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  1. Big Head Zach

    Is it illegal to clone an actual person?

    Arguably nothing prevents a ristie from paying Jinteki to grow them a clone based on their own DNA (or any DNA they pay enough to customize). However, there's probably pages of EULA that effectively give Jinteki permanent rights to destroy the clone should they deem it necessary, which is why you've not heard of using it to cheat death, as it would effectively will your estate over to Jinteki while you continue to live and breathe in a new body - and the neural channeling is part of the growth process so unless your death was planned, there'd be a period of time between your original death and when the clone is fully matured and conditioned. And the obvious that neural channeling isn't a perfect copy, as the game's underlying mystique shows. There are always flaws, and it's likely a less-exacting technology than programming a bioroid's optical brain - but in terms of who's closer to having rights, clones are likely in the lead.
  2. Big Head Zach

    Let's Talk Timeline

    I will eventually, but a lack of OCR'ed PDF makes this a bit more difficult. Help appreciated!
  3. Big Head Zach

    Let's Talk Timeline

    There are a few dates that Worlds partially nails down, but then purposefully refers to only within the current century. This is done on purpose to avoid weirdness such as Blade Runner taking place in 2019; by keeping the exact century unspecified, they leave it up the GM to decide how long it takes for humanity to get its act together (or apart as the case may be) and carry out the events: End of previous century Jack Weyland begins purchasing portions of the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve northeast of Quito, Ecuador. 2x25 The New Angeles Space Elevator (aka Jack's Beanstalk) begins construction near Mount Cayambe, Ecuador. Early 2x35 The Quito Accord is signed between the United States and Ecuador, leasing 60,000 sqft of land to establish the Special Economic Zone of Ecuadorian New Angeles. Late 2x35 The Beanstalk is completed. ? The Lunar Insurrection occurs. ? The Battle of the Beanstalk occurs between Martian extremists and US forces. 15 years ago The Lunar Insurrection concludes with the signing of the Treaty of Heinlein, cementing New Angeles' special sovereignty and separation from the United States for the foreseeable future. The Martian Colony Wars end. The Space Elevator Authority is founded in response to security concerns post-Beanstalk-battle. 1 year ago The New Angeles Clone Riots took place. 2x99 (future) The Quito Accord will be up for renewal. In as much as what year it is currently, the Quito Accord is described as being "at the back of everyone's mind as to what will happen should they be allowed to expire".
  4. Big Head Zach

    Beanstalk to Shadowrun?

    Red flag already.
  5. Big Head Zach

    Adventure Idea Commune

    If they were both of the same line, I see opportunity for deceit
  6. Big Head Zach

    Adventure Idea Commune

    If they've been assigned a clone to help with the family (or her specifically), it's probably a Desai.
  7. Big Head Zach

    [Lore Clarification] What is the Tri-Maf?

    Worlds shows it as referring to the Mafia, 14K, and the Yakuza collectively. However, in SotB it's used to speak specifically of the Italian/Sicilian, Russian, and Balkan crime families uniting under a single leadership...except that the "Tri-Maf Contacts" talents allows you to specify the orgcrime outfit that it applies to. So, which is it?
  8. Big Head Zach

    Advice for a First-Time GM

    Agh, I'm trying to catch up on the non-LP episodes as it is and you tempt me with an Android game?
  9. Big Head Zach

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    And there's been several attempts at codifying the mechanics of Eclipse Phase morph / Altered Carbon sleeve swapping that try to minimize the math and make the sheet not a charlie foxtrot.
  10. Big Head Zach

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    In addition to Snow Crash, I would add Stephenson's "The Diamond Age" to the list - it covers the more "ristie" side of the genre, but the story itself is centered on nanotechnology, and what happens when a contracted sensie actor helps save a girl by being her guardian through the medium of an interactive storybook. And a sex cult that's used as a processing hub for a nanite swarm.
  11. Big Head Zach

    Learning about Android

    However, we're trying to get in touch with the original admin of the wiki to see about transferring ownership, since they haven't touched the thing since 2015. Otherwise there may be an effort to establish a new one elseweb.
  12. Big Head Zach

    Learning about Android

    And I'm working on cramming summaries from the Worlds book and various other sources into it to satisfy everyone's curiosities!
  13. Big Head Zach

    Buff/Debuff Tracking Tokens

    I would expand this and turn them into cards - this would lightly borrow from Fate's idea that anything in the scene or about a person that might affect checks should be clearly indicated along with the dice/modifier it imposes.
  14. Big Head Zach

    Transhuman Genesys

    Maybe Strain plays too much into it, but wouldn't a wound threshold be a combination of the sleeve's resistance to injury as well as the inhabitant's tolerance to shock? In similar fashion there are moments where Strain is imposed via a physical exertion and would be equally dependent on the quality of the sleeve. I think both deserve to get shared stats across sleeve and character.
  15. Big Head Zach

    Strength levels for monsters, supermen, etc.

    But wouldn't a large monster get a difficulty increase against smaller opponents anyway?