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  1. Any word on whether, or not, there will be pre-painted minis available for purchase with the King of Ashes expansion? I have the pre-painted mins that you could get with the base game and I would love to make sure that I can get pre-painted mins for this expansion. Thanks in advance. Bagz
  2. I noticed that there aren't any events for Arcana at GenCon this year. Will these be added later? I was looking forward to playing a few games outside of the demo hall of the new revised edition. Thanks, Bagz
  3. I just noticed that on Game Board 4 ("King of Ashes") under the Special Rules for the scenario the pentacle spaces are identified by the symbol that appears on the board (which we all expected to be the pentacles). Rules doesn't have it, Game Board 4 does. Bagz
  4. Okay, checked the Arcana Cards, and Anays who has an ability related to Teleporting. Anays Special Ability: Anays may move directly from any pentacle psace to any other pentacle space during her movement. Cost: 1 Action Point Teleportation Play when moving your character. The character may move directly from any pentacle space to any other pentacle space. I looked through the rules and nothing specifically calls out, or labels, the spaces on the board with pentacles is being "Pentacle Spaces." But, If you have someone who is arguing whether, or not, they are the actual pentacle spaces the person is fun murdering the game. There are no other possible spaces on the board that someone could possibly think are "Pentacle Spaces." They have an aura around them, and a bunch of rune symbols circling what looks to me like a pentacle. If you have someone in your group who has a problem with it, just make sure you call it out at the start of the game. "These are pentacle spaces." and point directly at the spaces with what is the only possible spaces on the board to be "Pentacle Spaces." Bagz
  5. Old Dwarf said: On p.17 of the Rules it states a Thief may not attack an militiaman,so if I'm reading this correctly your Character could not have attacked anyway. As to the running away part "The loser runs away 3 spaces. He is moved 3 spaces by the winner of the fight If it is not possible to move 3 spaces, he must move as far as he can possibly go As he runs away, he may cross a space occupied by another character, but he must end up in an unoccupied space A fleeing character cannot move onto the same space more than once during this movement" I read this as yes the Winner chooses the direction & if 3 spaces are not possible in that direction then it can be less if thats as far as possible. OD I am not sure you are playing this right. I read that rule to mean that if there is any direction possible that a character who lost a fight could move 3 spaces then they must be moved the 3 spaces. You shouldn't be able to pick a direction, and then say that there is no spaces available that are 3 spaces away. The first sentence in the rule is "The loser runs away 3 spaces," not "The winner chooses which direction the loser will run, and the character is moved 3 spaces away, if possible." You must move the loser 3 spaces away if it is at all possible, regardless of the direction that movement would take the character. Bagz
  6. jimweaver said: Actually the basic thing I had trouble with as far as Ducats goes is are they in a pool per player or do you assign them to the character that obtains them as inventory? After some consideration, I figured it's supposed to be pooled. Treasures are assigned to thieves. Ducats are pooled by the player. Bagz
  7. Osaka said: Uncle Bodybagz said: 2) You are correct. The circular markings on the board in non-room spaces are the pentacles used for teleport. Is this mentioned anywhere in the rules, or is this just assumed? Thanks for the responses! I don't know if it is mentioned anywhere, but it's pretty obvious. I know the "Teleport" card mentions them. And I believe the character that has this special ability also mentions the pentacles. Bagz
  8. Isabeau is used in the 2nd and 3rd scenarios (game boards). Sienne is only used in the 3rd scenario. Isabeau is neat because she reminds me of a Batman like character running around Cadwallon. The first game I played with her she took out 5 thieves before someone was able to take her down. Bagz
  9. 1) You should have one treasure for every room. 2) You are correct. The circular markings on the board in non-room spaces are the pentacles used for teleport. 3) The character gets two ducats anytime they defeat another player's character. Not just when he steals treasure/ducats. 4) Robbing the treasury in Scenario 1 does count as your action for the turn. The character can still move if it has not already. 5) Yes, any character can attack Isabeau, and with the bonus for the attacker this is usually a good tactic to defeat her. I hope this helps. Bagz
  10. There is a miniature for Jehlan in the game. Bagz
  11. Topic says it all. Will FFG have copies of City of Thieves for sale at Gen Con? And if so, will they also have the prepainted miniatures that AEG was going to offer as an add on purchase for the game? Thanks, Bagz
  12. On the Upcoming games page, it looks like this will be released to the rest of the country Fall 2010. Bagz
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