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  1. let me know how much your willing to buy it for and ill let you know if ill sell it.
  2. brayn21 said: Hello all, I've only been playing KH for about 3 months but I have a ton of cards and I'm looking for a few hard to find ones. WANTS: Sora Lvl 2 promo ("flag" Sora) Halloween Town Sora (not sure if this is the same as Flag Sora, I want this card for collecting purposes) Cid (still can't seem to find a good deal for this guy) x2 Sora Awakening (bought 10 boxes of Set 4 and never got one...) HAVES: I have tons and tons of cards now. I have an extra Sephy and plenty of other hard to find options. I'd be willing to trade several cards for the ones above, and I'm also open to sending some $ via Paypal, etc. Let me know what you want and we'll see about working out a deal. Email me direct if you're interested: wenzel_brian@hotmail.com Thanks! ouchie 10 boxes and not one awakening sora.. i bought 10 and got 3 i figured you should get at least 1 per case if you buy them like that. guess i got lucky.. anywho sorry to hear but i do have extra flag soras and halloween town sora if you want. hit me with an email and ill let you know what im interested in or you can check my list that is down on page 2. imadepoopypants@yahoo.com
  3. interested in Simba LV 3 The KingLV 0 Ultima Weapon have Sephiroth Yuffie Break Dawn x2 Leon Break Dawn x2 imadepoopypants@yahoo.com if you wanna work something out.
  4. kind of hard to expect much for them seeing as the game is dead and a guy on ebay has them at $30 a box. and if you plan on spending $150 potomac has them at $29 and Break of dawn at $49 with free shipping.
  5. yea sorry, kingdom hearts is all we play over here so were just looking for that.
  6. they were in the packs and out of 10 boxes i got 3 and they put 1 promo in the packs out of a booster case of 6. i got mine off of a guy on ebay who gave me a great deal at $35 a box but i bought all he had. my friend bought a booster case off of potomac but he got a snow white promo so that kind of sucked for him. i guess i just lucky.
  7. im composing a list now but im not going to lie its going to take quite the offer to get it, that card is selling for a min. $100 so it would have to take alot.
  8. Have. anything from set 4 x10 R,SR, etc. Sephiroth Dragon Maleficent princess promos foil and non foil Sora lvl 1 and lvl 3 promos kairi promo f n nf flag sora promo f n nf riku promo f n nf simba promo fn nf a handfull of Rs and SRs from sets 1-3 but im to lazy to list them so show me your list and ill let you know if i have it. also have 2 spare sora awakening promos but i may give one to my brother so that leaves one left but im really only looking for a vast quantity of SRs. not interested in money. want. Cloud The King Ultima Weapon Bambi lvl 3 -SR x3 Goofy lvl 4 ADA Sora lvl 1 SR (base) Simba lvl 3 SR x3 Beast lvl 2 SR Beast lvl 1 SR x2 herc lvl 1 SR x2 Soul eater SR Hundred acre wood lvl 0 SR and you can really throw in any quantity of random SRs towards awakening sora wonderland lvl 2 x2 stopga Sealed sora valor form starter Sealed goofy and donald Starter post here or email me at imadepoopypants@yahoo.com
  9. well it looks like ill have 10 of every uncommon, rare, and super rare so yea i think ill trade some of em lol. just gotta wait for my brother to get home so i can make him open them all lol. i got what i was looking for ill leave the grunge work for him.
  10. amphillips said: I'm accepting all offers right now really. Just seeing what people will give up for it. As far as how I got another one, I just keep my eye open for certain things. My iPhone has a lot of cool apps to help me keep tabs on stuff as well :-) iphones give out awakening sora promos? lol jk. well i hope you get something good i just got my package of boxes in the mail today and half way opening my first box i pulled it about the 14th pack in so now i have 225 unopened packs lol.. at least ill have plenty of extras for multiple decks lol..
  11. how did you get another one. i may be interested but i have to see first, what are you looking to get for it?
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