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  1. Hey guys! After looking through this thread, we figured it was high time you get a Fan Art forum! It's up in the subforum lists. Thanks for playing! /Lady Arting
  2. Welcome to the Dark Heresy fan art forums! Here’s the place to share your stuff. A few notes and rules, first... 1.) links only! We don’t support embedded files, so put them somewhere else first and THEN link them here...It’ll display. 2.) THERE IS A FILE SIZE LIMIT. Keep it smaller than 2 MBs, and less than 500 pixels wide. Things that break the forum formatting will be deleted. 3.) Keep it PG, folks. Okay, okay; PG-13. To specify: I’ll take down anything that I don’t want our junior members to see, and I’ve a puritanical American streak in me. So, don’t post your full frontal nudes, your topless babes, etc. If you have a question on whether or not it’s okay to post, please send inquiries to me. People who abuse this place will get locked out. 4.) Many artists rely on their work for a living. IT IS LITERALLY STEALING TO POST SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK AND CLAIM OR IMPLY THAT IT IS YOUR OWN. *If you find a piece of work you love that you did not make, credit it and provide the source (and if you love it love it love it, tell the artist). *If you used an established piece of art to practice drawing with (it's how we all learn), make sure you credit your references. *Always, always follow the rules of acknowledgment. It’s important. Thems the rules, folks. Be good to each other, and keep drawing! /Lady Arting (edited for clarity)