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  1. Taking Comander Cody as an example, isn't it very possible to interpret the "the defender gains" part as short hand for "the defender of that attack gains"? Same as "if 1 or more hit/crit results where canceled" must refere to the attack we are now after? Basicaly, you never stop being the defender of that specifik attack, nore do you stop being the attacker of that specific attack. All references to attacker and defender must be tyed to a specific attack (that could be in the recent past as with the "after attacking/defending" triggers), not a current game state (as you are no longer attacking or defending after the attack).
  2. Nope. Stealth device is lost when you "suffer damage", explotion with wings "expose" (or deal in setup) a damage card, it doesn't make you "suffer" any damage. The damage card exposed could in turn cause you to suffer damage though.
  3. Yes, hits before crits, can be found in RR page 5, point 5 in the Attack sequence.
  4. ... The card says "each enemy ship at ... suffers..." so no damage to friendly ships.
  5. Rules reference p12 (close to the end): "Lock tokens are red tokens "
  6. I might be missing something here, but that is two of 7 factions. Are they realy the only ones that has cards that are not avalible in all of the other factions expansions? F.ex. if I only buy Rebel stuff, will that pack get me ALL cards that are "equipable" on any and all Rebel ships (if I allso buy a atleast one of each Rebel expansion)?
  7. I guess I'm suffering from "1.0 hangover" as well It's very clear when I actualy look in the rules reference:
  8. If I read the OP correct, it's an initiative 3 ship that destroys an initiative 1 ship. So it's not a simultanious fire situation. The init 1 ship would be removed as soon as the attack is resolved, regardless of any other ships at init 3 waiting to engage. Or am I missing something?
  9. Did you take into acount that the order of boost and barelroll doesn't mater if the boost is straigt (as in the same end position)? Still, a lot of options for sure
  10. If you refere to the list of "(such as barrel rolling or boosting)" then I agrea. But I do think the part befor that list is meant to be the full definition of what constitutes a "move"? That part lists exactly two things considered a "move": 1. Executing a maneuver. 2. Changeing position using a template.
  11. I'm not entierly sure the rotation would count as a "move" though. RRG on "MOVE", p13. "A ship moves when it executes a maneuver or otherwise changes position using a template (such as barrel rolling or boosting)." The pivot wing card says nothing about using a template to execute the rotation. That said, I'd still agrea the ships in OPs example would not be at range 0 after the rotation.
  12. Ah, so they are. My mistake. I belive that restriction is new in second edition?
  13. If that picture is correct there is no range restriction in the bullseye arc.
  14. Ah, yes, I apparently added range 0 to the restriction in my head for some reason. The card clearly only say something about range 1. My bad on that one. What got me thinking was the "ignore range restrictions" bit. I was thinking it could possibly be some loope hole about ignoring something and there for you don't even look at any other restrictions that would normaly apply. But the more I look at the rule about cannot the more I doubt that idea.
  15. Can an E-Wing aquire a lock at range 0-1 if granted by Dutch's abillity? I'm guessing no as per the golden rule "If a card ability uses the word “cannot,” that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other effects"?
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