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  1. Yes, I think it would be cool to see Icarus Faith as a full scale personage of Tannhauser and Assasin's Guild would be great new fraction - also, I'd make quality of the figurines a bit better - as they were in core game and in Novgorod - Edison, Matriarchy Troop Pack are a bit worse made than other ones, as to me. But I still love Tannhauser - for this game is really cool!!!! It would be really great if FFG made a re-launch of it - and I hope, it will!
  2. Regarding this card - is it possible to get it if I live in Ukraine (Eastern Europe)? Much obliged for kind reply. Sergey
  3. Yes, I agreed - it is also not annoying to me - simply if to make all game elements correct these things must be revised. By the way, sometimes I play Zorka and D.O.G. accoring to the old rules - you know, it is a bit interesting
  4. I think, that Upgrade Pack for Tannhauser should be issued - or revised comonents should be included into further Tannhauser products - for example: Revised Zorka Character Sheet (with LEGEND logo removed) Revised Hound DOG Character Sheet (with revised rules on it) Revised Card for von Heizinger with Luger (not Walther P.38) I understand, that there is a small number of items for upgrade pack but who knows - may be FFG staff will think about it in future.
  5. Yes, I understand - I mean the only character with "LEGEND" stamp (I sometimes play her as legend not epic - accodring to old rules). By the way, while translating Rules 2.0 into russian I understood that I don't like some new definitions for character's equipment from the Rules 2.0 - for example they severly downgraded Wolf's weapons.....
  6. Miah999, thanks for reply. So, Zorka will stay the only "LEGEND" unit in the whole Tannhauser universe
  7. I have a question - when Operation Novgorod will be re-printed - will the stamp "Legend" be removed from Zorka's playing card? Just curious.....
  8. That would be really great to see these materials in good print quality!
  9. May be an off topic - but here is the explanation from where Kaali name goes - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaali_crater
  10. To add - it would be great if FFG to issue Winter Packs for MacNeal and Eva with minis, character sheets, tokens....
  11. Sergey

    FFG and Dark Horse?

    To my opinion, if FFG thinks to create a new game like Tannhauser but with BPRD characters - it would be cool. But I'm against to introduce these charcters in Tannhauser - it should be a stand alone product, for Tannhauser has its unique storyline and universe.
  12. It would be great to add as a single Hero Pack - Gen. Hans Kammler - he was responsible for most of secret projects in Third Reich. And he is mentioned in Tannhauser rules as a professor of arceology who discovered Patmoss Amulet. Hew would be good addition to Reich party.
  13. KarlRebeck said: I dont see why repainting them would be a problem, you could just give them a white base coat then paint them how ever you would like to, but I feel like im just preaching to the choir. There is no need to make white base over the old paint - the paint layer will be too thick - I painted over the old paint without white base - looks good, as for me (I painted all miniatures from Tannhauser, Novgorod and Single Packs).
  14. As for new figures - there should be the following: Union - Catlin Lamsbury (this girl has stealth or something like that, ability) Reich - Reichsdoktor Hass Horbringer (this one I think, will use powerfull magick - and will be the main rival to Hermann von Haizinger) Matriarchy - Oksana Gusarenko (she is, if I'm not mistaken, is one of the nuns, who failed to wear Zorka class armor) Neutral - Minotaur Asterios - this personage is well known to all of you, I think, he is the dweller and the lord of Daedalus Maze) Troop pack - set of additional troops (in different colors) - figures supposed to be the same (Shocktruppen, Stosstruppen, Commando Alfa, Delta, Voivodes), but may be FFG will change them - who knows?
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