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  1. When exactly are your nationals?
  2. The Token Token +1 Awesome Trade!
  3. My Email address is posted at the top of the thread. In my opening post. I've accepted your friends request. I finished QFS last night. So at this point all I need are the Jin's. Email me, I'm open to discussing $$$ / or cards from MTG / V:TES
  4. Need three cards to finish QFS, Help me out!
  5. Kyo... two things you may have missed: 1) Omar Chavez won the 2008 US Nationals running a FOUR symbol Voldo deck. FOUR. The guy got a card for building the best deck with FOUR Symbols. So Multi-symboling in UFS was more then viable, without sacrificing anything. That's one of many examples that fly in the face of what you're preaching. 2) You NEED Multilands if you're going to dual symbol in magic at a competitive level. I'm just getting back into Magic, and from everything I'm seeing, every deck needs to $100-$150 on the Mana/Land Base alone to be competitive. Show me a Worlds/Nats/PT Winning deck that uses multiple colors, and uses nothing but basic lands for the mana base, and I'll shut up. Other then that - I echo what J-Dub said.
  6. GraveLord said: Antigoth said: And the next set produced, waiting on a dock in China. Wait.. UFS's next set is already produced or did you mean Wizkids' stuff? Wizkids, that Hammer of Thor Set that was released by the new owners of Heroclix. There was no UFS in the pipe after QFS.
  7. Jypsy said: Personally I would be incredibly hesitant as a retailer to stock a relaunched UFS unless I had guaranteed sales. This isn't like Wizkids where the playerbase was there but some parent company said "let's pull the plug" leaving people standing with money in hand waiting for the new set. And the next set produced, waiting on a dock in China.
  8. The Token Token said: I have 1x Ninja Tactics, 1x Xianghua, 1x Flash Needle and 1x Sacrifices for the Cause looking to trade for 1x Unnatural Grace, 1x Lightning Uppercut and 1x Memories that Stain its Armor Let me know if that's cool If you're still interested in that Revenant ** let me know, I have one and wouldn't mind trading it for a No Forgiveness I'm about to update my list. I only require the Flash Needle and the Ninja Tactics. So I'm willing to part with one of the two UR's and the Memories. The Revenants I value a wee bit lower then you do. (Ok... a lot lower, but I'm not trying to be a jerk) I've already got 15 of them, and was just collecting them for another player, and I was swapping them at a 5-1 rate for the old Legacy Character Supers that were on my list. He threw a fit, and quit the game, so I'm really not looking for them as throwins anymore.
  9. Unifiedshoe said: I am looking for: Xx Penny Arcade promos that have the blank/illustrated picture 1x Li Long's Conditioning 1x Unreleased Donovan 1x Unreleased Mitsurugi 1x James Hata** 1x Pacific Gifts 1x JJ 1x Sabertooth Staff card #21 (not #-1) 1x Kilik (store champ promo) 1x Yun Seong (pre-release promo) If you have any of these please PM me with a list of the cards you would like or the amount I could send you via paypal. Thanks! I have the Unreleased Rugi, Hata2, Kilik, and Yun-Seong My trade list is linked in my sig. I'm looking for a pile of QFS stuff. The Rugi I'm sort of holding to try and trade it for an unreleased Donny, but throw enough stuff at me, and I won't say no.
  10. deniskiske said: If I checked a 2 making the control check for the lunar slash enhance ability can I commit foundations (in this case 2 foundations) to make this enhance ability works ? Thanks yes
  11. I'd love to see 6x10 - Legacy Legacy - No Block cards (outside of character card) with Screw Piledriver Banned.
  12. Yes: Float like a Butterfly(Ryu x Akuma and World Warriors) Maybe: Soul of Ling-Sheng Hu(Flash of the Blades) No: Shooting Capoera(King of Fighters) Darkstalkers Mat = $30
  13. Kerhex said: I don't have a single card of your wants... Is there any other way I could trade 1x PotM with you? Umm... I like $$$
  14. Da_ghetto_gamer said: Unifiedshoe said: Do you realize that that was impossible? Do you realize that we were the 3rd best selling card game by the end of 2007? What happened to that...oh right then game started to go downhill.....really really fast Right - Third best, still not able to hold a candle to Yu-gi or Magic who have constantly held the top 2. Do you realize how much money FFG threw into UFS last year? Do you realize how many thousands of dollars worth of product they gave away to try and get people into the game? Which was followed by two of the best sets the game had seen, but despite all the free product given away, it didn't translate into sales. They tried advertising, they tried giving away free product. At the cost of putting a card into a video game, it wasn't going to translate into sales. The problem was they didn't have stores and new stores willing to carry the product. How many players were posting on here that they wanted to play UFS, but their store wouldn't carry the game, or their local game shop closed. There are still players on here, who want to get QFS, but their local shop refused to bring it in. If shops won't carry the game, all the advertising falls on deaf ears, as there will be no where for the players to acquire the product.
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