now with nothing but the games most brutal attacks like chain throw, foundations that are mostly 0, 1 and 2 difficutly that are nothing but super damage and speed pumps (friends and rivals, a literal truckload of 1/5 +damage foundations, etc), and maybe a challenge the master for good measure. WHat would that ever need garidots for. Likewise an order deck with some 20 foundations that commit cards. A deck that needs to pull any one given card to win that isnt the character it start's with is going to lose the game most of the time. I find better than garidots are foundations that let you cycle cards, as they are better Diff/CC ratios and usually let you see more cards. Controller of Souls, Fatherly Love, Algols attacks, frantic search, etc are all probably more often going to serve you than Giradot's.
  4. Just updated the site a bit, added a deck building forums for people to post and comment. Make sure to tell your pals
  5. I'm going to post some polls on the feedback here. As I said previously, these cards probably do merit being watched but i wanted to only ban cards that were obviously broken, not just overpowered. Other game formats like EDH have many cards that are staple because of their powerlevel (Clone for Blue mages so on and so forth) but the are just good, not broken, and player accept that fact with a smile. I'm not going to deny recursion is good in this format, but recursion is just solid in any format. Tutoring, drawing, and Cycling are also very strong, but I would rather see what happens first. before rampant bannings. Check out the commit one boards in a few for some polls.
  6. Yoga, BRT, and battle prow all crossed my mind but i did not add them to the inital list for a few reasons: Wanted to see how many cards we could have unbanned to start with and start banning from that point on. If thoes cards are too good then it will show probably right away. A lot of thoes cards have not been tested in a legacy format with interactions and answers, and I think that especally in a highlander format it will be way easier to not only be packing an answer by virtue of thier being nothing else, but because their are a lot more of them. Specifically for Yoga Mastery - Clogging your card pool can be a real cost in legacy highlander, once that was often mitigated previously. Additonally a 4 difficulty no block foundation is obviously not that great when people can run around with +1 mid 1 check 6 control foundations, especally since it cant be reliably pulled when needed. All that being said if you like the overall idea for the format you should totally post and register on the forums. Since I want this to be an open format that is player driven I will be posting polls and the like to get player feedback on cards once people have started playing.
  7. So, something I have been toying around with for a long time. Legacy is complete garbage in UFS. It's hard to support, hard to get in to, and degenerate. How can we make legacy something fun again, something people want to play. I would like to propose the CommitOne format to everyone. I've created a webpage for it here: http://www.commitone.com (the sites design is still very rough but the content is there.) Basiclly after seeing the popularity of the Magic EDH format, It made total sense to me that UFS should have its own legacy highlander format. I want it to be player driven and I want the banned list and rules feedback to come directly from player feedback. I have set forth my first draft of what the format should be on the site only to get the ball rolling, so if you disagree with the particulars leave feedback in the forums and it will be taken into account at a review period. Let me know what you guys think!
  8. I know plenty of older players, in age and length of time they were playing, who quit when Shadowar came out because they did not care about the setting. I also know a handful of people who wanted to play the game when the demodecks came out with the preorders for warhammer online and who would have bought other product to play with had they been able to play with the warhammer cards they had. Setting is a delicate thing.
  9. yea i still have commitone.com. I was gonna make it a UFS blog but I dont think thats in the cards now.
  10. Got back into Magic at Gencon, been playing that. Waiting for Warmachine mark 2 and some new models so i can get reinvolved with that. and Dofus on the computron.
