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  1. Book said: Hi all, I just picked up Forbidden Alchemy from my local gaming store. I went to work on sorting it, replacing the updated cards from the base set/integrating the cards and figures in with the base set components. As I prepped for the 'Yellow Matter' story, I noticed a card for the setup called 'Electrical Trap' mentioned in the Keeper Guide. There was not specification as to it being seeded anywhere. I searched through all the cards, trying to re-sort what I had mixed in (not thinking I would have to inventory everything). I have no 'Electrical Trap' card. Worse yet, the 'Nothing of Interest' don't have the expansion, so I couldn't remember how many there were in the expansion to count against the sum of Exploration cards to see if this was in fact some sort of printing blunder. Is this yet another rulebook typo for Mansions, or was I shorted a card? Would someone be so kind as to list what exploration cards came with this (card by card)? Or, at the least, how many 'Nothing of Interests' came with this expansion? Everything else seems accounted for except this particular card. I'd appreciate any info! HELP! Hello Book, You are not missing any cards. The "Electrical Trap" card had its name changed to "False Clue". Please use this card instead. I hope this addresses your concern, and thanks for playing! -Corey Konieczka
  2. Hello everyone! We are starting work on an official FAQ for Rune Age. If there are any questions or issues that you'd like addressed in the FAQ, please post them here. Note that this thread is for questions only (we will not be posting answers here). Thanks for playing!
  3. Hello everyone! We are starting work on an official FAQ for Elder Sign. If there are any questions or issues that you'd like addressed in the FAQ, please post them here. Note that this thread is for questions only (we will not be posting answers here). Thanks for playing!
  4. Map tile areas 6D and 3C should each list 1 Giant as their starting neutral units (instead of 2 Giants).
  5. The human player has won the battle even though he has no units! This can happen in other ways as well, such as an opponent attacking your stronghold with 4 units.
  6. Yes, I'll have to fix that. Thanks!
  7. DarkElf said: Friendly Area : you have at least one friendly unit and / or Stronghold in the area and there are no enemy units in the area. Correct, it should be worded like this. Keep in mind that this wording leads to a small issue with Allied Neutral units (they do not desert you when in a contested area).
  8. medeni73 said: OurBestFriend didnt answer the question You bet - meaning: You bet they stay ! or You bet they dont ! ??? What is it then ? Yes, they stay
  9. ckessel said: Do the Reanimates the Necromancer summons in battle persist after the battle or are the temporary and go away after the battle? You bet!
  10. broken said: If you zoom in on the art on the back of the box (picture on BGG), you can see that there is a season card which forces you to adjust your resources to their actual values. Sharp eyes!
  11. coobe said: i understand that you get units from all resources at the start Correct. Your recruit units using ALL of your resources at the start of the game.
  12. rowanalpha said: Lastly, if anyone from the designers are interested, here's a destination a friend came up with for the next expansion. Puppy Planet Effect: -1 fuel. Then the Admiral chooses either +1 morale; or -1 morale and +1 food. 2 Distance. Hah! I saw that card on Board Game Geek. The image makes it even funnier www.boardgamegeek.com/image/434745/battlestar-galactica
  13. DarkElf said: Seboss said: Now I just hope RW keeps downtime to a minimum (another main gripe about TI:3), but we'll have to wait for the rules on turn sequence to make any judgment about this. Agree here. I also hope RW is really playable with two players, ( in the sense of being an optimal number ) in which case it should definitely be playable in an evening session and downtime should be minimal. From what I've read so far, a 2 player game looks very promising to me. We did lots of 2 player playtests, and I thought it played great. You lose some of the inherent diplomacy found in larger games and 2 tactics cards are less useful, but besides that it scales very well. Oh, and to answer the original post, the mechanics are entirely different, it plays must faster and it is fantasy themed.
  14. blarknob said: I'm very much looking forward to the card based combat system. I absolutely love the combat in starcraft and hope this system lives up to it. Be aware that the card based system in this game is VERY different than StarCraft. Instead of making decisions about which card to play, players are making decisions about how they use their special abilities and which units to damage. Combat plays much faster as the focus is building your empire; combat is simply one avenue towards winning the game.
  15. bcwMD said: When we demoed the game at GenCon, it was mentioned that if you took a Rest Step, your turn ended. Looking through the rules during our first play, I never saw this particular rule mentionedin fact, it stated that you took the turns in order and so it seemed natural that even if you rested you could continue as normal (with the only penalty being the advancement of a Shadow token). So can you still take a Travel and Encounter step after a Rest, or is that the end of your turn? It wouldn't be the first time someone demoing at a Con had led me astray, and even though it was Corey running the demo I know these guys get enough games under their belt that they sometimes miss a rule here or there. Wow, I must have been pretty out of it if I said you skip your turn... Official response is NO, you do not skip your turn when you rest!
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