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  1. FFG answered my question: "You'll need one Dust Tactics: Warzone Tenement Building Accessory Pack and one Dust Tactics: Operation Cerberus Campaign Expansion in order to make that building."
  2. Hi! Does it contain enough parts to construct the building in scenario 3 in Operation Hades?
  3. Ok, that´s what I thought. I´ll pick something else then. Maybe I´ll get this in the future if I can expand my gaming group. Thank You very much for your answer!
  4. Hi! Usually, I don´t have any problem making up my mind and this game looks really interesting. That said, I´ve seen a couple of reviews saying that you should really play it with six gamers and most times we are only four in my gaming group (sometimes five). So, you who really enjoy this game, is it still good with four players or is it just ok compared to six players?
  5. Hi all! Reply from FFG: "Rains of Autumn does not effect All the Gold in Casterly Rock. All the Gold in Casterly Rock does not cause each of your Lannister locations to gain +1 gold. The plot adds +1 to your income for each Lannister location you control. Just as you can run the agenda Knights of the Hollow Hill and still gain the income bonus from a Black Raven attached to your House card." According to all answers, for and against, this one was a bit hard to decide. Thank You for all replies!
  6. KristoffStark said: Seems to me that the +1's granted by All the Gold would be considered income bonuses, and thus wiped out by Rains. Thanks, thats what I thought too. A couple of my friends didn´t agree though (one being the Lannister player of course).
  7. Hi! If both these plot cards are played in the same round, does the Lannister player still collect gold for each location he controls or does it counts as an income bonus? Rains of Autumn: Characters, locations, and attachments do not provide income bonuses this round. All the Gold in Casterly Rock: House Lannister only. Each [Lannister] location you control adds +1 to your income.
  8. Thank you again! Many good suggestions.
  9. Bartali said: Vallejo Russian Uniform or Russian Green ? I got russian uniform, but it is too beige. It looks like the color the model is based with, just a tad darker. Maybe I´ll try russian green though.
  10. Thank you very much, I will try those.
  11. Siouxfire said: Vallejo do Russian colors just like they do with the Axis and Allies. I think of olive green as an Allied color. Ok, but which one? I´d like it to look like the color on the picture of the "Grand´ma".
  12. Well, I got the Op. Zverograd expansion the other day. And since it included a SSU walker I might as well build a SSU army too, right? I don´t like the base color of the SSU walkers though. A more olive-green(ish) would be nice, but I´ve had a hard time finding the right color. Any suggestions? I prefer Vallejo model colors, but I use some Citadel too.
  13. Where can I find the rules for these keywords? Btw:Happy New Year!
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