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  1. Hello! FFG does use volunteers at Gen Con. For more information, email me at jbatica@fantasyflightgames.com. Thanks!
  2. Mathias Fricot said: If I register for the LCG Days does it automatically register me for Regionals (at the FFG Event Centre in Minni)? Are they two separate events? I'm just a little confused because they overlap. Anyone else doing both? Good question: since LCG Days is meant to be an open event for veterans and new players interested in learning the games, registering for LCG Days on our website does not automatically register you for the Regionals tournament. After you register, you will be contacted by email and asked whether you would like to participate in the Regionals tournament or not. Hope that answers your question, but feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions.
  3. Hello All, Not to worry. The Warhammer: Invasion Gen Con League is still on. Due to a slight glitch in the Gen Con registration system, the League as originally registered was canceled and then reposted. The correct sign-up page for the Gen Con League can be found on the Gen Con Event Registration site. We do hope everyone who will be playing in the Warhammer: Invasion events will also have some time to participate in the League. The official rules for the league will be posted to the News page and Warhammer: Invasion Support Page this week. Thanks and we'll see you at Gen Con!
  4. Dear Kingdom Hearts Community, It is with my sincere regret and disappointment that I must make the sad announcement that Fantasy Flight Games is discontinuing its collectible card game lines, including both UFS and Kingdom Hearts. As some of you may have sensed, the collectible card game market has been in decline for some time with the market redirecting its focus on the core games of that particular hobby, making it difficult for any newcomers to enter into and compete in it. When Kingdom Hearts launched in 2007, it was with very high hopes and expectations of success. Although initial interest in Kingdom Hearts was high, even in the mainstream market, and there arose a hard core of dedicated fans and hobby stores that formed around Kingdom Hearts to support it, the game never managed to find an adequate foothold in the already crowded and incredibly competitive hobby game market. As such, its sales could not and cannot support the long-term future of the game. I relay this unhappy news knowing that despite how much you, the dedicated fans of Kingdom Hearts and I myself, love the game, it cannot support itself into the future, and we must therefore cancel any plans for future expansions to the game or larger-scale organized play. From myself, and on behalf of Fantasy Flight Games, please allow me to extend our apologies and our hope that despite everything you have enjoyed playing Kingdom Hearts and that it has been a good experience for you. There are some lingering questions regarding Kingdom Hearts and I will do my best to answer them here. To start, Kingdom Hearts products will still be available through Fantasy Flight Games for the foreseeable future. Likewise, for the time being, the Kingdom Hearts minisite and forums, as well as Rules Questions email address, will remain on the Fantasy Flight Games website. Should these conditions change, we will be sure to notify our fans through this site. Unfortunately, all future sets of Kingdom Hearts have been canceled. Set IV: Break of Dawn will be the final set published by Fantasy Flight Games. Also, all tournament and other prize support, has also been canceled. With regards to the promo cards published with Set IV, those players interested in receiving these promo cards can send a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope to Fantasy Flight Games and we will send back one copy each (foil and non-foil) of the Set IV promo cards: Belle, Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella. Send your SASE to: Kingdom Hearts Set IV Redemption c/o Fantasy Flight Games 1975 West County Road B2, Suite 1 Roseville, MN 55113 Should any further questions arise regarding Kingdom Hearts, please feel free to address them directly to me and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you all for your support and thank you for playing Fantasy Flight Games. Jaffer Batica Marketing Manager jbatica@fantasyflightgames.com
