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  1. Ugh, nevermind me. I just found the answer. (Pg.232) Medicine checks can be made with difficulty equal to the Severity rating of the Critical Injury. Apparently while the immediate effects of "drop what you're holding" are resolved once, just carrying the Critical Injury around is enough to cause you trouble. They can increase further Crits to you by +10 for each one. So, better get them looked after.
  2. According to table 6-10: Critical Injury Result (pg.231), each result has an associated Severity rating of purple diamonds. What do these reference? There doesn't appear to be any check that references these when taking the Critical Injury. Are they associated with their removal? I can't seem to find any reference for these check ratings in the book.
  3. Are they "better"? Well, the Heavy Bolter is designed to be a fully-automatic support weapon, while as you say, the Lascannon is a single heavy punch. By asking this question, you must be implying that both weapons are being used against armored targets, as there's no way that a Lascannon would be considered a good alternative to a Heavy Bolter for firing into lightly armored infantry. Heavy Bolter Class: Heavy Range: 150m RoF: --/--/6 Dmg: 1d10+12 Pen: 5 So the HB's damage range is 13-22 Pen:5 per shot, meaning a range of 78-132 assuming all shots land on target. Lascannon Class: Heavy Range: 300m RoF: S/--/-- Dmg: 5d10+10 Pen: 10 So the LC's damage range is 15-60 Pen:10 per shot. Assuming that both weapons are firing at a target with 20 Armor, let's compare the maximum possible damage... HB 22 Pen:5 --> 20AR = 7 dmg. So assuming all 6 shots hit the target, we can expect a maximum of 42 dmg. LC 60 Pen:10 --> 20AR = 50 dmg. So, the Lascannon and Heavy Bolter have similar damage output at this level of Armor, but you'd have to roll pretty spectacularly to do consistant damage with the HB, while the LC should deal more reliable damage. Let's look at a target with 10 Armor, again comparing for maximum possible damage... HB 22 Pen:5 --> 10AR = 17 dmg per shot. 6 shots dealing a maximum of 102 dmg. LC 60 Pen:10 --> 10AR = 60 dmg. This is exactly what I would expect, where the high firing rate of the HB will trump the high Pen value of the LC. Finally, let's look at a target with 30 Armor, again comparing maximum possible damage... HB 22 Pen: 5 --> 30AR = 0 dmg. LC 60 Pen:10 --> 30AR = 40 damage Again, exactly what I would expect to see. The high burst damage of the LC coupled with the high Pen makes this weapon ideal in this situation. So to summarize, is the HB better than the LC? I would have to say that completely depends on your target.
  4. As far as I understand, yes you are correct. The bonus actions granted by technologies that can be used in the City Management Phase should not replace your normal City Management Action.
  5. Actually, that's not entirely correct. Mathematics allows you to burn an Iron resource to deal 3 wounds amongst enemy units. Metalworking allows you to burn an Iron resource to temporarily increase a unit's attack value when played to battle. I think you must have misread the name of the technology that he was talking about.
  6. After my first playthrough of the game, a couple of questions popped up... 1) Can you blockade the bonus from a Barracks in a city? Or does the +2 bonus apply regardless of whether enemy units are in that square? 2) The Hanging Gardens - Is this ability triggered for every Start of Turn phase of the game? So there's no cost involved, I simply place a figure if I have one available every turn? The reason for my incredulity is that I was playing the Egyptians and managed to pull this as my starting Wonder. It just seemed a little too good...
  7. I'll refer you to an online spreadsheet that I created for that specific purpose. I would ask anyone to copy the spreadsheet to their own account for editing purposes, and to please leave the original untouched. Thanks! https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArAkIf3MoKcQdHk3LVpJTkd4VjlMUUQ0RDZKQy1YcWc&hl=en&authkey=CKDrs5kF
  8. j-tech2

    Dark Angels

    Interesting idea. I would advise caution in creating GM-favortism, or what may look like it, to your other players. I've played in groups of 7 players before, and often when someone was embarking upon solo-missions or side-quests, the collective glazing of eyes from around the table would be almost audible. Just be careful, is all I'm trying to say. The game is most fun when everyone is doing the stuff together. Mysterious sub-plots are good now and then, but they have a habit of taking away from the main action.
  9. http://ultramarinesthemovieblog.com/blog/2010-11-01/games-workshop-veterans-ultramarines-movie?utm_source=Ultramarines%3A+The+Movie&utm_campaign=5d04ec6726-Mailer-13&utm_medium=email So, I've been following the production of the Ultramarines movie since the first mention of it's creation online. Heck, I was even interested when that Blood Angels vs. Orks movie was being produced back in the day. I watched the aforementioned "preview review" of the film and I find myself being a bit of a doubter. From what I've seen of the animation on the film, it looks... horrible. The models are rough, the textures are almost non-existant. Sigh... without actually having seen the final product, it's rather unfair of me to have such strongly negative reviews. But from what I've seen, this movie is looking fairly lackluster.
  10. I can't give you a page number, but if you look at the art on the Black Templars section, there is a marine leaping towards you wielding a power weapon and a combat shield. This should look similar to the one depicted on the character sheet.
  11. For example, you hit with a melee attack scoring a 45 against a target number of 65. You score 1 hit as normal, and score a second hit for the 2 degree of success (65-45=20 or 2 degrees of success)
  12. I tend to agree with you. But Pilot (any) can be purchased at Rank 3 under General advances, I believe. So they're seeing it as more of an upgrade to buy into, than a free bonus that you should be able to exploit at Rank 1.
  13. Or sorry, generic Alien X Horde. My point is that no matter what tactics you are employing, your marines are going to get shot. And any player getting hit for 40 damage on a "lucky roll" is going to be pissed off, is all I'm saying. So adapt the rules, or risk killing your characters in a normal combat scenario where they cannot even dodge (due to Horde fire).
  14. Really, so you're totally fine with a single 30 Mag Horde of Tau Fire Warriors hitting 3 marines in one turn for 5d10 damage each? I see.
  15. Ok, imagine I used generic alien race X instead of Tau. Discuss.
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