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  1. So I just completed Carnevale of Horror after completing the first 2 Dunwitch scenarios. I rescued all 3 Innocent Bystanders and got them under the Act deck and then proceeded to blast Cnidathqua (the big bad) to pieces and thus completed ->R2. To even attempt Carnevale of Horrors cost me 3 XP. Because I never killed the Baleful Reveler or one of the monsters under the Masked Carnevale-Goers (in fact only flip one over as a result of completing Act 1) I accumulated zero Victory Points (didn't see any on the location cards.) I sorta feel cheated. I mean I beat the big bad and I don't get any XP for my characters. I feel like this is a misprint. Why wouldn't their be Victory points on Cnidathqua?
  2. @Demas, Thanks for that info... although (and I know you weren't making a direct quote) to me it only sounds like the FFG employee was saying FFG can still print Star Wars material. It doesn't mention whether they can print EU material that is no longer cannon. Hope I'm making something out of nothing. Wraith428
  3. So Knowlege and Defense seems to be taking a while to get to stores... but that could just be standard shipping issues. However I had a horrible thought today... what if the new Cannon ruling is getting in the way. On April 25th most of the EU was tossed under the "Legends" banner and it was announced that a new Story Group had been comissioned tasked with making sure future Star Wars cartoons, books, comics, video games, etc. fall within the official storyline. Since Knowledge and Defense contains EU material (Moldy Crow I'm looking at you) and releases after April 25, is this posing a problem for FFG. I really hope not. Maybe they'll have to get a bunch of "Legends" stickers to put on the outside of the boxes. Anyone heard word from FFG about how the new Cannon affects their products? -Wraith428
  4. Started running a game on Roll20 and am using a bunch of old SW Miniatures maps. The SW Miniatures maps gives me an estimat of distance (since they are all 2 meter squares) even though EotE uses Range Bands. The PCs were in a room that was roughly 32 meters long and 12 meters wide (say 100 ft x 40 ft aprox). One on end of the room the PCs were taking cover and other side of the room had some guards. One of the PCs had a Stun Grenade. I initially though the room should be split into two parts down the middle so the PCs and Guards were firing at each other at medium range. However when the PC with the grenade wanted to throw it we noted its range is Short. It felt odd that the PC couldn't throw the grenade across the room... that instead he'd have to run across the room and then throw it. So I'm wondering if I misjudged the range bands. Should the room above have just been one area and Short range to all parts of it? That would at least make the grenade make sense. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Wraith428
  5. So when I look at the BETA errata I don't see anything about criticals (but I could be blind.) I see the change to weapon qualities needing a successful check. Also in AoR p.174 I see "Remember, an attack's damage also has to excede a target's armor to deal a Critical Hit, which is important when firing small arms at something using armor instead of soak." So then if a character is shooting a personal scale weapon at a vehicle with 0 armor and gets a success dealing 8 damage with a cricial hit... do they get the critical hit. Technically the attack is successful and overcomes the vehicle's armor (scored 0.8 damage against an armor of 0.0). If the vehicle was armor 1 I understand the rules say no. But with armor 0 the attack has overcome the armor. No where do I see in the rules that you have to deal damage. I know this is a minor circumstance that won't come up that often but I'm curious about the intent. Thanks, Wraith428
  6. So in my most recent game I had my PCs flying an airspeeder away from a heist being chased by 3 swoop bikes. The swoops had 0 armor but they were planetary scale. The question came up is what happens if the attack succeeds and gets enough Advantage to score a critical hit but didn't do 10 or more points of damage (i.e. penetrated armor as required for a Verhicle Critical Hit but didn't actually deal damage. Can you deal a critical hit to a vehicle with a successful check that does not deal damage. There doesn't appear to be anything in the rules against this but maybe I'm missing something. Wraith428
  7. In another post regarding the interviews on the Order 66 podcast it seems that this was clarified. Defense does not stack thus... Armor and cover do not stack. I'm scratching my head at this one I gotta say... and so are my players. Wraith428
