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  1. Some Constructive Criticism! We just recently played half a campaign with these new levels, and I wish to compliment you on the work. Everything was nicely handled. I did, however, see a couple things that I thought could be improved. First, level 30, Stuck in the Middle, is extremely difficult with all that corrupted terrain. We were about mid copper, I was playing the Great Wyrm, had my beasts upgraded. I was pulling in an insane amount of threat every turn for wounding the heroes. It was a couple weeks ago, so I don't remember any details, but I do remember that I would regularly spend all of my threat on spawns and such, and then have 15-20 at the start of my next turn (before getting more cards and threat!) I think that corrupted terrain works better if there is something beyond it. That way, the objective is for the heroes to get through it onto good ground as rapidly as possible; trying to avoid the evil. In this level, the objective is for them to plunge in and just grit their teeth and take it. I'd try to tone down that level a bit. Second, you replace Nagas and Hell Hounds in the Great Wyrms keep with Frost Wyrms. However, FFG was following a pattern where the last level of each keep had only creatures from their avatars cheapest monster category. But Frost Wyrms are Eldritch. So trading a diamond Naga and a Diamond Hell Hound for an (at best) gold Frost Wyrm isn't a good deal. I haven't actually played the keep, so this is just theory. These are the only two things I can think of at the moment. Overall, it was a super bit of work. The only thing I find myself wanting right now is a level with larger blocks of lava. The lava in Fire and Ice is easily avoided. The lava in Pit Fiend is so specialized that it doesn't quite give the same feel. A level with large blocks of lava that the heroes must move past, or over, and ogres! That would be great! But as you can only work with what you are given, I'm not complaining in the slightest.
  2. For dice rolling, you could just always first assign Descent values to regular six sided dice (for power dice, for instance, you could decide at the start of the game that 1 is blank, 2-3 surges, 4-6 power enhancements). Then, you could use an internet dice server. But as others have said, playing Descent PBeM would require some restructuring of the rules.
  3. Regarding Master Bane Spiders, they do not have a "poison" and "web" attack. They have one attack which has both the poison and web abilities. So you make one attack. If it hits with at least one damage rolled on the dice, then you place a web token on your target. You then factor in armor, and for every wound the hero takes, they get one poison token. An attack can have multiple abilities as long as they are not mutually exclusive (an attack cannot be both breath and blast, for instance).
  4. I'm not sure I want FFG to come out with another expansion. It seems like no matter what I do, I always end up buying it. It's an addiction!
  5. jasko said: I think question 2 is about whether you can support when you're only "adjacent" because of ships, not about ships supporting the battle. I'd have to check my rulebook, but off the top of my head, I'd say no. I believe that ship transport makes areas adjacent for purposes of marching and retreating only. Oh, sorry if I misunderstood. In this case, you are correct. Ships do not make areas adjacent for purposes of support. The rules allow you to march and retreat across ships. There is nothing in the rules about making areas adjacent.
  6. I haven't used anything from the first expansion other than ports and the sixth house; and I think that they were both very good additions. Regarding the second expansion: it is the best. A Game of Thrones was an excellent game, but it had a few flaws. A Storm of Swords fixed all the problems and made the game as close to perfect as it could concievably be. That is my take on the second expansion.
  7. drswoboda said: I have loved this game for 30 years or so... back to those expansions sold in baggies hanging on the game store racks. This new FFG version is a worthy entry into the family. Nice job to the folks at FFG. But, what is up with the box it comes in? Am I the only one who thinks the inside package design is just about the worst ever for a game with lots of pieces? The left side of the box has a single hole the size of the cards. But putitng the cards in that hole is totally pointless. So what is that hole for? And the center section holds the Powers and the Ships and the Cards, okay, but the rest of the stuff has to go in the left side, you know, with the hole... And most of the big pieces have to go under all the cardboard insert as they are too wide for the center section. And the space on the right is just totally wasted. The first idea is to just pitch all that insert cardboard, but what if your a collector type individual... Did you just kill the value of the orginal box in 30 years. (not really an issue for me). The Mayfair version had a molded plastic tray that held cards and such. I understand cost as an issue. But it just seems like they should never have even bothered with the cardboard insert, leave the box as a box and save some money and a few trees (as I'm sure most people will just pitch the insert the first day). Sorry, I just had to mention this, as petty as it may be. CE gets A+. Package design is an F. -David Personally, I don't know what you are talking about. When we were done with our game, we stuck the cards in the hole (meant we didn't have to get out a rubber band), and put everything else in the center. There was none of this putting the rest of the stuff in the left side, or putting stuff under the cardboard, or what-have-you. So I didn't have any space problems.
  8. Yes, the heroes still get the 50 coin bounty. The rewards for a leader are instead of the 50 coins. Same in outdoor encounters.
  9. haslo said: Well, considering that another hero can still be swallowed despite the Shadow Soul being in the stomach, the mechanic isn't totally broken anyway. And yes, you're right, cards usually trump rules. Considering the Shadow Soul then has to remain in the stomach and thus doesn't benefit the hero anymore, it's a fair tradeoff. Except that the owner can on his next turn use option B of Shadowsoul to move it next to himself; so the Overlord doesn't even get that.
  10. incarna said: 7. I believe this has been erata’d. A creature that resurrects via undying simply goes back to full health and any additional damage is ignored. What you are thinking of here is the Descent: The Road to Legend expansion, which changed undying. It still works the way it used to in normal Descent, so far as I know. I've looked over everything said in this thread, and it has my official stamp of Approval for Accuracy. (not that anyone needed or asked for it )
  11. Trump said: Best game ever? You need to get out more... Seriously, the gaming hobby is just too vast to be pointing at ANY game and calling it the best ever. BSG is certainly one of FFG's best games... but that's one company. Oh, and as a parting shot, AGoT was horrible and I can't recall when I was disappointed more with a game since I adore the books. I have heard about expansions making it playable, but that's ridiculous. Make a good game IN THE FIRST PLACE and then expand from there if you like. Considering the prices of FFG products, you're already going out on a limb when you try a new game out. Telling someone they need to buy multiple products and THEN they can have a good time... that's just low. Must... restrain... myself.... (it is plenty playable without any expansions whatsoever) EDIT: And while it is impossible to point to one game and label it the best ever for all audiences and people, it is perfectly possible to point to a game as the best ever for yourself. So I think it is a perfectly reasonable question.
  12. I've had the same problem for quite a while.
  13. Nope. It is still clearly beaten by AGoT. That game has the best mechanics for a wargame that I've ever played. The original had its faults, but get the Storm of Swords expansion, and it is tops. I will add, however, that I'm seriously considering putting Battlestar Galactica in my number 3 position here on FFG's site, which will put it somewhere in my top 10 list of all the games I've played (probably somewhere around spot 7 of 150-200). I'm just holding off because it is so new and I'd like to play it another time or two before passing judgment. So while not at the top, it certainly is really close. I will say that this is by far the best cooperative game I've ever played (depending on the mood I'm in; Red November can be pretty awesome at times ) EDIT: And I should also add that I'm a super competative player, so am naturally biased against co-op games anyway.
  14. We had the same question about Keene. I just told my player it was put in to give a warm feeling of accomplishment at having put your buddy to rest.
  15. The only one who would start with them would be Caprice. I don't remember whether she does or not Though I seem to remember her having one to spend in the last game... As she won that game, I'm going to have to investigate this. Uncover the conspiracy!
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