  5. Oh no! The last thing I want to do is make this deck even harder to beat... Even so, in the interest of making all decks as good as they can possibly be, I will probably be making some changes to it. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Hello Everybody, Long time listener, first time caller, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, I started out by creating a Summer Targ deck and it did pretty well, so I created some other decks to beat it with and made a Summer Bara deck and then a Stark deck. I think I was too successful with the Stark deck because now it beats the other decks like some sort of playground bully. The closest I've come to beating this Stark deck is with a Lannister deck, and even that was incredibly hard fought. Anyway, just for the sake of fun and replayability, I want to know that this Stark deck can be beaten and beaten soundly. Bad Bwoy Stark All cards Core Set unless otherwise noted Plots Summoning Season Siege of Riverrun (KotS F49) Mutual Cause The Winds of Winter (AToR F40) Herding the Masses The Power of Arms x2 Locations * Bear Island x3 (CoA F31) * Winterfell Castle Narrow Sea x3 Great Keep x3 Northern Fiefdoms x3 Godswood x3 Characters Bolton Refugee x3 (AToR F83) Hungry Mob x3 (KL F2) House Tully Recruiter x3 Direwolf Pup x3 * Hodor x1 * Jeyne Westerling x1 (AToR F6) Knight of the Tumblestone x3 * Sansa Stark x1 * Arya Stark x1 (KL F1) * Catelyn Stark x1 Northern Cavalry Flank x3 (AToR F103) Northern Infantry x3 (AToR F104) * Eddard Stark x1 * Greatjohn Umber x1 * Robb Stark x1 * Robb Stark x1 (KotS F33) * King Robb's Host (CoA F1) Attachments Icy Catapult x3 (CoA F12) * Ice x1 Events Winter is Coming x3 Lethal Counterattack x3 Distinct Mastery x3 Guilty x1 Kill for Your King x1 (CoA F10) The Battle of Whispering Wood (CoA F65) This deck is really, really obvious: it focuses heavily on what Stark does, which is killing stuff. Summoning Season is pretty much in there just to pull out Jeyne Westerling, who pulls out Robb Stark, who drops Stark armies for free. After that, it's all about the claim 2 Military and Power challenges. If this deck has a weakness, it's that it usually goes second and can't really win Intrigue challenges. Therefore, this deck can't hold on to the event cards very well, but the Any Phase event cards work pretty well. In any case, it hardly seems to matter as the other decks that I've thrown at this Stark deck have all died screaming. So, any thoughts? What should my other decks be doing to put this one in its place?
  7. Dear Middle-earth Quest Fans, Thank you for being patient with us as we deal with the issue of the plastic components from a portion of the first batch of the first print run of Middle-earth Quest. As of this writing, replacement components are being shipped to our distribution partners and from there on to retail stores. The replacement plastic parts should be available from your local retailer this month.
  8. Dear Middle-earth Quest Fans, As some of you may have already discovered, there was an error with the plastic components in a small portion of the first print run of Middle-earth Quest. A portion of the plastic from this print run was overheated in production, causing it to become brittle and susceptible to breakage. As such, we have been receiving reports from a number of you of damaged figures in your copies of Middle-earth Quest, for which we offer our sincerest apologies. The good news is, this production error has only affected a small portion of the initial print run, and the error was caught and corrected immediately so that the rest of the Middle-earth Quest print run should meet the level of quality that you have come to expect from Fantasy Flight Games. For those of you who have purchased copies of Middle-earth Quest with broken plastic components, please rest assured: we will be providing replacement parts, however, we will be supplying replacement parts through a slightly different method than normal. We have ordered replacement plastic figures and these will sent through our supply chain - from regional distributors to local retailers - and these should arrive in stores in 4-6 weeks. Please contact the store where you purchased Middle-earth Quest, and they will be able to get you the replacement figures you need. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact ffg@fantasyflightgames.com
  9. Hello Everybody, We ran a little staff tournament - 12 players from all different departments. We played double elimination and the final four came out: Nate French, Developer (Agency/Hastur - with one Cthulhu character) James Hata, Developer (Hastur/Syndicate) Christian T. Petersen, CEO (Agency/Shub) Steve Horvath, VP-Marketing (Agency/Miskatonic) We'll let you know how the final four broke out next week, and who was the big winner, with a look at the winning decks, strategies, pictures, and more! Until then, speculate...
  10. Hello Rogue Trader Fans! Due to a slight error exporting the PDF files, Nathin Tsanthos' gear fell off (how embarassing!). In any case, we have uploaded revised versions of both the print-quality and web-quality PDFs, but for those of you who don't want to reprint the whole documents, Nathin Tsanthos carries about his person the following: Autoquill, dataslate, micro-bead, two sets of robes, chrono, 2 clips of hellpistol ammo, void-breather. Thanks to the Rogue Trader community for catching our little error and thanks very much to everybody who has played and enjoyed Forsaken Bounty. Keep your eyes open for more from Ross and all of the other developers and writers of Rogue Trader as we lead up to the release!
