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  1. I have in the past given this a certain amount of thought and they can be found by following the link in my signature (if you want to pillage ideas or steer well clear so you can hammer things out yourself). I personally believe that the campaign rules need to be pretty light (KISS approach) as the game itself is very stream lined and I'd prefer time actually fighting battles to determening supply lines etc (other games yes, BL no). Not saying there shouldn't be tough decisions. I can see the merit in using existing games / systems, especially when they have pretty pieces but unless they are a natural fit I wouldn't force them to marry. If you post what you've got so far I'd like to have a read. Chris
  2. Hi there, just a flying visit, so just going to comment one part of this - will be back for more. The summoning ritual - First some questions: Would the ritual give a second pentagram (you get one as standard for wizard three) or would you only deploy the pentagram when the ritual goes off? Reason for asking is that a second pentagram would go some way to offsetting the cost of the summoning 10 lore and a unit is pretty high. Also a level three wizard is very restrictive (as monster will also take a level), perhaps make it a wizard of any level, and if you keep lore cost as well you could make the lore cost lower for a higher level wizard? Would having the sacrificial unit having to get to the pentagram be a better way of running it? A random thought has just leapt into my mind, in Alien movies the alien picks up the traits of the surrogate - perhaps you could have it so the fighting abilities of the chaos creature matches the unit sacrificed... As written this currently feels like a strong level one creature as the effects impact on friends and foes (a clever opponent could drive friends next to it..). Move and battle one is very slow which might make the creature easy to avoid especially if it takes a few rounds to generate the lore. Oh here a bit longer ;-) When attacking you re-roll Lore (does this mean it won't generate Lore? If so this will put it as a definite level one critter to me). The re-roll to see if you get red helmets, I'd be tempted to say if any Lore is rolled again (or black flags as its a fear effect) Chris
  3. All in all I like it - do you see this as a green blue or red creature, because it seems very tough even for blue. Also could the rules be pared down to bullet points (bunch the fluff together at the top and leave the crunch on its own)? my eyes skim fluff for crunch then goes back again to make sure they marry up, probably just me. Rather than inflicting panic wounds give the creature an lore effect to cause units to fight neighbours for a round (spend an amount of lore equal to dice rolled by the unit) Chris
  4. Thanks for the news, some how even with reading Richards BGG interview I missed this... Time to put gaming funds to one side for a bit... Chris
  5. As much as I hate to self promote I did spend (perhaps too much time) doing a load of home brew races, random terrain rules, campaign rules, rules for freelances and some other stuff. If you're interested you can download it here. If you hook it up with Heroes Call to Arms, creatures and dragons expansions you should be good for a long long time. There's also a load of race expansions to hunt down too. So keep the dream and flame alive ;-) Chris
  6. skolo said: seeing what they did - Battlelore is already dead and we need to open to other possibilities. Yup I agree it's called dystopian wars until Mr B can find a way to get his ideas for BL out to market. I've only got a few BL sets left that I want so will get those as and when but I feel zero brand loyalty to FFG and it'll take them a while for me to feel the love Out of general principal I will shun any game where they slap a BL label on a game box if its not a BL expansion. Yup petty silly and what not but it's the only way I can register a protest that FFG will listen to (their bottom line). A BL Star wars game wouldn't be BL it would be a Star Wars game with mostly different rules (it wouldn't even be in the CnC 'family') with a medieval fantasy logo stuck to it! Chris
  7. The other thing they'll do is change the rules like they did with BoW and turn it into another game with the BL badge but absolutely nothing to do with BL or CnC games. Not bitter in the corner, honest. Chris
  8. Thank you for the kind words Toddrew, I suppose I should post here as well so my sig is easier to find Hopefully my life will allow me to finish off the Naval "expansion" I've sort of got finished and be a tad more active here. The basics are done in my head but I need time to set it to paper, proof read re do all the command cards, figure out how certain Lore cards will work (Rivers rumble etc in particular) Chris
  9. But there is no need to change the rules as they are doing with Descent, the system has its quirks yes (name me a game without one) but it has been playtested for years and years, there is stuff that Mr Borg has preparred to cover an army a year for eight years - I mean seriously eight years, no R&D the only sticking point is making the minis What is needed is a scaled back base set, probably with two fantasy races rather than two human races (so it doesn't step on BoW toes, not that that is a major concern of mine but will be FFGs) then they can release a human army set pretty much on day one, for free as they have all the moulds for it already, and rules. Lets not forget that Mr Borg has an entire alternative europe fleshed out, they could hand that over to their rpg team and away they go - heck they could even use BL dice to make it truly unique but no, they want the name Battlelore so they could release a game that - but that is a different bitterness. Hopefully Mr Borg can find a way to release the extra races as print and play sets as FFG doesn't even seem to want to use his ideas. Chris
  10. LurchBrick said: And now there's a second edition Descent game coming out. Does this bode well for a Battlelore second edition? I hope so. On the grounds that no mention was made I don't think we'll see it this side of next Gencon, not unless something miraculous happens and they are able to sort out the base set issues. I'm in two minds if I want a second edition that has been 'refined' by FFG (I don't have a lot of time for most of the BOW changes except for slide of morale but that is so easily ported it doesn't warrent a second ed.). A different base set with Elves and Torqs - classic match up and will draw in people with an existing base set, human army can then be released. but good news for BL, I'm not feeling the love. Chris
  11. Hi all, I've just found a cool diy dice tutorial that looks rather good - not tried it out yet but looks intriguing if you can get colour prints to work as well as black and white ones. Chris
  12. Well I posted a comment onto the Facebook announcement with a suggestion of a battlelore starwars game... I recommend everyone join in the fun... Chris
  13. If you don't mind good old paper then I have a 12 or so random half maps which a player can either randomly select or choose (or choose for your opponent) so that will give 140+ random maps which when combined with Call to Arms* should keep you gaming for a week or two. *or you could just choose a troop deployment in one of the scenario books at a pinch. Just follow the link in my sig - it does have a fair bit of other BL related bumpf too. Chris
  14. I've started putting comments on all their facebook announcements along lines of 'oh so no news on battlelore, oh well' Probably won't change a thing but... Chris
  15. Pot the Ferret: I do believe you have hit the nail on the head with the no news is due to not wanting to hit sales of the re-purposed French sets. Dragonwhimsey: FFG are doing a lot of damage to their core players, they lost Universalheads awesome website, the Raven was awesome for promoting the game, I'd say UH and DoW relationship was one of the biggest wins DoW came up with and FFG pretty much threw it away Caboose is usually the first person to answer anyone's rules queries an important thing if you don't have a game rep on the boards And there are half a dozen others without whom these boards would be even quieter. I used to be a lot more active on boards before I had second daughter and creativity fell as sleep deprivation rose. FFG could have just run with what Mr Borg has been using in his home group which before all the delays caused by DOW and FFG was already 8 years ahead of what we had seen, eight years. We've seen hints of as least 6 other races and that DoW used an abriged Lore deck and an entire political world - imagine what FFGs rpg department could have done with that. I know that they have had huge issues recreating the base set but stony silence, well I suppose you just kind of have to get used to it and keep the candle burning. chris
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