  8. So is the Destiny Point flip supposed to negate the power for the whole encounter? If not what happens when you have no more Destiny Points to flip? Does the Nemesis suddenly get disarmed? I'm sure I'm in the minority here but this just seems like poor design to me. Why does the power always work against the Gamorean minion with a Brawn of 4 but never works against the Nemesis Slicer with a Brawn of 1. The answer is GM Fiat and I don't care if this is a "narative" game... that's going to make players unhappy. They invested XP into this power and it functionality is up to the whim of the GM. The idea that you're spending XP that could be spent of skills or talents doesn't justify the "auto success baring GM Fiat." What you get for your XP is the power to do something no one else without the Force can do. Having the ability to disarm form range is a cool power, why not make it an opposed check. Besides adding in some game balance you get to add in the narative dice which I think it the strongest concept of the system Just by 2 credits here. I know how I'm going to house rule it. I just hope that FFG uses Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion as a playtest for the Force so that they can make adjustments come Force and Destiny. As people play I hope they post their experiences with the Force Powers as I think this will be invaluable to FFG. Wraith428
  9. Something to remember... because its kind off in the combat chapter... all Brawl attacks have Disorient 1 and Knockdown (p.211 is where this is noted.) This means that Brawl can be used to pin a target so they cannot move out of engaged and attack you with a blaster (sort of.) Brawl and with two Advantage you can knock the target prone. On their turn they can use a maneuver to get up and either have to take strain t disengage and blast you or exchange their action for a maneuver. Wraith428
  10. The pg 157 refers to critical injuries on PC's and the pg 238 refers to critical hits on ships. From my understanding vicious only works on PC's, not ships. The p.157 entry for Vicious says... "When this weapon scores a critical injury or hit, the character adds..." As critical hits can only happen to vehicles the entry on p.157 would seem to be in error. p.238 says that Viscious would have no effect on a ship or vehicle. Wraith428 I don't feel I've been clear in my thinking so will try one more time as I do think there is something here. My understanding of the book indicates that... Critical Injuries can only happen to characters (PCs, NPCs etc.) Critical Hits can only happen to vehicles. The p.157 entry for Vicious says... "When this weapon scores a critical injury or hit, the character adds ten times the Vicious rating to the critical roll." Then on p.238 1st full paragraph left column says... "Note that talents and qualities that specifically affect Critical Injuries do not effect Critical Hits (so the Vicious quality, for example, would have no effect on a ship or vehicle.)" The question I have is how is the Vicious entry supposed to be read. "When this weapon scores a critical injury or hit..." Does the critical in the sentence above apply to both the words injury and hit? I believe so because that's the only way it makes sense. If you read it that way then the Vicious entry says Vicious affects critical hits but the critical hits section later in the rules specifically says Vicious does not and thus you have a contradiction in the rules. If you don't read critical as applying to both injury and hit... I'm not sure what "or hit" is even doing in the text. Anyways that's my thinking here a little bit clearer. One last go. Thanks, Wraith428
  11. The pg 157 refers to critical injuries on PC's and the pg 238 refers to critical hits on ships. From my understanding vicious only works on PC's, not ships. The p.157 entry for Vicious says... "When this weapon scores a critical injury or hit, the character adds..." As critical hits can only happen to vehicles the entry on p.157 would seem to be in error. p.238 says that Viscious would have no effect on a ship or vehicle. Wraith428
  12. As you note multiple Critical Injuries add +10 to the roll. The Viscious weapon ability adds +10 to the roll per rank. Lethal Blows Talent (or something like that) adds +10 to the roll per rank. Each additional critical injury on a single hit adds +10 to the roll. Death generally won't come out of nowhere but it is a real possibility in the right circumstance. Also an unconscious character can also be killed without needing to roll on the critical chart (IMO... but that's just me and as a GM it would probably be a jerk thing to do... I stun you unconscious and then kill you. MWAHAHAHAHA!) Wraith428
  13. Viscious p.157 Viscious say it affects critical hits. p.238 say Viscious does not apply to critical hits. Sorry don't have book with me right now to be more specific. Rob
  14. So I noticed on p.207 that... "Multiple sources of defense do not stack." Since cover now provide 1 range defense (or potentialy greater than 1 at GM discression) does this mean that any character with armor that provides a defense rating shouldn't ever bother taking cover? For instance armored clothing provides 1 defense and 1 soak. Cover would not stack with the armors defense? Wraith428
