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  1. wlk is right they don't read these forums. I'd also suggest leaving out your solution to the problem from your rules question, simply tell them what is wrong and let the designers fix it.
  2. I would use this to avoid providing my opponent with LOOT if they are within range of my scout.
  3. I really wish they would expand it to 6 players. It would hit my table MUCH more often if that were the case.
  4. tech abilities do not consume a city action, but they may only be used once per turn.
  5. Vampires combine well with razorwings, they both fly and the razorwing route ability synergizes well with the vampires ability. If you have access to a city that produces triangles then you can build a vampire+razorwing force and really harrass people. Otherwise it usually isn't worth recruiting vampires over necros.
  6. Yeah they lost the blizzard license to dumb stuff like starcraft risk
  7. Yssaril stand on their own as the best race BY FAR.
  8. Cities aren't conquered they are destroyed along with all thier buildings wonders and great people.
  9. putting them into hot water will often correct the bend.
  10. I think you are perceiving a problem where there isn't one. You aren't meant to buy ALL the technology, the game is designed to reward players who focus on one aspect of the tech tree of their race while it punishes those who don't focus by diluting their combat deck. Next game try not buying so much tech.
  11. blarknob

    Fate Card analyze

    You wouldn't get pissed at someone for knowing the percentages in poker, why do you care if they know them in this game.
  12. I've found developments to be pretty weak. The defensive ones are worth it at times because they work without having to get the supremacy on harvest again. I find harvest is one of the best cards to play out of order because the supremacy sucks so much. I'll find myself doing things like fortify in the fall, then harvest in the winter to get the cost of a stronghold right back.
  13. Kerrigan IS an infested terran, so if you use an infested terran combat card with her she can't be hit by this.
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