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  1. Nyogtha said: Nice one M, not something I will be using right away (I still get my arse kicked most of the time) but certainly gonna print it out ready for future use. @Pitt: Jeez fella I can hear that high pitched whine from here, I almost mistook you for Kroen! heh heh Surely you can run SE on your commie, it would have to be truly ancient not to. @Message: Happy B-Day btw, apparently. ;o? Indeed it was, thank you. Oh, and glad you like the cards. I'll probably just use them for a couple games before setting them aside (though not indefinitely) myself, since I'm just now starting to get my win ratio back up (Had a nasty period where for various reasons I just couldn't seem to beat Yog-Sothoth...). It's a small difficulty increase, but anything can get out of hand in this game.
  2. Tested this out today against Shudde M'ell and I think it works fairly well. It was actually quite unintrusive for the most part, while still giving a sense of increasing danger, especially once it got to the top tier of doom tokens. Ultimately a loss due to Shudde waking up and The End of Days being in play. I will say that if you already have issues keeping things under control, especially near the end, then you may not want to add this as its just another obstacle purely for the sake of being an obstacle. The only issue is a typo on the 'street devouring/monster appears' cards in which the first iteration of the word 'at' should actually be 'and', but that's an easy fix. I'm going to upload the corrected version to BGG and link it here.
  3. While as a whole the list is fairly well thought out, I'd rank Cthulhu much lower than 8. The lower stamina/sanity can be a pain but isn't impossible to work around. Also, his final battle is terrifying in concept due the regeneration, but you have such a long time to do so that it's actually not that big a problem in practice. If you're starting the game he is certainly one of the toughest, but once you've got a fair number of games behind you he starts to lose a lot of impact.
  4. pittplayer said: tremors move two spaces towards the "outside" everytime a doom token is placed on the doom track? That would probably make them too fast in the beginning of the game (Since a doom token is added almost every turn for the first few mythos phases) and then nearly inactive near the end (When open gates and seals slow the doom track to a crawl). It just seems like a complete inversion of tension. In other news, great work guys. I can't wait to see the final product, this is looking really cool.
  5. Yes, with enough clue tokens (And probably Joe + Fight), plus a shotgun for the double 6s, since you can't get weapon bonuses anyways. You're going to have be able to drop him almost instantly, of course, so it's still an extremely difficult battle. If you haven't prepared, I'd say that there isn't any realistic way to win.
  6. thecorinthian said: Depends what you mean by 'affects all players'. If it's an effect which only triggers when the monster moves, that's fine - because you can give it a green border ('special movement' rule). But if you want the monster to have a constant effect while it's on the board, there's no border-colour which indicates that. The thing to remember is that the back of a monster marker is the 'combat side' and it's only really there to tell you what to do while you're fighting the monster. If you put special rules on that side, it's a bit awkward for the players, and it does change how the players have to handle monster markers (since they would then have to check each placed monster to make sure it didn't do something, and if it did do something, people would have to keep picking it up and turning it over if they wanted to remember what the effect was. Definitely go for it, but just bear in mind that the back of the monster marker isn't a very good place for a static special ability. Here's how I'd do it: instead of just making a monster, make an Environment (Urban) Mythos card which creates a spawn monster. I was gonna do a few of these a while ago but never go around to it. So the Environment is really nasty, but it puts a 'Locust Queen' down on the board (or something like that) and if the investigators can kill the queen, the environment is discarded. Actually maybe it should be a rumor. While you make good points, after 'experiencing' any given monster one or two times it's unlikely that the players are going to completely blank on which ones have non-movement and non-combat abilities, and they're probably also going to remember exactly what those abilities are unless it's something really complicated. Of course, if you only use the custom monster rarely, or are prone to taking large breaks from the game (1 month+) then I could see being a bit hazy. That said, I love the ideas for Environments and Rumors that spawn monsters.
  7. It's 25 cards (Plus two backs) and a rules document, which is a lot of work to go through posting since it wouldn't be in a format conducive to easy printing. It would be such an ordeal to try and print each of the cards at that point that most people would simply go the SE route anyways. You've mentioned that you don't have SE in another thread because of a crappy computer, but unless it simply cannot run SE at all I highly suggest you just download the program. It's a brilliant source of free content (Since we have a fairly lively community here) and serves as ahandy way to create your own.
  8. A problem of sorts usually sets in towards the end of the game in that the pace slows down considerably. Instead of feeling like there is more of a threat, is easy to achieve a sense of relaxation as you fall into completing your strategies and fewer gates open up. This seems to contradict the theme of the game, so today I decided to attempt a minor solution to the 'problem'. http://www.sendspace.com/file/bcjiky That link holds two new decks, as well as the rules for using them. These decks are the Rising Threat deck, which increases in activity the closer you are towards the end of the game, and the Final Hour deck, which comes into play only in the final moments. I'm not going to give a full rules explanation here, since the rules file should be adequate and it's not a large file. I'm going to start testing this tomorrow, but it appears to be a final 'product' already. If you do try this out, let me know how it goes!