  15. Then replace Jedi in the sentence above with Force Sensative Exile and Lightsaber's with Vibroswords. The point stands. Also why can't I resist having my blaster being ripped out of my hand with my Athletics and Brawn? Why do I need a Force Rating to resist that? What I'm concened with is that if this is the foundation of the Force system has FFG thought of these concerns. Does does read surface thoughts get resisted? One sollution is No: It can't be resisted by non-force users (maybe in F&D Force Users will be able to resist with the Force). Resistance comes into play by whether the target notes what the force user is doing and resists any Influence checks to make him think of specific thoughts. In this case how does the target take note. Is this a Vigilence check or does the force user need a Discipline vs. Vigilence check to get in without alerting the target? Another Solution is Yes: The mind naturally resists intrusion. The Force user need to make a Discipline vs. Discipline or maybe Discipline vs. Vigilence to access the target's surface thoughts. There are Certainly Other Options as well. I'm actually leaning towards something in the vein of Solution 1 for my personal preference now that I've heard so good commnets in this and other threads. Othe concerns. Can you resist being disarmed by the Move power without a Force Rating? Can you trying to avoid (aka up the difficulty) Move power attacks via cover, the dodge or side step talent, and defese from armor? Can you do anything to avoid the strain damage inflicted by Influence if you are aware the Force User is doing something to you (other than run away and try to get out of range?) Now maybe what we see in EotE isn't the final basis of the Force system for Star Wars. If FFG came out and said they are majorly overhauling or even majorly detailing the Force system for F&D (such that these questions are answered) then I could live with this as a stop gap for the future. But if not I figure its worth discussing. Also... I know if I were a player in EotE, espcially one with a a non-force sensative character, I'd have these questions. Instead I'm a GM so I'm trying to understand what the intent here is so that I can answer the inevitable questions my players will have and create a balanced sense of play for my group as I want them to like this game. Thanks, Wraith428
  16. OK... then to use a movie example... where Vader and Luke engaged in the battle on the Death Star in RotJ where Vader reads Luke's thoughts about Leia. They were not in melee striking range IIIRC. Another question. Can you break read surface thoughts as an NPC by using a Maneuver to Disengage? (Silly I know but I'm interested in seeing how this stuff is supposed to work.) Wraith428
  17. I guess I just come from a different gaming mentality where I like things balanced between characters (and even characters and NPCs.) I also don't like something happening to a character with no way for them to resist. If every non-Force related check can be resisted in some way why can't a character resist the Force. If I'm playing a Wookie Marauder with a Vibrosword who wants to disarm someone I need to make a Melee check that is most likely opposed in some way if the opponent is still alive an kicking. I would get annoyed to find that the Force Sensative Exile with Move can do it without an opposed check (all he has to do is get a Force point on his Force die.) He doesn't need to make a Discipline check unless he is using the object as an attack. I would get even more annoyed if the Force Sensative was an NPC Nemisis who disarmed me and there was nothing I could do about it. Here is a silly example that is possible with RAW. Two Jedi with Move are fighting a lightsaber duel. First guy goes and says well screw it I use Move and rip my opponents lightsaber away from him. Second guy says I do the same. Next round they spend using Move to get their lightsabers back. Is this stupid? ABSOLUTELY. However disarming an opponent is a major advantage in a combat scenario so why wouldn't you do it. In fact its sorta a combat killer against small numbers of enemies such as a Nemesis and 3 Minions. The rest of the group keeps wacking at the minions and the Force Sensative keeps pulling the weapons from the Nemesis's hands and unless he has an arsenal to draw on he's out of the combat barring the Brawl skill or a weapon built into armor. Silly things like the above are easily remedied by making the checks opposed plus when you roll the ability, difficulty and other dice you get symbols that help tell a story. As for sense being clear... for me its not clear... its GM Fiat. - some species are more resistant to force powers. Okay... since there is currently next to no mechanics to resist Force Powers (Influence an Emmotional State the exception) why does this matter? Also is there any mention of this in the Racial (outside of droids) or Adversary sections? Do I go to Wookipedia to see if a race is force resistant. Do I as a GM just decide this race I've put together for this adventure is force resistant? To what extent does Force resistant interact with the rules? - some species are immune How many species are noted as Immune. Not even the Hutt in the Adversary chapter is immune (nor should it.. it