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  1. Same here, pre-ordered on August 1. Hoping tracking number comes soon, although a rules release would be nice to bide the time...
  2. T-Mobile MyTouch 4g...also an HTC device. Purchased via the phone Marketplace and the game works just fine. Well worth the $4.
  3. I played 2 single player games using Hugo the Glorious last night and was soundly destroyed both times. The first game I died 2 tiles into the Dungeon. The first tile had a door, which was trapped for 2 turns dealing me 4 wounds. Finally getting through, I entered a room with a portcullis behind me (preventing an escape) and encountered a Demon with health 8. The luck of combat cards was sooooo bad I was laughing as I got torn to shreds. I only ended up doing 1 wound on the Demon before he had me for dinner. (Gametime = 10 minutes). I quickly reset everything and started again. I had some better luck initially, making my way toward the Treasure Chamber. I grabbed a couple treasures, got through a spider web and cave-in and found an entrance to the catacombs. Wanting to try it out, I descended. While down there, I had a couple encounters, another treasure and eventually emerged 6 spaces away. Yet I emerged into yet another room with a portcullis which was home to a Troll. While he only had 4 health, I was already suffering wounds encountered earlier (including 3 wounds from an unstable potion). I had a little better luck, but a 3 card counterattack by the Troll did me in. (Gametime = 25 minutes). All in all, great romp and it was indeed fun getting my skull bashed in. My son (12) was getting ready for bed at the time but watched some of it and is ready to give it a go this weekend. He likes the non-death option, so we will likely try that variant out as well.
  4. This game is SOOOO ripe for an expansion. New races, more quests, more cards, you name it...... Slap it down, press it into cardboard, more mini Descent figures, I'll buy it. Comon.....bring it on FFG! On top of that, this is my 12 year old sons #1 game, HE wants an expansion even more than I do.
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