  11. Ok everyone, We all know what happened. I'm here to fix it. We all want the game to move forward forever even though it wasn’t fiscally sound for FFG and everyone knows that Antigoth has been doing a great service to the gaming community for years in keeping his favorite games alive. I think that not only can we do the same for UFS, but we can go one step further. Below is my outlined proposal to fix UFS and prepare it for a fan run committee and fan sourced infrastructure. Legacy support – Everyone has been sitting on dead cards in their house for years now. We all remember the fun we had with these cards, even the overpowered ones. FFG failed to provide real support for legacy, or really any attention to legacy as a format because of the workload it would have taken. My recommendation is that the standard format become the legacy format. Since there will not be any new cards (in an official capacity) at least for some time the card pool will be too small to support simpily block 4 cards. Before everyone freaks out please read the rest of the points I make to see how I will handle balance issues Updated Banned list – Simple enough. Game needs an updated banned list if we are going to integrate all of legacy into the game. What cards will be on it I do not know. It should be maintained in a central location (hub website or something to that extent.) and it should be created and regularly reviewed by an open council. The goal of the ban list is 2 fold. 1 is to remove broken or problem cards from the game (things that don’t work as intended such as enlightenment) and 2 is to promote a balanced environment where multiple deck types are viable on a competitive level. User sourced but Centralized hub - Everyone can and should have input into what goes on the banned list as the game will be an open source project, but much like open source models a centralized hub with a council will help add order to the project and set the baseline for play. Users can modify the rules as they see fit for themselves but players still need a central rules structure. The beauty of a CCG is that with centralized rules you can play against anyone you meet. This will also help establish a base for new releases for cards (more on this later). Highlander or EDH model – One of the larger problems with UFS was the Grey wall problem (games were not about attacking). This problem was compounded by a few design faults, such as attacks never having controls above 3 without crazy exceptions and foundations typically around 5. The root of the problem however was redundancy. Most cards of varying power were still fine in a vacuum, but when compounded with other like cards, themselves, and redundant and consistent strategies in a 4x15 style deck, became broken. You could run 1 attack x4 and all foundations and have a consistency to your deck that rivaled a non random game. By forcing the game to a highlander style (where every card is limit 1 per deck), you not only give value to otherwise unplayed cards, you increase the skill needed for deck building and play and make the game more about the play than who has the rarer cards. Do not allow licenses or fansets – This sounds crazy I know so I need to elaborate. Everyone loves SF4 and Guilty gear and all that, we know. You have all your ideas for user generated sets and how it all works. But in order for new cards to be made they need to be universal, meaning everyone needs access to them. Most of you are going to be biased in your design, other will have fine designs but they won’t work well with other cards that other isolated players design. In order for the game to continue to be fresh but balanced, the game needs new sets that still go through playtest, community vetting, etc. The central hub site should function to serve as the location for set releases. All players can contribute but it still needs order to releases. Why no licenses though? Because we aren’t paying for them. Granted no profit will be made, but at the same time why exclude the game from ever being picked up again but a real company or having it be resurrected. Only do this with FFGs blessing – Seriously. It’s their game. If they want us not to use it like this we should respect that.
  12. Brian, AIM me later about building a site to house it and more. I have ideas man.
  13. I think the potential to revive this game as a fan run non profit game far outweights the possibility that someone will swoop in a pick it up. And as much as I love the fan cards, only making cards out of existing licenses will help solidify its demise, as the cost and probelms with dealing with them has been one of the greatest downfalls of the game.
  14. Antigoth said: retched said: Yeah what happened to TCO online? TCO's was server hacked. The Database corrupted, and we're trying to unmangle the mess. Additionally we discovered the problems with the server after it was moved from the old house to the new one, and suffered physical damage during the move. So we've moved to a new server, but are trying to unmangle the database. The server host is having some personal issues that are not mine to share. So I'm sitting here with hands tied, waiting to be able to make the site go live again. When TCO comes back up... I have no issues with it being dead CCG central and the home for both UFS and Raw Deal. I think it's time to consider an open source CCG model, run like EDH magic or something. Multiple formats with Multiple Ban lists. Make your old cards money again I say.
  15. I had no issues with the guy. Honestly I'm going to be the stick in the mud here and say it's prob not really approprate to bash him in a forum like this, especally since he distanced himself from this game some time ago. It's not as if he was some scammer or a real jerk, some people just though him a pain in the ass.
  16. You will have Grey wars untill the control values on foundations become less vital than thoes on attacks. It's a fundamental flaw in the system that we hold foundations control values to the 4+ standard while attacks are in the current format exclusivley 3 or less.
