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  5. Paplatos said: Hi, I'm part of a portuguese non-profit gamer association, and we are trying to find a supplier that has the LCG "Game of Thrones" and can deliver to Portugal. People say that in Spain there are several suppliers but I couldnt find any yet =/. Any recommendations? Dear Paplatos, You can find all information about the Spanish AGOT LCG at In the website you will find also an online store that can deliver to Portugal. Best regards.
  6. The Fantasy Flight Games Forums use a very well known freely available text editor (FCKeditor) for publishing topics and messages. To help you take full advantage of all of the options of this easy-to-use editor, we have gathered together some useful tricks and advice: A message must have a minimum number of characters to be published correctly, so please do not write messages consisting of only an exclamation mark or emoticon, for example.So that everyone in the Community can understand you, please write in normal language and avoid the abbreviations so often used in SMS. Your topics or messages can be as long as you like!If after publishing a message you realize there is something you’d like to change, you can correct it in the first 5 minutes after it was published. To edit a message, go to the message you would like to correct and press “Edit” at the top of the page next to the publication date.Except for blocked topics, every message has a “Reply” button, and “Quote” button (see further down) and a “Report to the Moderator” link, which will inform the moderator or moderators of a problem in the message, either technical, or non-fulfilment of our Guide to Forum Use. The Forum text editor tool bar The Forum text editor tool bar has a lot of tools that are easy to understand and to use, so we will comment (following the image above) the ones that may appear more complex: Preview: Using this button we can see a preview of how the message will look in the forum. If you have written a long message, it’s a good idea to press Preview before you post it reply and have a quick look for possible errors; the rest of the Community will thank you for it. Select All: This button lets you select everything in the message, and is useful when we want to copy everything, or use the “Remove Format” button, for example. Remove Format: You will often want to copy text from another source, for a web page, a text file, a different forum, etc, and create a message for the forum. Something that appears so easy as cut and paste can really give you headaches, sometimes the message won’t have the Fantasy Flight Games “style”, or strange “added” elements will appear in the message; this is because all most all text in a message has format, and the importaed format conflicts with the Fantasy Flight Games text editor format. This button will clean the formatting from the selected text, so it will be seen correctly in the forum. Therefore, we recommend that whenever you copy text for your messages you select it all with “Select All”(2) and then press “Remove Format”: in two seconds you will insure your text reads correctly. Insert/Edit Image: This Edit button lets you insert an image into the message or edit an existing image after selecting it. Although the window that opens has a lot of options, you should only be concerned with is the “URL” field since to insert an image into the message, you must provide a web address (URL) where the image is hosted. Insert/Edit Flash: This Edit button lets you insert a flash clip in the message or edit an existing clip after selecting it.Although the window that opens has a lot of options, you should only be concerned with is the “URL” field since to insert an image into the message, you must provide a web address (URL) where the clip is hosted. Insert Special Character: Use this button to insert special characters in the message. We recommend you use this button whenever you want to add a “strange” character to the text, since otherwise it may not be seen correctly. Quote in the Fantasy Flight Games Forums The button “Quote” appears in some messages or Topics. With button you can respond quoting the text of the message that’s open when you press the “Quote” button. All the “Quote” action in the Fantasy Flight Games Forums does make a specific text appear next to your reply to that text. The format of a Quote is like this: Texto de la respuesta que deseas dar. As you can see, the reply text is placed inside special Tags named Reply text. Quotes must ALWAYS end with the element “ ". If not, the quotes will not be displayed correctly. You will sometimes want to quote different parts of the same message, you can do that like this: [quote efidm=number] Text that is quoted. Parragraph 1. Reply text to the first parragraph. [quote efidm=number] More text to quote. Parragraph 2. Reply text to the second parragraph. As you can see, to cut the quote in two or more parts you need only to respect the opening and closing Tags (" ") for part of the text you want to quote. We hope this short quite will help you make use of all the possibilities of the Fantasy Flight Games Forums and the participate more actively in them. If you need more information about any of these points, you can ask in the Web Forum of the Fantasy Flight Games Forum.