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  1. okay thank you guys for all your help. Im am going to start building the deck now. I will post a deck list sometime. Could you tell me what you think of it when i post it please
  2. do you recommend any special place on buying them for cheap
  3. I dont really have any cards to trade. I have only bought 2 packs and the only holo I hit was a cloud.
  4. What pack should i focus on getting right now
  5. thank you very much for all the help. You guys really helped me. I think I want to build a world racer now. How hard are those cards tp get that are listed above?
  6. WoW Roxas you seem like a real serious player. You seem toknow what you are talking. I am barely started out at this game, so maybe i can learn a lot from you. THe world race deck sounds good though. Im still trying to decide what deck to start running.
  7. Well I pulled a Cloud out of the new pack. I kind of want to use him. I guess i want to go aggro. I also want my player to Be sora. Any suggestions on which sora I should be trying to get. Since i am barely starting out which pack should i be focusing on getting?
  8. I have recently joined the game. I have looked for instruction on how to play. Can anyone tell me staple cards for this game. I have played yugioh so i kind of no some type of card lingo.
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