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  1. So, there I was, popping in Doom 3 for a few relaxing hours with a nice straight shooter...and while i play, i am suddenly reminded about what i really loved about the enemies: The mixture of the occult (demons, hello!) and tehcnology (half the demons are cybernetically enhanced as if Hell has had an update in the latest years). Guess what...it is exactly what got me into 40K at the first place. And, given that there are daemon machines in the tabletop as well as possessed servitors in DH, it's not too much of a leap to have augmented daemons. For me, it sounds like something the Dark Mechanicus, the Logicians or the Phaenonites would do, the latter seeing it as a way similar akin to creating a daemonhost, albeit maybe even a bit safer, as technology can, to a certain extent be controlled. Also, it might grant a daemon a solid foundation in reality, keeping its powers mostly intact but rooting it in our world to avoid warp instability. It's probably nothing that would be wasted on a Fury or something along these lines. But I can see a Daemonette on a spider-chassis, a Bloodletter with dermal plating and cybernetic limbs...Each Vyletek construct ( as I'd probably call them) would be lovingly crafted and perfectly suited, making every single daemon unique. Just some random blabber...what do you folks think?
  2. The way I planned it, there will be plenty of opportunities for all kinds of adventure and stuff for everyone to do as sometimes, the war will only serve as a backfor investigations. Here's something about the group's Inquisitor. Natius Osrinn: Employer of the Acolytes (aye, it'll be a Radical campaign). His avoidance of the Conclave after his return had its reasons not only in his Xanthian methods but also because he had some insights into what would happen, thanks to Ajan'xul, his daemonhost, a creature capable of foretelling the future to a certain extent. Though Xanthian, Osrinn is utterly loyal to the Imperium and his designs include minimizing the damage done by the war as well as combating the forces that rise once the Inquisition is busy with itself. Given that his resources will be spread thinly indeed, the Acolytes will enjoy relatively high levels of freedom, though they will not hold his seal, for he cannot risk detection. His closest retinue include(these are NOT the Acolytes): Ajan'xul: An incredibly powerful daemonhost to which is bound a Lord of Change. The creature serves Osrinn as advisor thanks to its glimpses into the future. There is no love lost between the two as Osrinn is prone to doling out severe punishments upon the daemon for even the slightest blasphemy or unwanted suggestion. It might only be a matter of time before the daemon breaks free and takes brutal revenge. Ghonga: A hideously mutated Ogryn that Osrinn saved from the pyre, thus gaining his complete devotion. Ghonga is often called for when raw strenght is needed. The mutant is not exactly smart but has displayed a vicious and cruel cunning that does not really befit an unaugmented Ogryn. Brother Ghaelen: A Space Marine of the Relictors chapter, bound to Osrinn through a so far unknown debt the chapter owed him. Sileena: Known as The Flesh-witch of Ghargren Marsh on Dusk, the ageless beauty is a powerful sorceress and possibly Osrinn's lover, though none has yet dared to voice that suspicion. Also, on occasion, a hooded, small creature has allegedly been seen in Osrinn's company, matching the description of the enigmatic Hrud, but no one has confirmed it.
  3. Well, after doing some thinking, here's a short outline of how I'd probably get things started: Lord Inquisitor Caidin is indeed the Unknown Heretic. He, however, does not know so, suffering from a severe mental disorder that created in him two conflicting personalities (I am not yet sure how the other personality came into being and why it turned traitor against the Imperium, ideas anyone? Maybe his psyker "bodyguard" has something to say about the matter...why does the phrase "Dark Templars" continuously bounces around in my head?). One is Lord Caidin, the other a malevolent force using his considerable power to strike at Inquisitors all over the sector. Anton Zerbe is probably the only one who knows about this, having found incriminating evidence after years of research and some careful divination. He, however, is keen to keep it a secret, for he knows that, if this would leak out, it could have disastrous consequences. Things begin to get ugly when somehow, the secret gets out and one bold Inquisitor does the unthinkable...he Denounces Caidin. Maybe it's Zerbe himself, being forced to after things get out so he won't lose face before the Tyrantine Cabal... High Conclave is being brought together, a sense of urgency being present, for shortly after the Denounciation, an attempt on the life of said Inquisitor is made which he survives - possibly implicating Caidin. High Conclave convenes...and the Oblationists (or the Libricar) strike, determined to use this grand opportunity to wipe out the Conclave, Caidin's fall being seen as the ultimate proof of corruption among the Ordos. Either a bomb or a lance strike from orbit destroys parts of the Tricon Palace, wiping out dozens of Inquisitors and thousands of lifes, among them Zerbe and Caidin himself. A great number of Inquisitors of the Tyrantine Cabal are dead, leading the remains of the Tenebrae Collgium to try and take over so at least some amount of order is being put into place again. It might have worked, if not for the inevitble internal squabbles, blame-games and power-grubbing of the remaining inquisitors, not to mention sudden rise of activities among the Phaenonites whom the Conclave cannot afford to effectively hunt down at the moment. Things quickly get out of hand and as word of the inability of the remaining Inquisitors to do their jobs reaches Terra, it is decided to wipe the slate clean. Dozens of Inquisitors and assasins are sent out to do one thing only: quell the unrest by any means necessary. And suddenly, there is only...War. So, folks, what do you think? Too far-fetched or feasible?