should have high Willpower and Discipline which it does.) Droids (not living) I guess are immune to Sense and Influence. For the most part this is GM Fiat at this point. - sense allows only read emotional state and surface thoughts resulting imperfect snapshot of anothers mind and cannot call information on demand. GM Fiat. There is nothing I as a character can do via the RAW to influence what information I get from reading surface thoughts. Obviously you can call for Charm or Coercion rolls to get them to think about specific things. And maybe that is the way it should work with threat making them aware of your attempt. Seperating the Force into a sub-system seems odd to me. They created this beautiful narative dice mechanic but then mostly ignored it for the Force? Wraith428
  18. Does anyone else find it funny that there are very few ways to resist Force powers? For the most part if the character rolls enough Force points to activate the power it automatically happens. Sense – Automatically sense emotions or surface thoughts. No chance to resist regardless of Discipline (resisting) or Deception (put on a false face) or Willpower. Nor does their appear to be any way for a target to tell this power is being used on them so that they could attempt to master their thoughts? Even if they are Force Sensative themselves? Influence – No way to resist strain damage. If the power is activated it automatically happens. Is this because this use of the Influence power us relatively weak compared to a blaster on stun which also does strain damage? Move – This one has number of items.Hurling Objects to Damage – There is a Discipline check but it is not an attack check. Shouldn’t this be treated like a ranged attack? Maybe it could use Discipline instead of Ranged (light) [not sure about that] but shouldn’t the target be able to take cover, use the Dodge or Side Step talents, and have his Defense bonus come into play from a Personal Deflector as these objects come flying at him? Pull Object out of an Opponent’s Grasp – There is no way to resist? No way to hold on to what you are carrying? Force trumps my Brawn and Athletics ranks every time even if I’m holding onto my blaster rifle with both hands? Fine Manipulation – Side Note… if Hurling Objects was treated as a ranged attack (as noted above) might fine manipulation instead let it be treated as a melee attack using the Melee skill? It seems that by taking away the games standard dice roll mechanics from most Force powers you are losing the strength of the system. Let’s say Sense’s ability to read surface thoughts required an opposed Discipline check. You activate the power roll Discipline get one success, one triumph and three threat. Now the dice can tell you a story. You succeed, accessing the target’s surface thoughts. You spend the triumph to have the target be thinking about a key piece of information you need. But the GM spends the threat to say the target becomes aware that you are in his head. You’ve gotten the information you need but he’s already speaking into his comlink calling for reinforcements to stop you at all costs… now you have a story. In the current system the character activates the power and gets access to surface thoughts. What happens next is GM fiat? Does he think about what you want him to? Does that require a Coercion or Charm roll to make him think in that direction? If the target becomes aware can he make a Discipline check to set up a block or does the GM just say that the guy has a disciplined mind and is thinking of esoteric Rodian poetry? Some observations. Wraith428
  19. Hey all, Want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. From p.281 under the Range Upgrade for the Sense power... "Spend [Force point icon] to increase the range at which the character senses living things by a number of range bands equal to the number of Range upgrades purchased." If I read that correctly it only applies to the Basic Power's ability to sense living things within short range. It has no effect on the range of the Basic Power's ability to sense emmotional state or the Control upgrades ability to sense surface thoughts. Wraith428
  20. Medical Droid with hidden Assassination 4th Degree programming. Colonial - Doctor w/ second specialization in Assassin. Name: DR H1-D3 (w/ hidden JK-3L Assassination programming.) Wraith428
  21. Okay but lets say I have a 4 Agility character with 5 ranks in Pilot (Space) [exagerated on purpose] in a stock YT-1300 freighter at its max speed of 3. TIE fighter comes in with an 2 Agility NPC with 1 rank in Pilot (Space) going speed 4. That TIE fighter needs to only make an Easy check to "Gain the Advantage" and keep it for the whole battle because my speed 3 max YT-1300 negates my 4 Agility and 5 ranks in Pilot. Because I can't get to speed 4 I cannot attempt the "Gain the Advantage" maneuver and now all the XP I spent on Piloting means nothing as the 1 rank NPC betters me? Unless you start the game with a Firespray there is no back and forth because you don't have the speed to use the "Gain the Advantage" action and thus break the opponent's advantage. At least as I understand it. Now don't get me wrong... I see the potential of the "Gain the Advantage" action to represent dog fighting and the back and forth of a space battle but the speed requirement negates that. I might be able to accept the non-opposed check as you say eventually the best pilot should win (and in my example above its obvious the 4 Agility 5 rank character would eventually win) but right now speed is the king of this action and really hampers that feeling of back and forth. Wraith428
