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  1. Thanks for the quick answer! Cheers!
  2. I'm going to play the game for the first time tomorrow (4player) and are having a 2 player game with myself to get the rules going. So far I'm absolutely psyched about this game. I'm a huge Warrior Knights fan, and this one is kind of in the same vicinity (maybe a bit lighter). I'm really looking forward introducing it to my friends as I think they are going to love the game mechanics. Anyway, I just stumbled upon one question that I think I'm doing correct, but I'm not absolutely sure. It's my turn and I choose Military on my fate die, while going for the third option. From the AoC rulebook. Page 11, under Military. "-The player may place an army unit in up to two different friendly provinces from his reserve pile, as long as he has less than 18 units in play." I've tried getting my head around this one, and after reading Universal Heads reference sheet where he's worded himself differently. "-Place an army unit in up to 2 separate friendly provinces from your reserves, if you have less than 18 units in play." So now I read it as, you can place up to two (you choose) free military units from your reserves, as long as you place them in two different/separate provinces (don't matter if they are adjacent). Haha. Can anyone confirm my "suspicion"? Thanks
  3. I just have to pop in and say that you are doing an awesome job!
  4. Great! Lalalalalalalala (my text was too short).
  5. Hehehe. It would be the same. You're the one from Norway too? We might differ on some views regarding the movie, but we both probably love the MC world equally much. So there's no bad blood just because of some tiny different views. Did you get to play the MC CMG btw? The boxes I saw collected dust in Trondheim and Oslo.
  6. Guntar of Nuln said: I saw some of the storyboards and latex-works that were developed for Carpenter's take on it, and it seemed very nice. Shame that project didn't go anywhere. I love Carpenter, but I too saw the storyboards/latex stuff that was made for it. I think it looked horrendous. It would have been Ghosts of Mars all over again. And that movie had a $28 Mill (!) budget. It's the worst Carpenter movie I've ever seen. Again, it's all a matter of taste.
  7. The author is a warzone fan and he included lots of known "easter eggs" for us MC fans. He's been around since the RPG in early 90s and he even wrote in the RPGs. He sure knew his warzone stuff. The book ain't legendary, but as a MC fan you would get some out of it. I would wish the movie had a bigger budget and used more from the book instead actually... It's got way more MC atmosphere, by mentioning unit names, weapons, monsters etc. Though it's still the same story as the movie, but with more character buildup (what you would expect from a book really). Equilibrium was awesome. Though I think that movie is hated by many as well. I really don't think MC had $20 mill budget though. According to the director they used about $1 mill on the special effects. And there were about 1800 of them. There had been mentioned a budget of $22mill, but I think that's since when Carpenter was on board in 96-97, and including the two other directors that were going to work on it. I would think it were more in the vicinity of $6-ish mill.... (though this is only me speculating).I know they didn't have enough money to finish it in the end... Of course, there are insane examples of movies that hit it big with lower budgets. I still think Dark Star by John Carpenter are one of the best sci-fi's ever made, and that was a student movie. Even Pitch Black (which I love) had a $23 mill budget. Now Vin Diesel would prolly demand a $10 mill salary... Movies are just too goddamn expensive. MC prolly saved lots of money by shooting digitally as well.
  8. Yep. Broken spikes is a fact. No biggie though. I'm thinking of using some greenstuff on Hunter's head. At least I have 3 of him, so there's room to experiment. Though, I'm more and more into trying to use Warzone minis in the game. BUT why use those when I already have the 54mm ones... Decisions, decisions...
  9. The most disappointing of all the MC CMG minis. Mitch Hunter. I was surprised when I opened my LL box and saw him with his tiny head. I think rest of the Cap guys look normal though. Now I understand why they didn't want to release Hunter earlier.. the same goes with Max "just-dipped-my-head-in-the-sewer" Steiner. I've already painted my Steiner fig black and it's a major improvement.
  10. Well, I would be the heretic for liking something that's not true MC. It seems almost everyone doesn't like it, from non-MC fans to MC fans. I had big expectations when I heard about it, but as soon as I saw that Valerie Duval was Mishima...that was it, I knew this wasn't going to be the MC movie all was waiting for. So I never expected anything from it being true MC. Though I like many new things in the movie that would be cool to implement in the MC world, though that is just a thought. I think it's impossible to make a perfect MC movie, but maybe Roger Avary would be the main man for the job though (he made Silent Hill), though he is planning on making the Wolfenstein movie next. I've said it so many times before, but MC would be great as a strategy/first person strategy game. There you can make this huge believable world and give the big monsters life. But in the end MC is best as a RPG or mini game (fav is Warzone).
  11. I think it's a love or hate relationship, but I liked the movie. It's a straight forward easy to understand sci-fi adventure flick. But it's not like MC other in name and feel (at least regarding the feeling of hopelessness in the movie). And I absolutely love the new necromutant with boneblades. They are much scarier than the classic MC necromutant, just my opinion of course. I really hope someone makes a mini based on those guys. John Malkovich is the worst in the movie imo, with Devon Aeoki on a second place. El Jesus was annoying on the first watch, but after reading the book he grew on me and is one of my favs in it. I think it's just as good as say Pitch Black or Chronicles of Riddick. There are so many worse sci-fi's out there. MC is good fun. I predict it's a movie that will have a big cult fan base over time. In my eyes it's an instant cult classic.
  12. Superb! Thanks;) (adding this because my post was too short)
  13. In Europe you can find it at www.warzone-chronopia.com They still have the Maculator and Behemoth.
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