  17. Taki is super strong, just with the cards now available. Why? because she may be the only character who can go balls out on a kill turn, not kill there opponent, and stil have ready foundations to kill them with. Thats pretty **** strong I think. I'm not sure what you would run her with attack wise, but my gut tells me life has alot of fast, off zone, multi pourpose attacks to compliment her.
  18. Zhao Daiyu can very easily play control with her attack and some foundation removal support ala cursed blood and I-failure. People arent playing her for some reason (she really is quite good), but it can be done.
  19. Once again I would say the decks are equally matched except for the fact that Cun Li runs 2 and 1 checks while Hatas Ibuki is strictly 3+. in a sample of enough games Chun li will lose matches missed first turn foundations and such while the ibuki will not (assuming the deck is run correctly). Also keep in mind that ibuki can and will mess with momentum, something Hata won games with at gencon as well. Lastly Ibuki has draw cards, chunners does not with the exception, kind of, of Lord of the Makai. Ibuki can draw into Suzie Q's with BRT's and infiltratings, Chun li draws a foundation hand and she is stuck with it.
  20. Hata was playing acrobatic in his gunslinger deck at gencon, so i would say some people may already have some idea of its potential.
  21. MarcoPulleaux said: Protoaddict said: Now a card comes out that is good on it's own right, is a complete answer for POTM, boosts symbols that are have been so very close to playable, and has the low block with multiple hate people have been wanting for and it's forgettable to everyone? What kind of stupid do you expect the other cards in the set to contain that this one is only ok. Um, it is NOT an answer to Path, and Idyllic IS better due to the fact that it isn't one-shot. Only an idiot invests all their eggs into one basket. If you're going to use every costed enhance to pump your attack, if you get Acrobatic'd, you deserved it. You can force people to into a point where they have to put all thier eggs in one basket. They are not stupid for doing so, they were just out played. It's part of the game. Idyllic isn't better because it can also be commited as a foundation every time you try to use it, this cannot. They arent strictly comprable to be honest, but considering Idyllic dosent exist in the current standard environment I would say the point is Moot. If you don't see it as at least a partial answer, a full answer in some cases, and a card that would have ohter applications anyways, to POTM then your just being difficult and recalcitrant.
  22. The fact that its an action card makes it better I honestly think. Cant be stunned, committed, can be a suprise that ruins someones day. If it was a foundations it could be stunned, an asset can be pommel smashed, etc. And for all it does to make POTM better, it makes it worse i think even more. You play a bunch of speed pumps, switch it with the E. Before you can pump it again with POTM i can switch it back with my Acrobatics. If history has shown us anything it's that from hand combat tricks like this win games. Rejection, Absurd strength, The injuries to some extent, hell even seclusion have all won many a game on suprise factor alone. Add to the fact that you can play it the turn its drawn, even mid stream combat, and it really pushes it to top tier from what i can see. Im nto saying that there wont be cards in the next set that dont outclass it, hinder it, or help it, but all in all i feel like this is a combonation of things that we know from history of the game that all win games. +1 low block as well does not hurt at all.
  23. This forum has been litered with total BS about how good POTM is for MONTHS. Threads about banning it, threads about it scarcity, and threads about it being an auto include. Now a card comes out that is good on it's own right, is a complete answer for POTM, boosts symbols that are have been so very close to playable, and has the low block with multiple hate people have been wanting for and it's forgettable to everyone? What kind of stupid do you expect the other cards in the set to contain that this one is only ok. And when a promo comes out, everyone has no problem judging it based on its face value. I dont know why other cards that may be release at the same time have to factor in. Powerful card is Powerful or whatever troll statement can go here.
  24. Deck that needs to 1 or 2 checks to win that packs more than one card that turns your character off versus a deck that runs 1s and 2s that potentially can't win the game dosent seem like much of a fight to me.
  25. My guess is that Acrobatic is the single most important card coming out in this set. Not even an exageration.
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