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  1. I don't think that this is actually the board game developers fault. This game is made as a representation of the Civilization VI computer game. In the computer game Catherine is the leader of the French so maybe they didn't have a choice in the matter...
  2. I would also love an expansion! What do you think they could add to the game? (besides new cards for everything) I think they should add districts, maybe you could build them around your city, instead of control tokens, like in the computer game. I would also love to see some sort of great people mechanic.
  3. This isn't addressed anywhere in the rules. I thought that when barbarians enter a space with a capital, they take two trade tokens and go back to where they were, that's how we played it. But I saw that there is no mention of this anywhere in the rule book, so I guess my group and I made it up
  4. This is a great question! I think the wording is important in this case. The card that you are talking about is the Replaceable Parts focus card. It says on the card that you get a resource that you don't already have. Not a resource token but a resource. Since having a natural wonder token counts as having a resource of that type I would say that you can't use Replaceable parts to get another resource of the same type. This is just how I would rule it, we could use an official FAQ.
  5. Divine Wind should always be enabled during the Japanese turn, so I would say yes to both of your questions.
  6. Boba, that's right, the wonder cards are separated in four decks: yellow, red, purple and blue, you can see it on the back of the cards. At the beginning of the game the top card of each wonder deck is flipped up to be visible by everyone. After that, every time someone purchases a wonder, the next card is revealed. In summary, there are always four different wonders available for purchase (except when a deck runs out).
  7. As long as the skill remains on your career skill list, it is an in-career advance.
  8. You should be able to train the skill again. It says in the book that a skill can be trained once per rank, so I think that it's not connected to your current career.
  9. If your world is already similar to Warhammer, I don't see why you couldn't adapt the mechanics to it. The best thing that you can buy, in my opinion, is the box core set. It will give you everything that you need to begin playing the game. And if you like the mechanics, it's easy to expand later on with additional stuff. You could play using only the guides and no "components" if you like a more traditional approach. My group and I have the core set and the players guide and we like a sort of "mixed" play. We write some of the stuff traditionally (like wounds and fortune points) and we use cards for actions and talents.
  10. One challenge die (plus the ones in the corner of the card) is automatically added whenever you use an action that targets the enemies defense (spells, melee or whatever). Other actions get only the dice that are in the corner plus any that the GM wishes to add.
  11. They should make a pet, follower and familiar POD! That would be awesome
  12. I think that the halberd gains only the fast quality. You can use its pointy end to attack quickly! If they wanted it to be an unreliable weapon, then it would always have this as a quality. I don't think that it can break any more just because you are trying to impale your opponents instead of slashing them. The spear always has the fast quality because you always attack the same way with it, regardless of how you wield it. And I believe that you can use it with all of the two handed action cards if you wield it with two hands. Hope this helps
  13. You need to be at least rank 2 to be able to enter an advanced career. There is a rule about this in the Player's Guide on page 47.
  14. Hey Gitzman, another one You should change the parry action, so it can only be used against melee attacks. Hope this helps!
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