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  1. Whenever a wonder is built, fill its empty space with the next wonder in the deck. Rick was mistakenly referring to a rule that was playtested, but ultimately rejected because of the negative effects it had on the culture victory path.
  2. inle_badger said: No... reducing a hero's conquest to a minimum of 1 means the conquest would balance out. Reducing it to a minimum of 0 is.... pretty silly. Just send in Mad Carthos at 0 Conquest to the the first level of every dungeon and clear it of treasure, carefully avoiding all glyphs. I'm actually all in favour of the Divine Favour rule... just not to a minimum of 0 Yeah...that should be a minimum of 1. Consider it errata'ed.
  3. Don't get too worked up over Cosmic Quake, guys. It's just the rule in the FAQ being made official. There are plenty more cool bits in the expansion though.
  4. I'll have a look this week and see if I can address at least some of the questions.
  5. shnar said: Correct, but is that for ALL dungeons? Or just the dungeons that use this new island map? My guess is that the island map is only used on those red-anchor "dungeons". The land-locked dungeons will probably be like RtL, i.e. 3 "normal" levels. -shnar Correct. And because there was a bit of confusion I saw about it, RtL and SoB dungeon levels and rumors are interchangeable.
  6. Hi guys, I've noticed a lot of folks talking about clue shotgunning Ancient Ones in Final Battle, and I wanted to see what folks thought of the following rule: An investigator can spend no more clues each round of combat during the Final Battle than there are elder sign tokens (i.e. sealed gates) on the board. It rewards progress made before the Ancient One awakens, which I feel is important, and forces investigators to survive longer in order to defeat the Ancient One. I'd like it if folks would try it out as a house rule for now. It may see life as an official rule or variant later on if y'all like it.
  7. Nothing in both cases. He can always choose not to pay it, and he can't lose his items. Because of this, I just gave him a Bank Loan to start the game and went ahead and worked the extra $$ into his starting setup.
  8. Well, I guess I can go ahead and clarify the thoughts behind the colors. I mean, the game has been out for years now, after all. Red - Red tends to be bad and attacks an investigator's Stamina. Yellow - Yellow tends to be bad and attacks an investigator's Sanity. Blue - Blue tends to be bad and attacks an investigator's possessions. Green - Green tends to be good or neutral. Now, obviously, none of these rules hold 100% true. But there are trends in those directions and I have tried to keep them intact even when working with other designers on later expansions. Other notes that may be of interest... The Dreamlands uses all 4 colors and has special entries in all 4 colors. As a result, special encounters are more likely there. Another Dimension uses all 4 colors but has no special entries at all. You always encounter "Other" there, as it represents one among an uncountable number of dimensions.
  9. Yeah, whoops. Stick with the updated ruling, not the cut n' paste error in the Innsmouth rules. We're gonna be working on a new version of the FAQ soon though, so don't worry.
  10. Solan said: I second the thanks, and for my own part I would observe that Kevin is not just cruel, but is actually more like an evil genius:) Let me strike while the iron is hot and get in the two other questions which have occurred to me. First, since Finn Edwards starts with a bank loan, he also starts with the $10, making his actual starting cash $18, correct? Second, I have a question on Lloigor movement: it says all Investigators in adjacent street areas or locations lost 1 Sanity and 1 Stamina. I see how this works if the lloigor is in a street area, but what if it's in a location? Then does only the street area leading to that location and the other locations in that neighborhood count as adjacent? Finn has already taken out the loan. The extra money is represented in his stats and starting items, etc. As for Lloigor, adjacent just means directly connected to that location/street space by a movement line. So, if a lloigor is in a location, it only hits the street it's next to (as well as its own location, of course). It won't always be a big deal, but sometimes it will be nasty. Of course, even if its ability isn't hitting a lot, it still makes a nasty stationary critter, since it will often be sitting on a gate.
  11. Solan said: I want to make sure I understand this correctly. From the text, it sounds like an Investigator can pay $2 to move to Devil Reef. But the Investigator cannot RETURN from Devil Reef until another Investigator goes to Falcon Point and pays another $2. Correct, or not? Also, to restrate a previous much-asked question: Does Mark's ability and Wendy's ability prevent them from being arrested in Innsmouth? And is the check to avoid Martial Law an Evade check or a Sneak check; the rule and the example contradict each other. Correct. There is no built-in way to return from Devil's Reef except for a couple encounters. Someone will have to rent a boat and move you back to Falcon Point if you want to return in a timely/reliable fashion. There are a couple spots on the Innsmouth board that are designed for teamwork. Investigators immune to being arrested are still immune to being arrested in Innsmouth. I had my reasons for ignoring the 'immune to delay' stuff in the jail, but that's different from being arrested in the first place. Avoiding being arrested in Innsmouth is an Evade check. Sorry for the typo there.
  12. The extra successes are burned off first.
  13. Monster surges do not count as 'preventing' a gate from opening, because when a gate opens on an existing gate, you never open a gate, you always have a monster surge instead. The two main causes are going to be elder sign tokens and Kate's ability. There may be other methods that are slipping my mind at the moment, so as usual, I hedged the language a bit to cover that.
  14. Well, you could try this: When the Ancient One awakens, randomly discard 6 green Final Battle cards from the deck before starting the Final Battle. Reduce this by 1 card for every elder sign token you've got on the board.
  15. thecorinthian said: Wendy Adams presumably takes her first name from Wendy Darling in Peter Pan. Not sure where the 'Adams' part is from. I'll give you this one. WEdNesDaY Addams....
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