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  1. FFG Eric Hanson

    Time to Play

    I just played a 4 player game that took 40 minutes for setup and 2 hours to play. I was rusty on the rules and explaing it to someone new. Normally I think people can do setup in 10-15 minutes. Its pretty quick, particularly if you have a box or bin for each army (cuts down on the unit sorting).
  2. I am surprised by the answer. I would have thought that the high water went to low, but since the room to flow into already has a token, they would both be low, but re-reading the rules, I see why it would stay Hi/Low, instead of going to Low/Low.
  3. I have found that this game is quite fun with two players, each controlling one gnome. I haven't played with the 'crazed gnome variant', so I am not sure how that would affect play... I have found that playing with two people is easier, as less events are generated, so in order to make it more fun, we usually draw 1-2 event cards each, before the start of the game. It also gives you something to work on right away, rather than waiting for stuff to happen.
  4. Cool minis, the fire effect is nice.
  5. Dust is greatly under appreciated. It has a much more strategy that more popular Global Domination games such as Risk. It adds the complexity of production managment without the time lines of Axis and Allies. It has a simple resource management without the tediusness of such games like Command and Conquer.
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