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  1. I might be missing something here, but that is two of 7 factions. Are they realy the only ones that has cards that are not avalible in all of the other factions expansions? F.ex. if I only buy Rebel stuff, will that pack get me ALL cards that are "equipable" on any and all Rebel ships (if I allso buy a atleast one of each Rebel expansion)?
  2. I guess I'm suffering from "1.0 hangover" as well It's very clear when I actualy look in the rules reference:
  3. If I read the OP correct, it's an initiative 3 ship that destroys an initiative 1 ship. So it's not a simultanious fire situation. The init 1 ship would be removed as soon as the attack is resolved, regardless of any other ships at init 3 waiting to engage. Or am I missing something?
  4. Did you take into acount that the order of boost and barelroll doesn't mater if the boost is straigt (as in the same end position)? Still, a lot of options for sure
  5. If you refere to the list of "(such as barrel rolling or boosting)" then I agrea. But I do think the part befor that list is meant to be the full definition of what constitutes a "move"? That part lists exactly two things considered a "move": 1. Executing a maneuver. 2. Changeing position using a template.
  6. I'm not entierly sure the rotation would count as a "move" though. RRG on "MOVE", p13. "A ship moves when it executes a maneuver or otherwise changes position using a template (such as barrel rolling or boosting)." The pivot wing card says nothing about using a template to execute the rotation. That said, I'd still agrea the ships in OPs example would not be at range 0 after the rotation.
  7. Ah, so they are. My mistake. I belive that restriction is new in second edition?
  8. If that picture is correct there is no range restriction in the bullseye arc.
  9. Ah, yes, I apparently added range 0 to the restriction in my head for some reason. The card clearly only say something about range 1. My bad on that one. What got me thinking was the "ignore range restrictions" bit. I was thinking it could possibly be some loope hole about ignoring something and there for you don't even look at any other restrictions that would normaly apply. But the more I look at the rule about cannot the more I doubt that idea.
  10. Can an E-Wing aquire a lock at range 0-1 if granted by Dutch's abillity? I'm guessing no as per the golden rule "If a card ability uses the word “cannot,” that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other effects"?
  11. Has this gotten any official answer yet? I played agains a list with Kallus yesterday, and we could not find an answer. We agreaed to let him assign the condition after placing forces, but it would be nice with an official ruling.
  12. If my list comes out under 200p I've done something wrong and need to fix it before I fly it... The subject of "bid" is ofcource just that, a subjective mater. My personal opinion of it though is that it is a boring part of the game and should not exist at all. I don't have any other great ideas as to how to design the game system so you don't get any benefit from being first or second player. So it is what it is. I just choose not to play into it.
  13. I would have no sense of entitlement given the current state of X-Wing and what we know of future releases... where it not for the fact that FFG in their wisdom made some promises that they decided to not keep (in my opinion, I'll get to that). They said no out of faction purchases was needed to get all cards your faction of choise could use. Granted they did not say all cards would be avalible for your faction at the same time as they are made avalible for other factions. But if that is how that statement is to be seen, then 2.0 is no different then 1.0 was and that promise means abolutley nothing.
  14. People here seem to have focused only on your first point (about "all ships" from 1.0 being playable in 2.0) and trying to pick that apart. I'm more intrersted in the other points. I to remember FFG saying I should not need to buy ships of other factions to get cards I could use with my prefered faction. Has that not allready been proven false? And doesn't it look like it will be even more false coming wave 3 and 4? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'd love to be wrong on this. I was very much looking forward to only having to buy stuff from the factions I actualy play.
  15. I don't know if mandatory burning of cards constitutes a "very subtle change"
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