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  1. When I was putting some of the dungeons together for Sea of Blood I listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin and the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Hope this helps!
  2. kiit said: so you finish the encounter, choose the mission as the reward, then you do speed checks or fight a bunch of things that are listed on the mission right? also on the final mission cards, we got "the last fragment" so after rolls the party had to last 2 turns and the party beat it twice, that would mean that group wins right. For the crisis, it counts down as you search for the required location too right? Do you still fight the crisis even if you didn't manage to find the location? Yes Indeed. Finish the Encounter, choose the Mission, then fulfill whatever requirements are on the Mission card. Yes, that would mean that party won. (As long as they fought him over 2 consecutive turns, not just fighting him twice during one turn.) Yes, the Crisis counts down after every Encounter phase. If the timer counts down and the required location hasn't been found, everyone that has completed at least one Basic Mission has one chance to defeat the Crisis. (Also, the Final Mission usually comes up late in the game. I would suggest looking through the discard pile just to make sure it hasn't already been in play)
  3. The two locations listed on the Mission cards are so that you can mix the locations from the Shadow of Omega with Beyond Good & Evil. If you just have Beyond Good & Evil, you only have to worry about the first location listed. If you want to complete a Mission, you have to Explore the area (roll a die and then resolve the number of Encounters indicated on the card), and then choose the Mission as your Reward. Hope this helped.
  4. Hello there! When the Avatar of Death encounter card is drawn, the player who drew it must discard all of the cards in his hand. This means that the 2 Basic Mission cards as well as any Characters in the player's Party (meaning that the Characters are in the play area in front of the player) are NOT discarded. However, if the player happens to have Character cards in his hand which have not been placed in play area and included in his Party, those are also discarded. Hope this clears it up.
  5. Hi there! So lets say we have Party A with 4 Characters, and Party B with 1 Character. If they belonged to rival organizations and wound up being in the same Area during the interaction phase, they would NOT fight. If two rival Parties are in the same area, they must fight UNLESS one Party outnumbers the other by more than one Character. So, because Party A has 3 more Characters than Party B, they can not fight. Hope this helped.
  6. szv202 said: Are they removed immediately after receiving the reward, as part of the Reset phase, or does it remain on a location successfully explored until the next Movement phase? If the party marker does remain on successfully explored location until the next Movement phase, that would create a couple of ambiguous rules issues not covered in the rulebook. First, does that mean that if a player with a lower Speed (who goes later in the turn order) has a marker on a location that he recieved a reward from the previous round, that a player with a higher Speed cannot replace that location if it is necessary to replace a location while Seeking New Horizons? Additionally, if a player sucessfully recieved a reward the previous round, and is allowed to remain at the location, can the character both Rest during the Movement phase, recieving the bonuses the next turn, and participate in the Interaction and Exploration phases normally (since the party marker is still at a location), or are resting and staying at a location mutually exclusive, requiring a resting player to remove their player marker in order to Rest (thus, precluding the player from being able to do anything more during that turn, since his party is no longer at a location)? Party markers are NOT removed after successfully receiving a reward at the end of the Exploration phase. The Party marker remains in the Area until the next Movement phase. Yes. This means that a player with a lower Speed may impede the efforts of a player with a higher Speed's choice to seek new horizons. Resting and staying at a location are, indeed, mutually exclusive. If the Party is in an Area when a player chooses to Rest, his Party is immediately expelled from that Area. Then, during the NEXT turn, the Party receives +2 to Combat and Speed. Essentially, the player that chooses to Rest cannot participate in the rest of the phases for that turn (No Interaction, no Exploration). A player may choose to merely remain in a location (no Resting). This means that if a player successfully explores Paradise and claims the Advantage (x3) reward, during the next Movement phase, he may remain in Paradise, explore again, and claim any of the other rewards if successful. The only restriction to this rule is that a player may not Recruit in the same area two turns in a row. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi there! Sorry to hear about your missing counters. If you scroll down to the bottom left of any FFG page, you'll see links to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Contacts. Click on the link for User Support, and you'll be able to send a message to our customer service department, better known as Thaadd. We'll send out your replacements as soon as possible. Though, if I may suggest this, (because I made this mistake myself) check under the cardboard tray that is inside of the Anima box. The plastic bag that contains the counters as well as the dice is wedged under the tray during packing. Hope this helps! -Sally
  8. Though this isn't precisely what you were looking for, I thought I'd let you know that FFG is releasing metal minis for use in the Road to Legend expansion (check on the Upcoming page for more info). They look fantastic, just sos you know.
  9. I would suggest looking for online retailers or FLGS in your area for the old starter. Dark Cheshire is in both the old and new Dark Starter set, so you're gonna get him no matter what. I'd suggest buying the old set, and then buying Bael as a separate figure. (She's really an awesome sculpt). I'm sure that Shinigami will be available as a single figure in the future, but I'm not sure if anyone knows when.
  10. For you, I suggest Azul alliance... Deadly, sneaky assasin type guys. For your buddy, I suggest Empire alliance... lots of smashing, no cleavage at all. I really enjoy this website, it's quite helpful: http://www.anima-gaming.be/anima/ On the left side of the page are all of the figures, listed under their organization. If you click on the character name, it will bring up the character description, photos of the sculpt, the original art piece, the painted figure, AND the character card so you can see what the figure can do. Good luck!
  11. I personally like basing my teams based on Organizations. I love Samael. How can you not love succubus chicks with gigantic horns, possessed demon armor, and teenage girls with kitten ears? It's really nice to use the organizations because Light and Dark can play together. (I personally use almost all Dark characters except for Aoi in almost every battle. She's a great healer! However, Fallen Angel Dinah (also Light side) is just awesome so I'll have to start including her!) With the Church organization, you can put Nero and Xavier on the same team. (Nero is fantastic against Dark players, and Xavier is awesome against Light players). I like having a theme (mystical people with pointy ears and tails) but it's always a personal preference.
  12. Hey there! Konosuke is pretty ginormous, it's true. He's 55mm tall, whereas almost all of the other characters are around 35mm tall. He's also one of the more complex minis to assemble. Konosuke comes in the same size box as the starter packs (which normally hold two figures) and he takes up a good deal of room in there. His body is pieces (the legs, two pieces for his "skirt," his torso, arms and then the flags) He's a beautiful mini and you'll certainly be able to pick him out on the field of battle! Ps. Because of his gigantic stature, Konosuke is unable to Dodge. Just keep that in mind when you're planning out your team.
  13. Hello everyone! Some brand-new Android avatars have been posted. You should check them out, add them to your profile, or show them off to your pets!
  14. Sadly, we did have to kill JR to keep this whole thing authentic. Poor guy. Dibs on his parking spot!
  15. I agree... but with an addendum. Ryann is the greatest and most awesome person in the world.
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