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  1. The Radisson has a shuttle, but it does not go to the airport -- the airport is on the opposite side of Minneapolis/Saint Paul as the hotel. A taxi will run you $50-60, but there are companies like SuperShuttle that cost $20 or less. It's just not a direct run. There is a Light Rail train that will take you to downtown Minneapolis and Uber/Lyft/taxi from there, or you can take it to the 46th Street Station, then transfer to the A-Line Bus Rapid Transit that will take you to Rosedale (the big mall a half mile from the hotel). From there, you can walk, or take a #32 bus to the corner of County B2 and Cleveland Ave, then walk a block north. The Metro Transit website is very helpful: http://www.metrotransit.org/default.aspx
  2. The writing is a very particular style. If you like the Ian Fleming 007 books, you should enjoy the writing style of Aftermath.
  3. The FFGC uses Meltorp tables from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19011777/ Two of them together is a good space for an X-Wing playing surface, cards, etc.
  4. I thought the first episode was fantastic. I'm 40 years old, my parents took me to see the first film...I don't know how many times in its initial and rereleases, starting when I was three years old. My dad took me out of school to see Return of the Jedi on opening day. I grew up with Star Wars. I read the comics, played with the toys, pumped quarters into the video games, devoured the novels. Star Wars: Rebels feels more like Star Wars than anything since RotJ. The characters feel like they belong in the universe. They're not just rehashes of other characters -- Hera isn't just a female Han Solo, Ezra isn't just a young Luke -- but they feel right. They got the humor right ("Haven't you ever seen a hairless Wookiee?" is a million times funnier than stepping in bantha droppings, or C-3PO's stupid puns "Oh, I'm beside myself!"), the action is appropriately heroic-cinematic, and the shock of Agent Kallus and the Stormtroopers seeing a Jedi for the first time in 14 years is wholly appropriate. I'm extremely happy with it, and can't wait for more.
  5. Foxglove said: Can someone explain to me why the shipping to Canada for this changed from five dollars to twenty dollars overnight? What the hell? Because of the Canada Post strike. It should be back to the regular price soon.
  6. The folks at EdgeWeb (the designers of this site) are working on this right now, and it will hopefully be fixed in the next day or so. Our apologies. - Jeremy @ FFG
  7. WFRP fans: Fan content and support guidelines and information will be available on our website shortly, so fans can continue to create homebrewed content and support their favorite games in a way that conforms with FFG's licenses and practices. With the complexities of different license arrangements and the legal impact of these decisions on trademarks and copyrights, we appreciate your patience as we finalize a plan that works for all parties involved. - Jeremy @ FFG
  8. Okay, folks, it's getting a bit heated in here. Lay off the personal attacks, please. - Jeremy @ FFG
  9. Just send an email through our "Contact" page on the bottom of the website. Choose "Public Relations and Press Inquiries", explain what you want to do with our IP, and we'll let you know if it's allowed and what we'd need you to do. - Jeremy @ FFG
  10. 433


    Mr. Incredible said: Get used to it. One final warning. Calm down or find somewhere else to post. - Jeremy @ FFG
  11. 433


    Everyone can just calm down, please. - Jeremy @ FFG
  12. Anarchy_In_The_Galaxy said: dont tell me to watch my language in my trade thread. I have his address and **** i should go to his house and kick his ass personally i did email him already he never emailed me back I'm telling you to watch your language. So do so, please. - Jeremy @ FFG
  13. Stay on topic, without homophobic epithets, or don't post here at all. - Jeremy @ FFG
  14. Folks: I have had to erase numerous posts here in regards to the 2008 World Championships. The continued references to "cheating", including the fake "Cott Cheaterton" card, must end. Regardless of opinions to the contrary, there is a legitimate 2008 World Champion, and continued claims to the contrary, veiled or clear-cut, are clear violations of FFG's forum policy, which is located at the top of each forum page: 4. Treat everyone (users or not) with respect, while enjoying the freedom to disagree with their ideas. Just so we're all clear, accusing a player of cheating is by no means treating them with respect. Thanks to the majority of Call of Cthulhu LCG players for making this a fun forum. We here at FFG apologize for the immaturity of a small number of users. - Jeremy @ FFG
  15. Sorry about that, it's back up. - Jeremy @ FFG
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