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    Rules Query?

    Since the essence of the rules of the game is each tile supercedes the rules as it were, here's one that came up in a recent game Magical Harp requires that any player in an adjacent room that has an incoming arrow to the Harp must move into the Harp. I assume the design means that characters must if legal move in to the room and stops players moving through "closed" doors or back against arrows in the wrong direction meaning that players don't get called in then move to another tile then are automatically pulled back in etc etc But then the Master key lets players in that room which has no arrows out or in move through any wall when leaving even against an arrow of an opposing room and has no outgoing arrows at all... But what if the Magical harp is next the Master Key room, does it force a player to have to move in that way or not? Player managed to construct a closed loop of 4 rooms that acted as a gold hoover and this was the only place a harp could be placed to try and shut him down since no-one else could get in.. In the end, we ruled against the harp but curious how other players would treat this case, a theatric take is the harp calls to all adjacent rooms so it could be interpreted as a character going " wheee, I can go wherever I want, wait what's that cool noise, must go find out...." ------------ The Doctor
  2. In my not so humble opinion... I think that if FFG had radically overhauled the game instead of just a smaller revision / fix, I would balk less at getting a whole new copy but the short time frame between the BL and the FFG version and the smaller changes (than say 2nd to 3rd edition or 3rd to 4th) makes me reticent to buy a whole new version and I appreciate at least the upgrade kit albeit incomplete. So there is a price difference of $40 but that's a whole new different game and I would rather buy (again like Talisman, I have multiple versions) the new version of Cosmic Encounter and the upgrade for Talisman than a single copy of Talisman that means my old BL is retired to gather dust. We still pull out 2nd and 3rd edition now and again but with a whole new 4th edition, there would be no reason to ever use any of the BL stuff, I don't see any second hand market need for it I appreciate the upgrade kit and the board fixes may need a little bit of work but FFG could have easily said screw it, this replaces everything and who cares for the core fans who already bought the BL version. With the onslaught of games they are throwing out in Dec, I'm feeling slightly more generous towards them so may pick up a few more things as well.. The Doctor
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