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  1. They added it to the Board Game section on the forums. It looks like it will be a everything in the box type of thing, kind of like an LCG but probably not any kind of regularly scheduled expansions.
  2. JDub


    Keggy said: Yeah, I just signed up to receive news about it. Weird that there's no forums for it... There is a forum for it in the Board Game section.
  3. Wow dude, it seems pretty pathetic that you probably popped into the UFS fourms every couple of months to finally get that "I told ya so" when the game died. And you only had to wait what like 2-3 years. Good job dude, put your **** back in your pants because no one cares. Go pratice your deck stacking so you can win you some FNM foils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
  4. Cain Valentine said: Yeah I have to admit that I am very curious as to see who is gonna pick this up.. So long as someone dose... Chances are if Jasco doesn't pick it up no one will. The game died for a reason. There aren't any game companies out there chomping at the bit to pick up the license of a game that had less then 1,000 players for over a year. It just isn't going to happen. Most companies are having enough trouble keeping their CCGs afloat these days, let alone thinking about picking up a license of a dead one.
  5. Draco Mageat said: so magic is going downhill rapidly and people quit the TCG I always thought I'd pick up again when MTG died instead? I left the forums for a few months and it's all gone out the window, seriously people, now is not the time to let a game that's still going strong fall. I think you have been gone a little too long: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=26&efcid=5&efidt=256777&efpag=0
  6. How about something like NewUFS.net ?
  7. griderdog1 said: Al rite, tell me this, how in F... are they comeing out with other board and liveing card games and books that dont sell, trust me they dont sell, and keep them alive? Board games suck, the books sucks, and this was the only thing they had that was good. Yea they was going to loose money, look at the US now. And they saying they care, which they don't, it they would have said Soul Cal was the last set I would have been happy with that, but they kill it a couple weeks after release. Just tell me, how are you keeping the other games a float if your bleeding out money? I think you greatly underestimate the board game business. CCGs is a dying business. Sure a lot of the bigger CCGs will be around but for the most part it's a dead business. Board games and such appeal to the older gamers (you know the ones that have money, not 10-25 year olds that is the main age of CCG players). Go take a look at the most owned FFG games of people on these forums: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_comunidad_stats.asp The top 10 are all board games, and each one of those has over 2,000 people who own it (at least double then the number of total UFS players and the most popular game has 6 times as many people owning it then current UFS players). And I bet the people on these fourms are less then half of the people who even actually own any of those games. Most (maybe all?) of those games also have expansions and or other games based on the same thing. At my local shop they have more people show up on Friday nights for open gaming to just play board games then they get for any CCG. You might not see it when you go into your local gaming store that board games are big business because most people get together with a bunch of friends and play at home.
  8. Halbard100 said: You know the more I think about it the more I wonder if giving us a heads up would have helped or just been a sooner nail in the coffin. Like "We're in trouble, if SCIV doesn't sell big I don't know whats going to happen." It seems to me they already made up their minds before the newest set came out. There are some people who have admitted knowing that the game was going to be canceled over a month ago. They just didn't know when it was going to happen.
  9. Malk said: I can't believe board games or role-plays or whatever, buy once and have all you need to play game, give a company more profit than a CCG. A, buy once have all you need game, can serve for a playgroup of average 4 players. So you only profit from that one person. In a CCG, all the four players will buy displays (imagine for an example case, that all games sell for 50 dollars) at 50 dollars each and one display is not enough, so the 4 will buy an average of 2 displays per person, that's 50*2*4=400 dollars, where a board game will give the company 50 dollars for that playgroup of 4 people. How's that not profitable? Because there aren't enough people playing the game.
  10. jasco games said: I am putting everything under consideration. I will aim firstly to print the cards, and if that doesn't work right off the back, I will go to my next option and keep doing so until it works. We will try to expand from there. jasco games said: I am putting everything under consideration. I will aim firstly to print the cards, and if that doesn't work right off the back, I will go to my next option and keep doing so until it works. We will try to expand from there. Well if your printing cards then you will be selling them? If your getting money for the cards then your going to need the licenses for the games you are using. And I don't see SF, SC, etc loaning out their licenses to you (and doubt that anyone could even afford them). So without any licenses your going to have to come up with some new type of IP to use for the game (which would also then mean creating your own art work for the cards). And if you don't plan on selling them that is still a lot of cash going into printing cards that you won't be making money on. To me this seems like to much work and money to go through when you could just do what Star Wars, Raw Deal, etc Player Committiees have done. I understand that you want to save the game but doing something bold like this could put the game in an even worse position and IMO has a large chance of failure.
