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  1. Considering the artwork is actually COVERED most of the time during gameplay, and the only really important details are the rank and icons on the cards... I don't even really notice the artwork at all. But the gameplay is great, and our group will readily play this over Resistance/Avalon or just generic Werewolf (and we've played plenty of those before discovering Blood Bound). My honest opinion is that the photo-art is there only to keep the costs down, and having this at a $20-25 price point is well worth the game inside the box... and as I said, you seldom really even HAVE to look at the "art". It's still more than worth it.....
  2. First question involves the Assassin ability, and players can ony use their ability tokens when being attacked directly or intervening, not when dealt damage due to another player's ability. Therefore, the other player in your example cannot use their rank ability when forced to take their rank token, and they are captured.... and yes, it is a perfect counter to that Elder ability. As far as the tokens go, there are extra in the box simply due to the possibilities involved with both the staff (as you mention) and the choices available to an Inquisitor player, who may pick any of the icons for their allegiance tokens. The sheer odds against actually needing all those tokes is rather high, but the printing space on the token sheets made this the best outcome, I would think. Hope you're enjoying the game.... we certainly are!
  3. It seems, most of the time when I pull this game out to play, that there's almost always a newbie in the group... and so we end up playing just the basic version (non-yellow spaces). In fact, I've owned the game since it came out, and I think I've only played it with the "advanced" rules maybe two or three times. So, basically, here's my question: How much do people believe the yellow/gold spaces really add to the game? I mean, there's plenty enough risk management in the game already, without adding a whole different level based on a commodity that you can only earn from winning certain other events. Or is it just more of the same?
  4. Thanks to a bad translation for the original German... it turns out that I've been playing this game slightly wrong for years... but I actually think it works slightly better! Use a variant of the 7-player distribution system for games of 4-6 players. In other words, turn one less card face-up during distribution, and instead place this card face-DOWN just to the right of the King. The King now chooses his role from the remaining cards, which should be equal to the number of players. Continue as normal, until the last player is passed only ONE card... but he/she gets to choose between that card and the previously mentioned face-DOWN card, which only he/she has seen. The unchosen card is placed face-down, out of play, as normal. This removes some of the knowledge from the King, as far as what is actually out of play, and creates a bit more guesswork as far as who might have which character. Try it out, and I'd be interested in any impressions that people have from your experience.
  5. Also, it might be worthwhile to blow up that third "green" district (that was only worth one or two anyway) and play a different color to help give you the color bonus instead.
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