  4. I had an interesting idea about the Unknown Heretic and Caidin...what if he suffers from multiple personality disorder? Mental illnesses can be weird enough but with the inclusion of all the weird and unnatural things of the 40k universe things can get even more "interesting". If his heretic half was determined to bring the Inquisition or at least certain successful Inquisitors down, it would be pretty easy with Caidin's power and authority at his beck and call...
  5. Very nice so far...but where can I find more info about Inquisitor Caidin? The only Lordinquisitor mentioned more than in passing is Zerbe...
  6. Having recently come into possession of a priceless tome of blasphemous knowledge pertaining to Radical Inquisitors, I found myself very intrigued by the mention of an Inquisition War. Personally, I think it would make a wonderful background for a campaign, Radical or not, as it allows for the widest range of missions imaginable and could pit the Acolytes against the most memorable foes in the Calixis Sector - Inquisitors. Also, with the Inquisition busy, Chaos and Xenos might have a field day. However, I cannot find a good reason why a war should break out. I mean, what could be strong enough to override caution and common sense in the face of such things as the Tyrant Star? Plus, I might lack a bit of background as I have not read the adventure modules which nonetheless seem to contain quite a bit of additional information on the sector and its dark legacies. Now, I wonder...could some of you be helpful and give me a few incidents or occurences that could start a full-blown Inquisition War. A few suggestions would be enough to make my day
  7. Not to mention that it served as the entry point for ....things...from outside who were so horrible that they were just called The Harrowing and seemed unconnected to either the realspace OR the warp...ahem...
  8. As far as I know, 500 years is tops. Eventually, the body will give way no matter what. The only ones who can reasonably grow older are Space Marines because they do not age like normal humans - they happen to always die a violent death, however.
  9. vandimar77 said: HeirofNagash said: Those who deemed it necessary to lie to us, thereby telling us that it will not be important if we trust them (which is directly tied in to whether we might choose to buy products from them), thereby collectively giving us the finger. I'm not sure that's not being a wee bit overdramatic to be honest. I think that they feel they are giving players a new and exciting way to experience a roleplaying game. FFG are always quite secretive about new products it seems to me and this new edition of WFRP is no exception. Again though, I can say for certain that this new direction does not appeal to me personally. I would rather they kept the amount of play components down to a minimum as I like games that I can play without requiring a table, and I'm quite happy with 2nd edition thanks very much. I hardly feel hard done by though, because I have all the 2nd edition stuff I'll ever need. I feel you misunderstood me there. I absolutely do not mind the new edition. I really don't, especially if it gives people something they can have a good time with. I also definitely will take a look at it. All i am angry about is the delivery of this whole thing, that's it.
  10. Those who deemed it necessary to lie to us, thereby telling us that it will not be important if we trust them (which is directly tied in to whether we might choose to buy products from them), thereby collectively giving us the finger.
  11. In response to the original poster: I am not whiny. I am seriously brassed off. Because I hate to be lied to by a company I thought I could trust and because I do not like to be treated like a child. It is EXACTLY the same thing that happened with D&D. I did not mind the new edition, those who find it fun can go and play it (I personally found it extremely boring). I, however, hated being left in the dark, being lied to and being treated like an insolent child (or a complete moron, you decide). I believed that FFG would never stoop to such depths, only to see how wrong I was. Even in capitalism, the relationship between a sensible customer and the company they buy from is shaped by trust. You buy things from a brand, for example, because you trust in the things to be good and worth their price. However, when you are being blatantly lied to or left in the dark then that trust takes some serious dents. In this case, though, FFG does not seem to care one bit. The signal that is being sent is akin to: " We do not need your support anymore, not when we have new games with shiny bits to attract all those ADD-infected, MMO-addicted kiddies." People from FFG, I may be far from the truth here, but THIS is the signal you are sending!!! And now the few statements being made are wishy-washy yada yada. Nothing concrete. Nothing at all. The gamers must be kept in the dark, else they might make some suggestions or come up with better ideas than the designers (I have seen it happen). WE ARE NOT DUMB KIDS! We CAN be talked to! After telling us a whopper, how about trying to do something about the trust issue and actually talk to us? Tell us something concrete? After all, you are set on doing this, so what damage might it cause? I really don't mind the new edition. I really don't. But I mind when I am told I do not matter anymore. Sorry, FFG, but I am not that gullible and until you change your policy back to something based on trust again, you can go and .....(insert appropriate insult here) yourself. - An angry member of a dying breed.