  11. Hello Everybody, Sorry it took so long to get the files posted. You can find them on the RT Support Page as print-quality and web-quality PDFs. Enjoy!
  12. For Xaldin and the Spears there is this clarification: "'Xaldin' can equip up to six 'Spear' cards when played as either a Friend or Player. Only if Xaldin is played as a Player can he Challenge twice in the same turn. If 'Xaldin' is played as a Friend and participates in a Challenge, with or without 'Spear' cards equipped, it, and all attached 'Spear' cards are discarded after the Challenge resolves."
  13. Hello Everybody, I just checked. With regard to this portion of Axel's text: "Axel" can play all "Fire effect" Magic Cards regardless of the Magic Value. Yes, whether Axel is played as a Friend or Player, the special ability applies.
  14. Hello Kingdom Hearts Community! Set IV: Break of Dawn will be arriving very soon and to celebrate we are going to be running "Card of the Day" previews from now until it gets here. Discuss the newest and hottest on this thread!
  15. Hello Kingdom Hearts Community! While we wait for more Highlander decks to roll in for our in-house Clash of the Titans tournament (the winner wins an uncut foil sheet!), I have decided to post my Anime Detour 2009 Gunslinging deck. Why gunslinging? Well, we at FFG go to conventions, make store appearances, etc. etc. and people hold the entirely erroneous opinion that we of FFG are experts at our respective games. I can assure you, I am, at best, a mediocre player of just about everything (except Backgammon. I will challenge anyone at Backgammon.) Nevertheless, we do get challenged a lot at shows and things, and so I and several other staff members have built "gunslinging" decks to satisfy the urge in some people to bring us down in friendly competition. At the last Anime Detour, ADA had just come out and I had constructed two decks, one life-gaining World Racer, and one Dark-bogging Aggro. The challenge was that anybody who defeated me or any of the other FFG staff, would get a fistful of promo cards. Similarly, this year, a couple of people called me out (I like to think of myself as a shorter version of Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars) and to satisfy their bloodthirst, I brought out the following deck: Player Level 2 Riku (promo) Friends 6x Level 0 Broom (ADA) 3x Level 1 Donald Duck (Set I) 2x Level 2 Jack Skellington (ADA) 1x Level 0 The Mayor (ADA) 1x Level 0 Chip & Dale (ADA) 1x Level 0 Tidus (ADA) 1x Level 0 The King (LAD) 1x Level 1 Cid (promo) Magic Friends 3x Level 3 Bambi (Set I) 3x Level 1 Simba (LAD) Attack 3x Soul Eater (ADA) 3x Divine Rose (Set I) 1x Oblivion (ADA) 1x Ultima Weapon (LAD) Worlds 3x Destiny Islands (ADA) 1x Disney Castle (ADA) Dark 2x Bouncywild (Set I) 2x Stealth Sneak (Set I) 2x Invisible (Set I) The concept is very, very simple: Challenge the other player to death as quickly as possible by making the deck as small and as consistent as possible. Somebody can correct my math, but I believe that with the card draw and searching, this deck is effectively 20 cards. The Soul Eaters (hopefully) rush out before a massive buildup can happen on the other side. If necessary, use Chip & Dale to put The King and the Soul Eaters back in the deck. The Brooms were actually mostly in there for fun, but it's nice to have disposable characters handy. This deck wins fast or it loses, essentially. Some things I learned about this deck: it is vulnerable to Attack denying cards like Sebastian and Atlantica 2. Phil and Owl are both very frustrating. Olympia was a real bother, every time it rolled out. Sephiroth pained me hugely. Even so, as often as not, this deck roared out, guns blazing, and won me the odd game. My most shattering defeat was at the hands of a Dark deck: before I could run my opponent out of HPs, his Friend Area was full of about fifty Dark Friends. Monstro and Kairi (snipering out, say, the Level 2 Dark cards, upon which the whole chain hinged) would have helped immensely. Anyway, that's my deck. Feel free to construct it and defeat it (no promo cards this time, but ask me at the next convention and maybe, just maybe). You can even tell people I wept softly when you defeated it. Thank you,
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