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  1. I was thinking of stopping by for a bit after work (12/9).
  2. I was playing the Bara rush deck. A mostly complete deck list follows – the total card count is off (the draw deck was exactly 60 cards), but this is a close as I can remember. Overall it's a pretty straightforward rush deck, I think. Heavy on characters, lots of saves, pretty much no gold or influence. Note: Many rush players don't run resets in their plot decks. As far as I'm concerned there is no reason to not run Valar in every deck. You may not need it, but then again, you might. Most of the time, you should be winning by around the third plot, but sometimes that can't happen due to the deck(s) and play styles you are facing; in those circumstances, you can use Valar plus all your saves to change the board position in your favor and hopefully go for a delayed rush win. *** PLOTS The Power of Blood x2 The Red Wedding Summoning Season Condemned By the Realm Counting Favors Valar Morghulis CHARACTERS "Double-renown" Robert Baratheon x3 "No-Lord" Stannis Baratheon (core) x2 "Old King" Renly Baratheon x2 "Cancel" Eddard Stark x2 "Killer" Mel x2 "Gives Intrigue" Selys Baratheon x1 "Location Hate" Salador Saan x1 "No Triggered" Brienne of Tarth x1 Jon Arryn x1 Varys x1 King Robert's Host x1 Mayra Seaworth x1 Royal Entorage x3 Loyal Guard x3 Vale Refugee x3 Highgarden Refugee x3 Old Red Priest x2 Herald of the Stag x2 LOCATIONS King Robert's Chambers x1 Claw Isle x2 Narrow Sea x3 Seat of Power x3 ATTACHMENTS Accepted Destiny x2 Bodyguard x3 EVENTS Make an Example x3 Superior Claim x3 The Dragon's Tail x3 *** Changes I would make next time: Add 3 copies of Val Go up to 3 copies of Eddard Go up to 2 or 3 copies of King Robert's Host Replace Dragon's Tail x3 with Nightmares x3 Remove King Robert's Chambers (it's not needed) Replace one copy of Claw Isle with a copy of King Robert's Hammer Replace Counting Favors with Feast of Famine
  3. I will be participating as a player for a change. Looking forward to it!
  4. I've been playing a fairly simple, season-neutral Baratheon deck built around keeping renown characters safe. Key characters: Robert, Stannis, (King) Renly, Melissandre, and Brienne All of the above have renown and are unique, so they can be duped (I run three copies of each) and they can all take Lightbringer (one copy in the deck). Each is also a Lord or Lady, so they can all take Bodyguard (three copies). Robert, Stannis, and Rely are nobles, so I also run two copies of Power of Blood. For more speed, I run three copies of the Baratheon bannerman characters — the ones that can be attached on another character to give it vigilant. Also, since four of the above characters have crests, I run three copies of Distinct Mastery. Three Heralds of the Stag allow me to search for the dupes of the unique renown characters. I also include Samwell, three Carrion Birds, one White Raven and one Black Raven. This gives me both card draw and ways to mess with my opponent's season mechanic. The rest of the deck is support and fodder. The play style hinges on the principal that everything that is not a character with renown is expendable. I experimented with a winter dedication with The Wall and Burning Swords, but I didn't like what it did to my resource curve, so I dropped it (and I never seemed to be able to afford to get out the Wall anyway – I always needed to get more characters in play). I run Valar, but I try not to use it unless I have at least two characters that can be saved from it. I'm very interested in trying to work in some Rookery plot rotation so I don't get stuck with a claim zero plot for a whole round, but so far I haven't actually attempted it. This deck has been working pretty well against a variety of builds, but it's not nearly as fast as the Baratheon builds of the past. It's more like a bulldozer: slow moving, but once it's gets going, it's hard to stop.