  9. Jake yet again said: Here's my take on the Feds... The Office for Naval Intelligence The Raid on Innsmouth was the catalyst for US intervention against the Mythos. In years to come the Office for Naval Intelligence would transform into Delta Green and would go on to serve a key role in World War II. But for now their forerunner must faces an equally challenging task... Under Observation After the Federal Raid Track has been reset, the first player may place one clue anywhere onto the Federal Raid Track. Furthermore, Innsmouth requires two additional Doom tokens before it can declare Martial Law. Political Influence Any Phase: No Investigator may receive the Wanted card or be Arrested in Arkham, Kingsport or Dunwich, though they may be arrested in Innsmouth. The Deputy may be purchased for half it's normal cost. Government Funding Arkham Encounters: Any Investigator at the Bank may choose discard two Gate Trophies, one Gate Trophy and five Toughness worth of Monster Trophies or ten Toughness worth of Monster Trophies. If they do so, they may receive a Retainer or discard a Loan from any one Investigator. Hotline Upkeep: An Investigator may a clue at the Police Station to contact the Federal Agents. When they do so, they may place a clue on the Federal Agent track. Only one clue per turn may be spent in this fashion. Miltary Assistance Upkeep: Once Martial Law has been declared, the government steps up it's campaign. The First Player may choose a non-Spawn monster anywhere on the board and roll two dice. If both dice show a result which is greater than the toughness of that monster, return it to the cup. Final Battle: If the Ancient One awakens, each investigator may roll one additional dice when making any Combat checks. Hotline basically kills any incentive to ever go to Innsmouth, as you can keep the town in check without ever having to go there. Other than that it looks pretty good, though I can't imagine someone spending 2 gate trophies for a retainer card (Although that could just be because of my personal playstyle).
  10. Avi_dreader said: Here's a direct link to the image of the Herald (in case it's clipped for you). This herald is a tribute to all the players who complain about the game not being Lovecraftian enough ;'D Also, it is not intended for amateurs (or people who don't make strategy their primary game concern). If you don't know what you're doing, expect your investigators to be pulped and eaten alive. If you do ;') expect a challenge. http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt307/avi_dreader/TheArbiterofReality.jpg This makes the game harder, sure, but it doesn't actually bring the flavor of Lovecraftian... 'adventures' into the game more than anything that's already present. The main issue is that people are running around with weapons blowing away shoggoths, gugs and byhakees (Why are all of these things working together? That's also a failing of the game's flavor) in the middle of the street. It would take a drastic overhaul of the game to actually make it capture the feel of a Lovecraftian story... there would be extremely few gates, an emphasis on clues and exploration and almost no combat whatsoever along with the monsters all being significantly more powerful... but at that point we're moving into RPG territory, or at least risking a boardgame with little replayability. That said, I love the herald, but not for bringing us back to the source fiction. It has a very In The Mouth of Madness vibe to it.
  11. The gun, definantly. Against a resistant monster it's only 1 point less than the knife and it's 1 point more most of the time.
  12. Define gender on a case-by-case basis. I already made a too-long post on this in the other thread, but that's my 2 cents. As to Lovecraft and racism, yes he was somewhat racist but mostly due to his time period. No, it has nothing to do with Shub-Niggurath's name. As has already been mentioned "Niggurath" is very loosely related to the word "Black", not in any racial sense but simply the color. Given that Shub-Niggurath is linked to dark fertility rights in out in the black woods in the middle of the night, it only makes sense that the title would embody the color most often linked with things dark... black. As to the cat, that would be a valid example of his racism.
  13. Hastur, Cthulhu, Glaaki, Tsathoggua, Yig, Ithaqua, Y'Golonac, Dagon, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth... those are all specifically referred to as "He" at some point in the source material. Shub-Niggurath, Mother Hydra and I believe Yibb-Stll are all referred to as "She". Abhoth and Ubbo-Sathla are both genderless, I think, as they reproduce asexually. I'm almost positive that Azathoth is referred to as a He, but I can't recall a specific passage. Nyarlathotep is definitely a He, but several of his forms are female, which can lead to confusion. The Black Goat is portrayed as both a "He" and as Shub-Niggurath, which means an argument could be made that Shubbie is hermaphroditic, though it's possible that The Black Goat is an avatar of Shub-Niggurath like The Bloated Woman is an avatar of Nyarlathotep, making the gender largely superficial. Shudde M'ell I have no idea... I actually haven't read The Burrowers Beneath (Shame on me, I know) but from concept alone I could see it going either way. There are others, obviously, but that's all I feel like doing at the moment. A quick glance at where any given GOO is mentioned in the mythos should give you your answer as to what "it" is. Honestly, since the original works by Lovecraft himself presented each entity almost as a species unto itself (Which certain exceptions like Cthulhu) one could easily infer that most are genderless asexual entites, as gender serves no purpose for a being that never reproduces and is the sole member of its species. Others such as Shub-Niggurath and Yog-Sothoth are definitely capable of reproduction but have vague gender definitions. Huh... I'm way more interested in this than I thought I was when I began this post.
  14. Is it weird that I want the Grotesque Doll?
  15. thecorinthian said: The Message said: I'm suprised the Wraith is even in the running here, flying monsters are so easy to ignore. I'm kinda surprised to see so many tough monsters dismissed on the grounds that they're easy to ignore... but it might just be a difference in tactics (same thing with Dholes/Colours). My attitude is that you can't really ignore any monster, because of the monster limit. If you let the board fill up, you'll just be raising the Terror level every turn or two, so you really have to kill whatever comes along, however much of a pain it is. Monsters in the sky aren't much of a problem, it's true, but if a really tough flying monster showed up early on, I'd try to take the opportunity to defeat it as soon as possible. If the monster limit is going to fill up, I'd rather it filled up with easy monsters than with hard ones, so that if you do later need to get rid of some of them urgently, it's not so hard to do. A Wraith in the sky is a bit of a liability. We go for sealing and normally ignore monsters unless they're easy kills or becoming a serious problem. The terror is usually not too much of a problem since we get whatever we truly need from the stores and starting items at the beginning of the match and then just ignore them except for some occasional unique item fishing. Since it rarely reaches 10 we just don't worry about it. In any case, when the terror is becoming a problem (Or especially against someone like Glaaki), then it's still easier to pick and choose monsters in the streets to take out. The sky is largely ignored, being primarily a place where blue bordered monsters go to sit for the entire game.
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