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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. I so want this!!!!
  2. I wanted to thank Fantasy Flight Games and their staff for developing and publishing of this OUTSTANDING "walk-through" video! Absolutely fantastic! This is by far the best and most informative video I have ever seen regarding rule introduction and game demo! FANTASTIC! Thanks FFG! Now, since basically sitting on the fence on making my purchase of this game, I'm in and will make my purchase hopefully today! Now…it's time to find me a "tie"….muhahahahaha! Epp
  3. Both Fantasy Flight and Stronghold Games are my favorite game publishers and even if it was a bumpy road to the final decision, I'm extremely happy at the outcome. This is exciting news that they will team up to re-produce a game long on my wish list. As a customer of both publishers, I want to Thank You in your efforts to come to a professional resolution. I hope this game is a home run for both companies. Von Epp
  4. My solution would mean that the riders can be easily removed for storage. I have employed the everlasting Duck Putty (found at craft stores) 1) Wash your pieces in good house cleaning detergent. 2) Dry completely 3) Pinched off a small bit of putty and attach to the horse's saddle. 4) Attach Rider when needed for game play 5) Remove rider when placing him in storage 6) Pinch off the putty if needed to reset rider. 7) This doesn't take brain science and will not damage the units involved in this marrying together.
  5. As Suggested from others and FFG: Thoroughly wash each piece to be glued together with house hold detergent. Use nail or old tooth brush to clean areas where glue will be applied. Dry completely Carefully use a micro file (from local hobby store) and file rider / horse where you will apply glue. This will remove the figure's harden outer shell. Use medium viscosity superglue - (Game Workshop glue or similar product). Apply glue - hold until figure is set (follow glue label). I hope this helps everyone out in this task. Epp REMEMBER: Pimping your games is not only LEGAL, it is ENCOURAGED! By order of the Queen!
  6. Try Cool Stuff in Florida. They have some in stock today (07-10-10). It is also at a discounted price around $70.00. There is a 5% discount coupon TheBig5 that applies until Sunday.
  7. Still waiting for my game. I heard from others that these do not work at all with the plastic included in this game: Zap - thick /thin ( super glue) Gaitor Glue Contacta Glue Revell Gorillia Glue PVA Glue UPCV Glue Plastic wield I'm still waiting on more answers and will advise. I will attempt to use 5 minute epoxy when my game arrives later in the week.
  8. Thanks!! Wish we could tip ya for your effort!
  9. It will be a task sine it will be harder to beat the clock brfore you sink. I would suggest each play two gnomes each. The game will proceed much faster with fewer gnomes, i.e. less than eight. Otherwise, you should be fine. This game can also be played solitaire. You can control up to eight gnomes...hectic, but do able.
  10. Played first two games at Euro Quest 2008 here in Maryland. I've been eyeing this game since I saw it on FFG's "up coming" games. I like the theme of co-operative gaming and the humor involved in such a dire situation...such as a sinking sub filled with gnomes. I saw a freshly stock Red October game at a local "Brick-n-Motar" store's table and snatched it up. It gathered a small The first game started out with multiple fires and flooded compartments. Then there was a series of gnome mishaps with missile countdowns and a myriad of other pending disasters. We (players) ran around the sinking sub chewing gum to plug holes and drinking lots of liquor to quell the fires. Something just amiss here...alcohol and fire . Then our gnomes started to pass out and the not-so-drunk gnomes had to bail them out, literally. Of course, there must have been a commie amongst us...key doors seemed to become locked for no reason at all. Then...when all hell broken loose on this rust-bucket, a Kraken, a very large underwater MONSTER appeared from the depths of the sea. What the . . . . . ! We realized we were in deep kimshee now. We picked a not-so-drunk-or-he-would-totally-screw-this-up gnome to dawn a wetsuit to hunt down this Kraken. We armed him with a "Sea Hunt" styled spear gun. He just looked at us like we were the idiots. We just smiled and pushed him outside into the dark deep blue...and gave him a bottle of GROG to fortify his will to survive....or to ease the pain before his demise. Muhahahahaha! We then closed the hatch behind him and quickly ran to the porthole to watch the action. Wow…he speared it on the first try…luck for us! We all cheered and drank GROG. As we started to sing some far offish and out of tune gnome victory song…we hear a crack! Cr*P! We forgot to mine the ship and we sank…and died right there. To the horror of our fellow and remaining surviving gnome outside…he watched as his dear sub sank. Voyage to the bottom of the sea. He had a slight twinkle in his eye but that quickly faded as he was told that he was 10 seconds too deep to survive. Blub blub blub! We all died on the first game. A total thrill ride indeed. ______________________________________________________________________ The second game started as the first…disaster after disaster. No Kraken this time. He must have been busy bullying some other gnomish sub. This time, we all were cheering as all but one made it to the coveted “0” time spot! The last gnome made his way to the “0” mark and drew the last card. We were celebrating and drinking GROG! As we surfaced and started to open our hatch on this rust-bucket, the last card indicated a reactor warm-up. C**P! We burned up inside this rust-bucket and died. The gnomish surface fleet watched as we sank below the waves….blub blub blub again! ***Sigh*** Again…another thrill-ride. A great game of fun and sorrow… but hey, we have GRG! VonEpp
  11. GREETNGS, Went out and purchased a copy last night (11-22-08) from a local "Brick and Mortar" store. This was an early birthday gift to myself...thank you! Got home and opened her up. Ahhhh….the new game aroma…makes me so happy! I found the components were of exceptional quality. I punched my counters and sorted / bundled my cards. The art work and images from BSG were perfectly used by FFG's, very nice indeed. You get several standard sized decks and a smaller (Twilight Imperium) sized decks. For my aging eyes, I wish they were all larger but I will get past this since each card is chocked full of graphics and information. The game board was larger than expected, perfect use of space. The game board is thick and made from high quality components. The graphics are top notch matching and exceeding most FFG games. I installed the included four resource dials without mishap and found that FFG had inserted an additional set of dial plugs just in-case I was clumsy...thank you FFG. You must be keeping a database on me....D'Hoh! (BTW...these dials remind me of my days long ago playing electric football...yeehaw!) These dials were ingenious use of space. I can see other games use them for example: Starcraft resource/worker management. Great Job! The character sheets are well designed and provide excellent information to the player. Each “starring” character represented on the board by use of tokens attached to plastic stands. Both the stands and character tokens are of high quality. The civilian ships and Battlestars in BSG are represented by punch-board tokens. These are fine and do as they are designed to do. I would like to see these offered someday in 3-D as an upgrade to my game. I would be first in-line to get these. The Vipers/ Raiders/Raptors ships which are represented by silver plastic models. I found them to be smaller than expected but they were nicely done. These ship counters scream to be painted…. The rule booklet is probably the best that FFG has published to date. Clear and crisp. PERFECT! The box is of standard FFG midsize as that of Twilight expansion box. All components fit nicely inside without any issues. As a whole, I would rate the game components a 9 out of ten, a near perfect game. As for game play…I haven’t played to date. I will soon test my mettle in the cold harshness of space with live opponents…and see who the Cylon in my group is. Muhahahahahahahahahaha! Thank you FFG!
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