  11. So what are you exactly going to do after you "take over the rights to the game"? Print and sell the cards or just have online sets that players can download and print?
  12. brislove said: Because you don't have to print 1 million x of the commons to have enough packs out there to make the URs available. Your right I totally forgot about that. But then that is printing even less volume and it costing more per sheet with a small playerbase. So they would be printing less and have it costing more then they were doing now when they ended the game, so how does that work out? I still doubt it will be worth it. And if they do that they will probably have to start over and no one will be able to use old cards, which would piss off some people.
  13. There are less then 1,000 people playing this game. One of the bigger reasons they stopped the game was because they had to print less volume per set and it cost more to print it (you get discount on volume so the more you print the less it cost per sheet, they are printing less sheets which means it was costing more to print sets with less people playing = no profit). How would changing this game into a LCG solve ANY of that?
  14. I think some people are misunderstanding what this is about. No one is purchasing the UFS license let alone the SF, SC, etc licenses (you probably don't even want to know how much that would cost and on top of that the companies are very picky about their licenses and it was hard enough for an actual gaming company to get those licenses what makes you think they are going to give them to a random person to make a game with). They are not going to go out and print, distribute, and sell UFS cards. This is a non-profit thing. What happens is the committee creates new sets, they either just use text or is someone is good enough with photoshop then they can use real images. Then they throw them in a PDF and post them on the net and anyone can print them and use them. They will be official to use at all tournaments etc. UFS will never be what it was as far as buying new sets, boosters, etc. The cost to do anything like that would be so huge that no one on here could even think about doing something like that. And I'm pretty sure it's 100% legal to create cards as long as no one is trying to make money off of it. So you don't need to go buy the licenses for SF, SC, or UFS.
  15. Da_ghetto_gamer said: JDub said: Da_ghetto_gamer said: JDub said: Da_ghetto_gamer said: I would be all for another company picking up the game and trying to do what FFG couldnt... They needed someone to work with the playerbase and make the game what everyone wanted it to be they never once in the last few months listened to what the fans had to say and they paid for it with the death of the game. Jasco if you honestly think that you can run the game then i wil back you 100% and if you get all the playerbase behind you i believe we could turn the game around and have it be something worth fighting for I think the main problem is that FFG couldnt keep up cost with the game and the liscensing and everything else that had to go into the game How would people feel about the game continuing but without all the SF, soul cal and it be all like shadowar? Im just saying this is a possibility and maybe not the best way to go....but does anyone think its a good idea What company is going to pick up a game with a player base less then 1,000? And if you read Steve's post, they couldn't keep up with the cost of the game because they had to print less per set because of the dwindling player base. And when you print stuff through printers like FFG does the more volume you print the less it costs per sheet/card whatever. Because the game had so few players they had to print less volume which made it cost more. It’s not that they couldn’t keep up with the costs it just got to a point where there were so few players playing the game it wasn’t worth it to print the small amount they were printing because it costs were so huge because of the low volume they were printing. I understand all that but there has to be a way i dont wanna give up until we know for sure that every last hope is gone.... and i really cant believe that we have less then 1,000 players i wonder if we can get an official number somehow... Less then 1,000 is pretty much as an official number as your going to get (straight from Steve). No company will pick this game up, FFG will not make a UFS LCG, it isn't worth it. If you want to continue to play UFS and want the game to continue go here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=26&efcid=5&efidt=257017&efpag=0 Trust me it's the only way UFS will continue. Unfortunately your probably right but i still dont want to give up on it....ive been playing since the very beginning and i dont want it to end now I went through this with Raw Deal when it was cancelled. I wished some company would pick it up some how or someone would make a new WWE CCG but it's two years latter and it hasn't happened yet. So anyone shouldn't get their hopes up that UFS will become a LCG or get picked up by Upper Deck or something because it's about a .5% chance that that will happen. Antigoth helped out with the Raw Deal players committee and they did an awesome job. They ran events at the past two(?) GenCons and created a new set (which is probably more balanced and fun then any other set that was released). If you want the game to continue and play then that is def the way to go.
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