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  1. ... for that matter, does it come in a larger box? And is there anything in it that will make any future expansions incompatible with the original FFG game?
  2. So, does it sound to everyone else that the Tech will be gone from the new edition?
  3. NazGhul, I have a question about your set: is the word "possibilities" spelled correctly on the side of the box? It wasn't on the first printing.
  4. My first intro to CE was back in the Eon era; my friends at college who were a year or two older were already into the game, and I got thrown into their method of playing: all 9 expansions, all the add-ons in play except the reverse hexes (that was where they decided there was "too much"), and everyone had 3 hidden powers. It didn't take long for me to become addicted
  5. The rulesheet for Cosmic Dominion says that a "special forum" will be set up at FFG for players to discuss "special ship" variants. Has that actually happened yet?
  6. I'd like to suggest that you include a "real" printed copy of the updated and (hopefully) verified FAQ as part of the Cosmic Dominion expansion! (Actually, I'd like to see a giant box with room to contain and organize a fully-expanded FFG CE set with an omnibus rulebook, as was done with Eon Expansion #9.)
  7. I picked mine up today! A quick breakdown of the aliens: 5 Green: Bulwark, Neighbor, Outlaw, Phantasm, Vox 15 Yellow: Arcade, Brute, Converter, Coordinator, Dervish, Grumpus, Patriot, Porcupine, Scavenger, Sloth, Sneak, Sycophant, Tide, Worm, Wormhole 5 Red: Mouth, Roach, Squee, Swindler, Tyrant IMO, Arcade and Vox are hilarious, Squee is going to lead to the most entertaining gameplay, and I'm pretty sure it's Sycophant that follows through the tradition of having one alien perturbing another in its artwork (but I'll let someone else ID the other alien).
  8. I was looking at the description of Sloth in the latest preview article, and it made me wonder: does the phrase "offense or ally only" imply that the power kicks in only when he is an offensive ally, or any time he's an ally regardless of side? Yet another case of wording that invites misinterpretation (at least to those of us who fall into the trap of overthinking).
  9. My brother and I used to play the original Eon set as a 2-player version, but that was with only the first expansion so there were far fewer aliens and no flares (which didn't arrive until the 4th expansion set). Yes, it had a lot more to do with cards as opposed to alliance strategy, but it also made the Macron a far more valuable alien since he was much harder to attack.
  10. I know the Ninth and final Expansion Set for the original Eon game included a new, larger box and consolidated rulebook to bring it all together. I'm not sure if FFG would go that route or not when the final expansion (which I think is intended to be the fan-written one) comes out.
  11. The color-coding on the Upcoming page now matches "In Stores Now," so perhaps it has arrived and is available? What I want to know is, did the 2nd edition (with Pacifist and Parasite on the cover IIRC) fix the spelling of "Possibilities" on the edge of the box lid?
  12. One other idea is to pull back and just use the Green, or Green and Yellow, powers for a while. Part of the reason the Red powers are in that category is that they can be harder for less-experienced players to face, just because they can call for a couple more levels of strategic thinking as gogoapoxy described.
  13. Thanks, everyone. I have a pair of 8-year-old twin nieces who are pretty smart (they've essentially been pushing each other along since birth). The next time they stay over I might try to introduce them to the game. My thought now might be to start with some of the easier-to-understand aliens, e.g. the six from the CEO free edition. I had one adult (non-gamer) friend who played once, as Sorcerer, and the usefulness of the power was somewhat lost on her for a while. But the basic 6 from CEO are at least easy to get the hang of.
  14. While the actual rules themselves seemed straightforward (at least to me), this note at the end which first appeared in the Cosmic Conflict rules puzzles me (apologies if this was discussed when the CC rules came out): "THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY. NOT INTENDED FOR USE OF PERSONS 13 YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER." First, while it's a bit more sophisticated than a ragdoll Dora the Explorer, I'd submit that a game is, in some vital respects, a toy. Second, while I could see a warning about 3 years of age or younger since the ships could present a choking hazard, is 13 really necessary? Finally and somewhat related, what do you all see as the general lower age bound for CE? I seem to recall a discussion on the topic here long ago but couldn't find it.
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