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  1. Hello there! This is a little question about simultaneous actions "at the start of your turn". For example: Red scorpions special ability that say: At the start of her turn, she may spend one fatigue to recover one wound. But the turn before she use a rest order. Can she, one the beginning of her next turn, spend one fatigue to recover one wound and AFTER recover all her fatigue due to his rest action? Does the heros decide the order of all his "at the beginning of your turn" actions? Thanks!
  2. "During your turn, you may sacrifice 2 wounds to make 1 additional Magic attack. You may do this up to 2 times per turn. Losing these wounds cannot be prevented by any means". Is this mean that If I run, I cannot use this capacity? Additional mean that I have to make an attack before using it?
  3. Is this card working during an outdoor encounter? Because the card said "in dungeon".
  4. In this quest (of the core game) what happen if the carrier die? The relic goes on the floor? If yes, this is more easy to win de quest, the quest said that soulbiter can't be drop on the package but don't said anything for dead (An there is a token for this relic). The hero just have to die and do all the quest without soulbiter (to avoid his negative effect)... And take it at the end to kill the boss, it's to easy... I think that it's a kind of cursed relic that stay with is carrier all the quest (But can be exchange). But why do they made a token?
  5. The card of Word of Vaal state that "affect all enemy figures within 3 spaces". If the overlord controle a hero with Word of Vaal, is the others hero are considerate to be enemy or the enemy figure of a hero is always a monster?
  6. Seriously, GREAT Job, it's a really good base!
  7. If a Hero have Command and the group have Furr the Spirit Wolf. Is Furr the Spirit Wolf get the +1's bonus from Command?
  8. Sorry if the question was already ask, I search on the recherch tool and find nothing... When a hero is grapple by a naga, what happen if an other hero pass by the same space where the hero is grapple? The movement is illegal or he is not grapple?
  9. When a door is close and there is a monster with Aura adjacent to the door and a heros adjacent to the other side of the close door, the hero don't take dammage from aura?
  10. But if the beastman is treat like a chest and can end it's movement in the same space that an enemy figure, it can attack from the same space?... I'm not sure of this point. For me the treat it as a beastman say that we have to treat it like if it was a figure... no? After, my first question still unanswerd. It's impossible to find an answer? One day, I've read something that says that if the figure can't be move on an adjacent space, the overlord can deplace an adjacent heros figure one space away to make the first move possible (I don't know if you understand my poor english...). If this is not on that point (Mimic) where it is? Moving wall?
  11. The official answer will be 1 treasure per blank FOR THE GROUP?
  12. Chest in Road to Legend For each blank on the roll = 1 item. It's 1 item for the group or for each hero?
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