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  1. I really like that the memberships are more directly tied to important successes/failures in the game. Also glad to see that the blessed/cursed dice will be used in the game as well! This expansion might really tip Elder Sign into a whole new game. Its always been really flexible so I hope new expansions will start stretching what can be done with the game.
  2. I think it might be just easy to replace any non-monster spot on the Doom track with a gate symbol.
  3. I think that in order to continue to expand the game, it will have to eventually expand beyond the museum format. This is especially true since Omens has already done that and folks really like it. I wonder how long before the "So where's the digital version?" threads start?
  4. I don't think its luck based anymore than Arkham was when you lay out the statistics. While you can no longer just scoop clues up, most of the research encounters that end in success grant a clue and an additional clue. So often time you are getting a two for one deal. Also London generates clues as a board text for the location and is almost gaurenteed to happen. I don't think this takes any longer an opperation than making your way to an open gate around monsters, 2-3 turns in Other Worlds and then back out to close the gate or seal if you have 5 clues (which take consideratble time to gather in AH). All of this is assuming you're not Lost in Time & Space or delayed. Or lose some of your 5 clues in the process. Also clue generation in Arkham was scatter shot as well because clue could be generated where there were alrady gates or quickly be lost when gates spawn on locations with 2+ clues.
  5. Is AH going to remain in print? I would assume that as long as it makes money it will remain in print. They will not continue to support it with expansions, the last being Miskatonic Horror- a big box expansion to tie all the other expansions (how ever you chose to use them) together with the base game. Arkham Horror is done. You will not get any further support in the way you want. Since CoC: LCG is a different model system it has a different number of expansions and lifespan. But given Netrunner, Star Wars and Game of Thrones I wouldn't be suprised if it faded out. But I don't know the current popularity of all the LCGs is at the moment. As for your "recycled" game days, my point still stands. Give how many games are being produced these days you are going to get something recycled- theme, mechanics, or both. For this long time Arkham Horror player, I think Eldritch Horror will be a great way to retain the fun of AH without all the parts that slowed it down as well as provide a better design space via learning from mistakes in AH.
  6. I think Eldritch Horror will be its own game, with a distinct feel and identity. I know that Richard Lanius has commented that while he think Pandemic is a good game, he feels its more of a puzzle than a game. Which is why he prefers, as you put it, the "experience" aspect of Arkham, Defenders, Elder Sign ect. He'd rather have a lot of things for players to do than have the one think they MUST do. I agree that Pandemic can have a huge "alpha-player" problem where that person dictates what goes on. I agree that AoS and EH are closer together, but AoS would be Arkham Horror if it used story cards instead of a book, no? Small aside, at this point so many games are being produced by companies and Kickstarter than I think no one is going to invent something totally new. And a lot of games are going to be "flavors" of each other. For instance, I love Lords of Waterdeep but really its nothing that other worker placement games haven't done. However, I love fighting beholders and the undead with fighters and wizards more than trading for salted cod and spice. So, perhaps we should first judge games by thier own merit THEN argue about them in context of similar games in the same family.
  7. Right, I dig, I'm not "hatin'" its just folks keep saying "like Pandemic" but don't include specifics. Everything you've listed occurs in Arkham Horror which came before Pandemic correct? So other than "co-op" and "world map", Eldritch Horror has little in common with Pandemic. What makes Pandemic, Pandemic is the way the infection of cities works out. Its directly tied to a clever-card mechanism that feeds back on itself. Player success in figuring out how to win is also tied to a deck of cards which can arrange themselves in such away as to have games that can never be won. Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, and Eldritch Horror does not have the same feedback mechanism and player choice and actions are tied to dice-mechanics than can prevent what I describe above. So Eldritch Horror is nothing like Pandemic, at least not anymore than Pandemic is like Arkham Horror (which no one ever says).
  8. In what ways does it resemble Pandemic? Remeber AH did co-op before Pandemic and every game that has a global map (like RISK) can't be Pandemic so what is similar?
  9. I have to admit I'm worried about that too, but I've been to everyone and it seems that it is pretty strong every year. This past year espcially seemed better attended than the previous year. I've noticed that most folks are there more for AH and Elder Sign (and now Eldritch Horror) than the LCG. I wonder if that makes Arkham Nights the lesser attended compared to the other "Nights" attractions which a primarly orgnaized around competitions.
  10. Maybe additional major cites will be added later as vinyl stickers for the game board. Or maybe we'll get different boards a la Powergrid.
  11. The announcement for Arkham Nights should be a long shortly if the previous years are any indication.
  12. I don't think its anymore a slap in the face to MoM, as MoM was a slap in the face to AH when it was announced. I really enjoy the mechanisms in MoM, but honestly I'd rather just play the Call of Cthulhu RPG than MoM if that is where we are going. At the same time, I love AH, but its too big/too long/too involved for my current play group. ES on the other hand is light and fun, but sometime not quite enough story. So count me interested in Eldritch Horror's novella to ES' short story and AH's novel.
  13. Remember that a monster in Elder Sign is a "task", so if you complete all the tasks except the monster task at the end then you fail the Adventure or Other World card.
  14. This is NOT an "Entrace Cost" which is a separate mechanism listed in a box like a Terror or Midnight effect. On BGG the two view points are: 1. You don't roll because there are no dice-based icons to complete the task. You just take the stamina hit and roll for the second task. 2. You always roll for each task even if there are no dice-based icons as per the rules (revised, pg 6) and because a lot of other benefits/pentalies hinge on rolling.
  15. Actually if you go on STEAM and look under the "Greenlight" you'll see Elder Sign as being voted on and a lot of disscussion occuring. So I think you'll see it released on PC via STEAM in about a year I would think. The key point to remember is the FFG does not have a strength in digital development. Its expensive and as the president has remarked, they often have to sell the products lower than what they are worth. ES:O even with all the paid expansions is what like $12 and the paper version is $25-30. SO while everyone is clamoring for a digital version of X, I think you won't see very many releases.
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