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Motti's SSD Slayers! Tried and true! 400-78 Solar Corona (I was 2nd) Kuat Admiral Motti Captain Brunson Vader (boarding team) ECM Leading Shots APT 7th Fleet Star Destroyer 3x Gladiator I Ord Experts APT Engine Techs 7th Fleet Star Destroyer I built this list to play in the tourny today with the sole purpose of killing SSDs. It worked! This was the first game of 2 against SSD lists. I won both SSD matches, but lost to a heavy bomber list. Overall I took 2nd. The key is to navigate the Gladiators into the side arcs of the SSD, and trap it with the Kuat. This keeps it from turning, and if you've successfully negated damage you can even get away with a turn of double ramming. Motti and 7th fleet do a great job of tanking damage, and I was able to table a great player with minimal losses. Boarding team Vader kills the Damage Control Officer and you're off to the races with APT. #starwarsarmada #starwars #fantasyflightgames #superstardestroyer #empiredidnothingwrong

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