  22. In chapter 7 p.234 there is a Pilot Only Action called "Gain the Advantage" I have a couple of questions on. #1 - On p.234 it says "To execute this starship action, the pilot makes a Piloting check the difficulty of which is determined by the relative speeds of the ships or vehicles involved in the attack. These difficulties are outlined in Table 7-3: Speed Advantage Difficulty." So this seems to indicate that the only factor in the difficulty of the "Gain the Advantage" action is the relative speeds of the two ships. Piloting skill has nothing to do with it. The "Evasive Maneuvers" maneuver also seems to have no effect as this only upgrades the dice pool for attacks made against the ship. However back on p.116 under the Piloting (Space) skill it says "During space conflict, pilots may often jockey for possition to determine which shields face the enemy and which weapons may be brought to bear. When opponents attempt to negate these efforts, the winner is identified throuh an opposed Pilot (Space) check." The Piloting (Space) skill description (noted above) seems to be talking about the "Gain the Advantage" action but the description of the mechanics here don't seem to match the actual "Gain the Advantage" rules on p.234. Thoughts. Am I reading too much into this. I must say I'd rather the "Gain the Advantage" action be an opposed check so that the skill of the pilot is taken into account. Modify the difficulty by the speed of the ships sure but having the pilot's skill taken into account seems obvious. #2 - On p.234 (last paragraph of "Gain the Advantage" it says "Once the advantage has been gained, on the following turn the opponent may attempt to cancel out the advantage by using Gain the Advantage as well. This works as described earlier, but his check is one step more difficult for each time he or his opponent has successfully Gained the Advantage against the other." A) Am I reading the rules correctly. If the target of the "Gain the Advantage" is in a ship with a max speed of 3 or less they cannot attempt to cancel out the advantage??? Two of the three starting ships have a max speed of 3. Does this mean that if the PCs are jumped by TIE fighters who "Gain the Advantage" there is no way for them to shake "Gain the Advantage" because they aren't fast enough to meet the Speed 4+ requirement for the action? Regardless of the pilots skill its just impossible to break the advantage if you ship it too slow. Also once this happens does not the "Angle Deflector Shields" action become moot. B) Lets assume there are two fighters dogfighting and that they are going the same speed. The first fighter tries to "Gain the Advantage" with an Average difficulty check. Then the second fighter tries to break the advantage and tires a "Gain the Advantage" action with an Average difficulty that goes up on step to Hard because the first fighter already has successfuly used "Gain the Advantage" once. Let's say the second fighter is successful. Now its the first fighter's turn and he attempts "Gain the Advantage" again. Is his difficulty Daunting (Adverage that goes up two steps becuase both fighters have successfully used "Gain the Advantage" once or is it Hard because his opponent has only use "Gain the Advantage" once.) Regardless at some point is it not possible for the two fighter to pass the ball back and forth enough for the possibility that"Gain the Advantage" becomes impossible? Sorry for the ramble... trying to understand how starship combat is dynamic as the book seems to describe when it reality it seems very limited and static where the pilot's skill seems to have little or no effect on the results. Thanks, Wraith428
  23. Also for what its worth Minions "...cannot volintarily suffer strain." (p.390) So if the PC is engaged with the Gamorean and maneuveres to disengage to short and then suffers 2 strain to maneuver to medium then the best the Gamorean can do is maneuver to short next turn and wave its axe around threateningly. Wraith428
  24. Just got done reading through "The Enemy of My Enemy" and have to say its a solid piece of work. If my campaign takes off enough that we get past "Escape from Mos Shuuta" and "Long Arm of the Hutt" I'm going to use it. Thanks for sharing. Wraith428
  25. I'm preparing to use Roll20 to run a Escape from Mos Shuuta and then Long Arm of the Hutt to try out the online concept. Using it via google hangout which has and Edge of the Empire dice app you can download. Looks like it has potential. Wraith428
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