  12. Apart from outside interference, there also comes the lack of knowledge about technology into play. Computers can develop errors and the human mind is not the most stable thing either. Now....a lobotomized human brain and a lot of technological implants thrown together, maybe poorly maintained...and voila, the thing short-circuits and goes on a rampage.
  13. I am currently trying to flesh out the budding Chaos God humanity is creating and I stumbled upon something...what would the lesser and greater daemons of Komus, the Dark Emperor, be? From what I have right now, he is the god of tyranny, but also of blind, mindless obedience and senseless sacrifice...what could the daemons associated with this god be like? Any ideas?
  14. One question you have asked is what is feeding Him/It. I looked at the way how Slaanesh was born and I noticed that He/She/It was born both from emotion (pleasure addiction) and acts (unspeakable excess). Sure, the Eldar are much more sensitive and had this being a long time in the making. However, no one knew of Slaanesh before. The Emperor, on the other hand, IS already a god, at least seen that way. From early sources, we know of the Star Child - the Emperor's soul drifting in the Warp, ready to become a god if needed. It feeds on the worship man grants it. The Dark Emperor does exactly the same, feeding both on It's name ( since it IS the Emperor, or rather a facet of it). It basically steals worship and, on the other hand, grows stronger from every act of tyranny and oppression in His name, from every needless sacrifice. Both the corrupt Governor, who hides his ineptitude behind needless acts of cruelty to keep the population from rioting and the general who cares nothing for the lives of his guardsmen, sending thousands screaming to their deaths just to further his own career feed the newborn god, for what they do they at least pretend to do in the name of the Emperor, thus further associating Him with tyranny, painting Him as a harsh and cruel taskmaster who only wants obedience, caring nothing for those beneath Him.
  15. ..." Though I knew that i was in mortal danger, I could not turn. I knew, with every fibre of my being, that I could not stay, that my life was forfeit if I did. But I stood, rooted to the spot, my eyes fixed on the iron giant in front of me. Its face an angelic mask smeared with blood, a spiked halo adorning its head, wings of bloody spikes trailing behind it as it stepped up to me, its clawed, brazen hands extended. much like a preacher before his flock. At last its shadow fell over me. As I felt something inside me give way and die, I was forced to look up at the dreadful, leaking visage looming above me. It waited, bathing me in dreadful silence for eternity before it spoke, the mask, even though it was of hammered iron, moving just like a face. And yet, unlike anything I had ever seen before. ' Why so much fear', it asked, each word like rusted blades cutting into innocent flesh, ' I would expect adoration from one of my most devoted servants.' I shook my head, my words flowing out of me like air from a pinstruck balloon. ' I am not your servant...I only serve the Emperor of Mankind and by His might....' Then, the thing drowned out my words in laughter. It said no further thing and why should it? This laughter finally made me understand. It let me live, but it knew only too well, that I would not survive writing this. Even now, memory besieges my mind and my life has to end. I would commend my soul to the Emperor, but now I am afraid I might get my wish." - Found in a remote monastery on Sepheris Secundus, author unknown. The building was razed and destroyed to the last stone. The prophecy of the Tyrant Star have troubled Inquisitors across all Ordos and factions for a long time. Some see it as a way to power, a tool to be used, while others can only see it as a dire threat. Sadly, none know the truth and they all sleep better because of this. The Eldar know that the Calixis Sector will be the cradle of a great and dire threat and have thus placed warnings on several planets so that their fate will never intertwine with it. Their prophets have glimpsed a dark sun and something 'born of Man, a Father of Darkness, a King on a Corpse Throne, the Stealer of Destinies'. They might know more if they delved into their own past. But they prefer not to and so, humanity is free to tumble to destruction, bound by powers they barely understand. How could they know that, when the Emperor of Man opened eyes for the first time, His mind ablaze with power and possibility, a black sun shone down on Anatoly? How could they keep count of the number of times the Emperor of Man and His creation is cursed by those crushed under brutal governors or innocently tried for the faults of their betters? How could they understand that for many, the Imperium has become a symbol for oppression and tyranny? The Tyrant Star is only the herald of something far worse. He heralds the coming of the Emperor. A dark Emperor, born from the Warp and His own dark psyche, nurtured by the curses and dying screams of the saintly and sinners alike. He is Komus, the True Tyrant and if He ever fully wakes, mankind will beg for its enemies to destroy it before falling under His sway. For now, He has become a true god... Ok, maybe a bit heavy-handed, but the idea hit me today and I could not help but write it down. Basically, the misdeeds in the name of the Imperium have almost repeated the mistake of the Eldar and created a Chaos God, a dark reflection of the Emperor, a part of him much darker, yet as alive as the Star Child, adrift in the Warp. The prophecy speaks of him arising in the Calixis sector and if he does, the Imperium will face times a thousand times darker than even the most paranoid of Inquisitors can imagine, for His power, nurtured by billions, will be nearly limitless. The question i now have for you folks is the following...how can the acolytes stop the birth of a god? Any ideas to flesh out this campaign outline will be greatly appreciated.....
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